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Shiz Just Got Real

This thread has been posted on other BMBs and it looks like it's our turn ladies! What has happened that has made you realize in just a few weeks we'll be having babies?

Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!

Re: Shiz Just Got Real

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    Most of the previous boards had a thread for their "getting real" moments. Not really specific to labor... But, we can always turn it into a GIF party instead if we don't want it.  :p

    ETA: Clearly I misunderstood you on first read @Partyof6? But yeah, that is what got me thinking too!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @WinchesterGirl I had a dream the other night you and @Gretchypoo had your babies, and this really freaked me out. 

  • @WinchesterGirl I had a dream the other night you and @Gretchypoo had your babies, and this really freaked me out. 
    LOL no, please! Over Christmas my MIL told my mom she didn't think I was going to make it to February. My mom told me in a "roll your eyes. your MIL is an idiot" kind of way but still-- nope! This baby is staying in!
  • Oh wow @scifichick09! I was wondering when that could start to happen. I guess it's any day now!

  • The fact that I have 34 days or less until LO makes an appearance. DD came a week early so I'm already freaked out it will be more like 30 or less days! I'm so not ready!! 
  • I think for me it was last week hitting single digit number of weeks left. That and the 32 week U/S that happened this morning which felt like it was scheduled out a million years from the anatomy scan. I'm still trying to stay calm, I have a shower on the 11th and one on the 14th then DH and I are buying everything left on our registry and I'll feel better. I also wanted to paint the nursery but since the room is already blue DH wants to leave it. I wanted to paint it grey or green, we shall see. Maybe I'll get a little bit of grey or green paint and just do an accent wall or something. 
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  • I bought nursery paint yesterday! I don't think ish has gotten all that real yet for me, though it probably should. I'm hoping we can paint on Sunday and then I think it'll be all downhill with setting up furniture, going through DS's infant stuff, shower...
  • @Lafreeman21 wins for the gif. bahahaha so true, sooo true. 

  • I only have two appts left before pre op 
  • - everyone telling me how huge I looked over the holidays. 
    - fact that I met DD1 only 4wks from now (induction)
    - time to start making weekly appointments
    - expiration dates on food
    - I think it'll especially hit me that "shiz is gonna get real" in two days when it's January! Which means I can say "next month" when ppl ask when I am due. 
  • @kjd291 yes to the expiration dates!

    We still haven't unpacked all our moving boxes from August *hangs head in shame* and I told myself not to go crazy with the baby stuff until that is out of my hair. I mean, we have the big stuff from DD and the baby clothes, so pretty much the only thing I need to to is pack my hospital bag, but still...

    My "moment" came this morning when I squeezed milk out in the shower. Like, ok, body is ready, why is the rest of me not on board with the program???
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  • @becbec28 I see you, LB!  Don't forget to holler when you do need to go in!
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