HDBD 12/28 — The Bump
July 2017 Moms

HDBD 12/28

Last Hump Day Bump Day of 2016!

Sorry for the tardiness, I've been in bed and filthy most of the day!
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Highly monitored internet and no cell service in the office, so I'm postin' and ghostin' while I'm workin' 

Re: HDBD 12/28

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  • @RunRestRepeat LOL That's definitely better than thinking "does this girl never wear a bra??" (very rarely)
    Last winter before I started my job we painted the cabinets and countertop and put up that backsplash - it's actually peel and stick sheets! 
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    Highly monitored internet and no cell service in the office, so I'm postin' and ghostin' while I'm workin' 
  • @RunRestRepeat @GlitterFish that was my thought too lol! Love the backsplash!

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  • @GlitterFish Meh, bras are over rated! 
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  • I don't have a picture, just an interesting (to me) observation. Normally, when I wake up and lay on my back, my stomach is flat or a little sunken in, depending on when I last ate. This morning, there was a palm sized pooch between my hip bones. I put my husband's hand on my stomach, and he noticed it right away without me saying anything. I am 10 weeks today, and The Bump says that I should start noticing some slight physical changes in this week. I guess they know what they're talking about...
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  • @GlitterFish I haven't worn a bra for going on three years now. I don't have constant shoulder pain anymore either :) 

    I'm 12 weeks (well I was yesterday when I took this)

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    (we clearly have a problem with the month of July)
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  • @sehp8b That was my first clue it wasn't just bloat. For about a week now I've noticed the bump is there first thing in the morning!

    Here's my tiny 12-week mini-bump (FTM).
    ~DD arrived July 4, 2017~
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  • I'm pretty sure it's all bloat, it's painful!


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  • I'm +12 weeks and everyone's bumps are so much better than mine! What the heck?! Lol I seem to take forever to show but I thought I looked pregnant until these adorable pictures. I just kinda look like I ate one too many tacos. So jealous! I LOVED my bump with DS pregnancy. The tighter the shirt the better. 
  • @SaphireSweetie88 My guess is that it's more she didn't realize we'd see the intro in August - we've got friends there, too! And these are public boards, so.....
    @RunRestRepeat - Good point. :)
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  • 10 weeks 3rd pregnancy, last one was twins so I guess I never got those muscles back
  • I'm 2 days late with a messy bathroom mirror pic but whatever. Lol. This is my blump in all its blump glory at 9w2d. Also, this is baby number 2 and I have a small torso. 
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  • I'm jealous of these forming bumps haha! I have a super long torso, which isn't terrible, but I didn't even get a slight bump until 30 weeks with baby # 1....I hope I get more real baby bump time with this one! 
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    Didn't notice anything till today other than bloat, uterus is about 3 inches below belly button. Bump won't let me post pic though, app or website 

    Edited because finally let me post.
  • I washed my bathroom mirror after this!! Lol.  I've always had a "rounded belly," so I'm not incredibly convinced this is baby belly yet. Took it yesterday to see progression from here. 14 weeks with baby #1. 

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  • Thanks @Carson'sMommy! I feel like I look so much more pregnant this time around then I did with my first. Wearing maternity clothes much sooner!
  • @Cynth0104, same here! I cried today because I couldn't find my only pair of maternity jeans, which I just had in my hands days ago, and I am getting so uncomfortable in regular jeans. Definately popping sooner, and not just bloat. I had heard stms do, but kinda just took it with a grain of salt. No hiding it. No shame.
  • I have been WAITING for @MrsWilson830 to come back and explain herself. But it looks like she hasn't been active for several days, I assume she came back and saw the responses to her comment and is trying to give it time. 
    Please girl, please come back. 
  • Herpaderp! This is where this goes!
    Compared to some of you, I am Jabba the Hut... Bring me Han Sooooo-looooo!
    14 weeks on the dot today.

    ashaw512 RunRestRepeatljd2010
  • Ohh lovely bumps! I really don't have a bump it's basically a jelly belly since I'm not dieting anymore Or Active. Maybe some planks with sort the jelly out and a bump may be visible. 
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  • Hasn't this been established already?
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  • Who got deleted?
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    @crystalPDX nobody important lol

    ETA - Mrs. Wilson. The one that called us nasty on August then continued to post in HDBD and thought we wouldn't call her out. 

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