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Viability week and bonding

Most of us are at or past 24 weeks now.  How is everyone feeling?  

Do you count the milestones, the weeks?  Do you feel you bonded with your baby well so far?  Which one was your "bonding week"?  For me, this last one was more emotionally bonding than any previously. Maybe to do with the week, or Christmas, or family, or all... 

Did week 24 make a difference to you? 
Me:  35 year old FTM, a busy city banker living in London, and a constant worrier. 
My DH:  French guy, car fanatic, best husband ever.  
Our baby boy:  Due on 17 April, currently 37 weeks.  I can't believe it - I made it to full term!!!! 
Last measurement:  3150 gs at 37+1!  This is going to be a big baby :)

Re: Viability week and bonding

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  • Today I am pregnant and I love my baby.  That is all I am certain of, but I make myself prepare as though I'll be meeting my little boy in approximately 14 weeks. I talk to him and call him by whichever name I'm going by at the time (I'm trying out several to see how they sound with repeated use). Is there a difference between being bonded and being attached? I feel like I'm definitely attached...I mean,  I'd be utterly devastated if I were to lose the baby,  but based on past experience I wouldn't necessarily be surprised. 
  • I'm totally with @Caressa1, I won't feel "bonded" until I meet this baby and can see her little personality. Same as with my 1st. Right now, it is a stranger I am growing inside me. I am enjoying my time with her on the inside though. We picked out a crib and are maybe getting closer on names so, nesting has definitely begun. 
  • I'm 24 weeks today. I'd say I really started bonding with the babies around week 14 when my HG got significantly better and then around week 20 when I started feeling strong consistent movements :)
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