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Wakefulness with Standing?

Wondering if anyone else is or has gone through this. My girl is almost 11 months, and just started standing/cruising. Now, she's waking up several times per night standing in her crib crying, and I try to lay her back down and she gets even more mad - ha. Has this milestone wreaked havoc on anyone else's sleep? She's been sleeping 11-12 hours per night with no wakeups for the past 3 months. :( Of course we are going out of town this weekend for a wedding and she's staying with my mom, and I feel nervous she's going to wake up a bunch.

Re: Wakefulness with Standing?

  • This happened for us when he learned how to roll to his tummy and again when he could sit up. I was surprised that it didn't happen when he started standing, too! I think their bodies/brains just keep practicing those new movements even when they're too sleepy to do it intentionally. 

    But anyway, it normally passed in about a week or less. My LO fell asleep sitting up once in the process :) I chose not to try moving him since it didn't help. It will pass! Good luck and for your sake I hope it's soon :)
  • Yes! This happened when LO learned to stand and dang was it frustrating. It went away after about a week though. 
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  • Thanks girls - glad to hear it goes away! UGH!
  • It does, indeed, go away.  When our guy learned to stand he would stand up in the middle of the night screaming with his eyes closed.  This has happened with every big milestone for us.

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  • You describe my girl for the past 2 weeks. She had learned to stand over a month ago but just recently has started cruising a bunch so I think that could be part of it. I am hoping it goes away sooner rather than later! She gets MAD every time I try to get her to sleep. 
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