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  • I think some are being cautious due to some prior issues.  That is why there is already some healthy skepticism. 
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  • I'm super-late to the introduction game but hoping it's better late than never.  Due (with a girl!) Aug. 28 - BFP Dec. 18.  I'm 33 with a 1 year old DD, and I live in Florida!
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  • Hi ladies, 
    I'm pretty late to the party here, haven't really been on the bump much since July 2015 when my DD was born. 

    But my name is valerie, I live in hamilton, ON  (about 40 mins west of Toronto) with my fiance  and have a 20 month old named Layla. 

    I'm due Aug 17, got my BFP the day before Christmas eve. Not sure what the sex is yet, but my next ultrasound is in 2 weeks, so I'm super excited to find out. As much as I would like for it to be a surprise, I know I can't wait that long.

    Anyway, I look forward to being part of the Aug 17 bmb and getting to know everyone
  • Hey all!
    My name is Kristen and I'm due with my first kiddo (a girl) August 5th. I'll be a single mother living in Oregon surrounded by the best family a girl could have. Super excited for this new adventure!
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  • Hi.beautiful ladies.
    New on here.pregnant and a STM.first baby is sleeping in heaven.I live in south Asia and now second trimester is almost over for me in a week.due Aug 17/18.but baby may come earlier. Finger crossed
  • edited May 2017
    Hi everyone! I'm not super fluent with discussion boards so apologies for the late post. I'm 30, FTM, due 8/14 with a baby boy. I live near Clearwater, Florida
  • Hi All!
    Late to the party. My name is Sarah, I live in Rhode Island with my husband. I'm a FTM due 8/24. My BFP was Dec 12th. We're team green. My pregnancy is still a secret from most. Yes, seriously...everyone at work just thinks I've gained comfort weight since getting married this past September. Hoping to keep this pregnancy under wraps for another month or so. My sister says I need to find mom friends! And the bump is where to find them. Anyone from Rhode Island or Southern MA? 
  • Hi all! I'm Pearl...happy to be here once again.I've a son named Nicholas born
     7/7/2015.Now I'm pregnant for the second time & it's a girl this time
    my LMP:29th Oct 2016
    EDD: 5th Aug 2017...
    Congrats to all the moms here  
  • EmyB30EmyB30 member
    I'll introduce here. 
    I have a son who is almost 4 years old and then another son on the way in August. Due date is the 12th but due to repeat c-section I will go on August 8th. Super excited to have brothers. I am 31 years old and have married for almost 6 years, together for 11 years. Hello all August Momma's and Congrats!
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  • Late check in but oh well. BFP was day after thanksgiving picked up a test Black Friday shopping. DH and I were not trying so a little shocked. We have a 3 yo DD and a DS that will be 2  on 7/16. My due date is August 7th but would not mind going early. 
  • So so late! Sorry. Preggo with my second son, BFP a week after thanksgiving, due 8/7/17! 

    We we live in Chico, CA and are getting very excited!
  • So I realize this is super duper late but I had commented on a few things and realized I never did an intro. 
    Been with my husband 8 years. We have a six year old son a daughter that will be two August 16th and I am due the 27th. With my history of always going early though I'm guessing beginning to middle of August. 
    Hope everyone has a happy and healthy rest of the summer and easy deliveries. 
  • Better late than never!!! 

    I used to be an active bump member back when I had my first in 2010, then life just got in the way. We are now pregnant with baby number #5. All boys with one princess smack dab in the middle. Due date is Aug. 9th, but I have been induced at 41 weeks with each and every one of them LoL so not planning on this one being any different.  

    DS #1- Ares Christopher

    DS #2- Taj Lee

    DD #1 Alba Gray

    Baby #4- coming in May

  • I'm Kylie, 27 years old from Ontario, Canada. 
    A little late to the game but we just had our second DS on August 16 (Lawson). We have another son, Colton (May 2015 baby). 
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