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Weekly pregnancy chatter 11/28


Re: Weekly pregnancy chatter 11/28

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    Anyone else already needing a bigger bra?
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    @Knottie1430947838 as a stm on here suggested earlier in the month, I bought nursing bras because I couldn't fit my other ones anymore. So comfy!
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    @plumpous, no, twin pregnancy doesn't automatically mean C-section. If both twins are vertex, mom can be offered the opportunity for either vaginal delivery or C-section. If one is breech, then my experience has been that they usually go forward with a C-section.  
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    Thanks @supermom83 and @JAM85 for your stories! I think I might just go for it and know if I end up with a c-section then that's okay too. My c-section experience was not bad compared to some stories you do hear but I know recovery from a vaginal birth can "sometimes" be easier (I know complications can come up there as well). I am just trying to think of the best route to go we don't live near family since we are military so something planned does have it's perks as well. 

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    hqinmd said:
    @plumpous depends on their position and your OB. Some will insist on a section so I suggest if you do have twins, find out early how your OB feels about it. 

    Most will require an epidural because they want to be able to do a c-section very quickly if things turn badly.
    That's interesting! I plan to go natural. I did it the first time. I know some people think it's crazy and it wasn't actually my plan but I arrived fully dilated (long story). But I am glad I got to experience the real thing. It fulfilled some underlying desire I had to know what it would feel like. 
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