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Flame Free Friday Confessions (FFFC) 11/18


Re: Flame Free Friday Confessions (FFFC) 11/18

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    @shstephenson He is a jerk.  He is also not doing his job - so DH has to rescue him quite a bit.  To be honest, I think that he has a cocaine issue as well.  So he's not all there.  Doesn't excuse his behavior, but...
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                ET 11/07/2016 (2 blast xfer, 3 frosties)
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    Oh man, at least at work when I get asked if I'm pregnant it's young children who really just for awhile kept confusing the gym teacher and myself (she was pregnant - just had a baby in September. When she wasn't showing they struggled to remember which of us was pregnant).

    Now, when older students ask I have started tell them that I know they didn't mean to imply that I am carry extra weight but that is what a person will infer from them so you don't ask that question.
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    One of my very good friends had a baby girl this morning.  She's perfect and I couldn't be happier for her but I am so jealous that she was able to deliver vaginally.  I feel this way everytime I hear about someone delivering vaginally and I know it's dumb.  I hated my c section and want a VBAC so badly this time and hope it resolves these ugly feelings.  (Sorry for the dear diary post)
    I do not think this is at all uncommon or ridiculous.  Honestly, I am so scared of having a C-Section.  I feel like C-Section mommas have it pretty rough.  I delivered two (very large) babies vaginally and I'm relieved I did so; however, I am also scared that this next one will be so huge I'll either end up needing to be induced and that will lead to C-Section, or I'll end up in a C-Section anyway.  

    Good luck with VBAC!!!  I hope it works for you!!
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    Ugh a woman at work also asked me if I was pregnant. This was the day after I found out. So I wasn't even 4 weeks yet! Just extremely bloated from the progesterone suppositories and IVF meds. It was so rude! Not because she was implying that I was fat, but because it's just none of her business! If I want you to know I'm pregnant then I will freaking tell you! And apparently I looked surprised and "took too long to answer" so she was like "ha, I knew it!" So I just smiled and walked away. Ya, like I really wanted someone I work with to know before my family! Thanks lady!
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