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My 4 Year Old daughter is currently Little Mermaid obsessed and insists on the name Ariel, if we have a girl. At first I was iffy about it, but it is growing on me. 

What are your thoughts?
I also have no idea what I would pair Ariel with, as a first name or as a middle name. Any ideas are welcome. 

DD is Madelyn Olivia.
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Re: Ariel

  • Enh. it's okay, but to me it's masculine. If you stick with it I'd spell it Arielle, which is the French feminine form.
  • I'm not opposed to Arielle. 
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  • It's pretty. There's a girl in DD preschool named Ariella ( not sure about the spelling) but I think that's a beautiful name. 
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  • I think masculine and the creepy guy from the Cleveland abduction that kept the girls in his house for years

    Also while it's cute about your DD I personally wouldn't want that assosiation my whole life that my sister loved a Disney show and named me

  • Maybe as a middle name? 
  • NMS, but it's cute. I keep coming back to the mn Grace, Ariel Grace. 

    On a side note, my DD is obsessed with Doc McStuffins and has named out baby Cece. We don't know the sex, but that's what she and everyone else calls it. That will not be the name, haha. 
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    Thanks for all the feedback. It isn't set in stone of course. Just wanted to hear your thoughts. ❤️
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  • Ariel is I'd also suggest the feminine spelling with the elle ending if you are truly considering it.  But I have trouble with this one and also with Belle and Aurora and Jasmine because they just scream Disney Princess to me.  And I don't think this is one of those scenarios where eventually kids won't get that reference, as these are pretty timeless films.  I also think it will grate on your younger child if her older sister is telling her for the rest of her life that she named her after The Little Mermaid.  I mean some little girls might love that, but others would not.  I'd personally skip it unless you really love it.
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    I like the name Ariel. And to me it no longer sounds masculine at all, maybe because of the little mermaid connection. 
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  • I don't hate it but I agree with PP about the spelling
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  • I have no feelings about the name itself, but my friend's parents let her name her brother and his name is Mickey... because of Mickey Mouse. 
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  • I don't care for it. As a huge Disney family I cannot stop thinking of the little mermaid and I just don't like it as a name for a little one. 

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  • For me it's a no go for all of the reasons listed above
  • All I saw was the title and I immediately thought Little Mermaid. It would be nice as  a middle name though, I have a female cousin whose middle name is Ariel. Would be a great story to tell too, that your daughter helped name her sister!
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  • I know someone with a child with this name.  At first I thought it was really weird, but I've gotten used to it.  Trying to think of some similar names... maybe it could be a nickname for?  In case your baby doesn't want to go by it her whole life.  

    Aurelia (I've noticed this name around more and more lately)

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  • I like it. 
  • I know both a male and a female with the name Ariel.  However, as the female pronounces it the same way as the Disney film, the male pronounces it the old Hebrew way Ar--ree--EL.  To me, it can go either masculine or feminine.  I'm just not sure I would want my daughter associated with a Disney film all her life.
  • I'm more so leaning toward using it as a middle name. Just no clue what I would put as her first name.

    I'm not worried about Disney associations. I feel like Disney is a much more pleasant association (if done right) than perhaps being constantly reminded that your name "is a boys name" or being called "Michael Jordan" growing up (not that there is anything wrong with MJ.) My first name is Jordan named in an era where Michael Jordan was the bees knees. I would have much rather been named Belle.
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    I know a lovely girl in her 20s named Arielle. I think it's a very pretty name and I've spent a lot of time with her and The Little Mermaid has never come up. I'm sure it's unavoidable at some point with this name, but I don't think it's a deal breaker. 
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  • MN it. I enjoy it but would be annoyed at the 'my sister was obsessed with the movie' story. Lol Although it is a great movie. 
  • Enh. it's okay, but to me it's masculine. If you stick with it I'd spell it Arielle, which is the French feminine form.
    Let be this idea and moves away from thinking you named her after acdosbeu movie. I'd go with a mn that stats with a consonant.

  • I love it. I don't mind the Disney association at all.  and while that's a prominent reference to those of us who were kids when the little Mermaid came out, will it have that same weight on babies born in the future?
    I also love ariella.
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  • Middle name it!
  • I don't hate the name, but I would spell it Arielle or do some other variation. In general, I think being named for a movie a sibling once liked is a tough thing to saddle someone with for the rest of their life, even if it is otherwise a decent name. If I did it, I would probably pretend it was a coincidence that there is a movie character by the same name lol. I might be extra judge-y about this though, because I have a friend who let her then-three-year-old choose the name Briar Rose for her second daughter, and ten years later it still sounds ridiculous. But that is a way more extreme name than what you are taking about.
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