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  • Due Date: 7/7/17
    Age: 32
    Location: Central CA 
    Singleton, twins, more: Singleton
    Other children: DD-13yrs, DS1-12yrs & DS2-6yrs
    Team: Green
    Labor Buddy:  TBD
    Baby's name: 
    Boy: Madden or Maverick Girl: Madeline or Madelynn
    Actual date of birth:

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  • Over the past two weeks I have been editing the spreadsheet to remove inactive members.  Anyone who had not been logged in for one month as of April 15 was given an asterisk, unless they had been previously marked inactive.  Those members were the moved to the "Inactive" sheet.  If anyone was moved incorrectly, please let me know.

    There were some "user not found" screen names, so if you changed yours, it was misspelled, or there was some mistake, please give me the heads up.

    There are a number of "active" members whose details are incomplete.  Please update or let me know and I will do it for you.

    Also, on a side note, I have noticed that there are still some of you on the spreadsheet who are probably lurking, and I encourage you to participate more!!
  • Sorry to add to your load, @chiquita928 ! I have never added myself to this (I don't think):

    Due Date:
    Age: 35
    Singleton, twins, more: Singleton
    Other children: DS- 15 months
    Team: Blue
    Labor Buddy:  TBD
    Baby's name:
    Thomas Andrew
    Actual date of birth:
  • I havent been on here in awhile and my due date was changed in March from July 3rd to July 15th :)

    Thank you !
    ME: 28 DH: 27
    Started Dating: 10/20/2006
     Married: 10/20/2013
    MMC @ 8w 12/15
    MC @ 5w 03/16

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  • I am late to the game, but can I be added to the spreadsheet?

    Due Date:
    Age: 28
    Location: MO
    Singleton, twins, more: Singleton
    Other children: FTM
    Team: Pink
    Labor Buddy:
    Baby's name:
     Probably Delaney
    Actual date of birth:
  • Due Date 7/11/17
    Age 32
    Location Missouri
    Singleton, twins, more? Singleton
    Other Children DS5
    Team Blue/Pink/Green Finding out   Blue
    Actual Birth Date tbd
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  • mama-k-2mama-k-2 member
    edited May 2017
    Hi ladies!

    Name: Kayla
    Due Date:
    Age: 26
    Location: Haleyville, AL
    Singleton, twins, more: Singleton
    Other children: Kaleb (6yrs.)
    Team: Blue
    Labor Buddy:  Damien (fiance)
    Baby's name: 
    TBD, pending the soon to be big bro's approval.
    Actual date of birth: 
    TBD, by scheduled C-section. 
  • Due Date 7/27/2017 measuring 7/21/17
    Age 25
    Location Texas
    Singleton, twins, more? singleton
    Other Children  1, have a 4yo daughter
    Team Blue/Pink/Green Pink
    Labor Buddy - Husband
    Baby's Name ---- Meredith
    Actual Birth Date ---- 
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  • Due Date  || 16th July
    Age || 17
    Location || Australia, Qld 
    Singleton, twins, more? || Singleton
    Other Children || None
    Team Blue/Pink/Green || Pink
    Labor Buddy || Mum
    Baby's Name || Coen
    Actual Birth Date **/**/**
  • added all up to this point
  • edited July 2017

    Name: Amy
    Due Date:
    Age: 28
    Location: Inverness,FL
    Singleton, twins, more: Singleton
    Other children: None
    Team: Pink
    Labor Buddy:  Eric (fiance)
    Baby's name: Sadie Marie

    Actual date of birth: 7/20/17
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