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  • @pepper16 I'm on mobile but imagine that I posted a super excited gif here!!! Yay!!
    also I meant to tell you that we finally saw the girl on the train and I thought it was pretty good!

    Me: 28 Him: 33
    Married: Oct 2015
    TTC #1: July 2016
    BFP 10/22/16
    Baby girl born 6/27/17
  • @manillabar Thank you!!!!! And congrats to you, too!!! I still haven't seen the movie - must get on that. And your ticker is phenomenal, btw. A pop rocks crystal?! I can't wait to see it change as the weeks progress (eeek!!!) 
    Me: 28 I MH: 27
    Married August 2016
    TTC #1 September 2016
    BFP 10/31/16
    EDD 7/16/17
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  • @Cait32 Congratulations!!! I remember you and was so excited for you when I saw your post in the grad thread (and definitely seemed liked others were too based on the number of "love it"s and absence of flaming - so you absolutely made the right call to post!)!! And I'm freaking out too!! 

    Me: 28 I MH: 27
    Married August 2016
    TTC #1 September 2016
    BFP 10/31/16
    EDD 7/16/17
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  • @leilac CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!! YAYYAYAYAY!!!! 
    Me: 28 I MH: 27
    Married August 2016
    TTC #1 September 2016
    BFP 10/31/16
    EDD 7/16/17
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  • @Pepper16 YOU TOO!!!!! I have to admit, I squealed when I saw your name here!!!!
    TTC #1: 4/16
    BFP #1: 5/16
    MMC at 8 weeks: 6/16
    BFP #2: 10/16 
    Sweet baby boy arrived 7/7/17!
  • @leilac hey!!! So happy you are here!

    Me: 27 DH:29
    Dating: 2/2012
    Married: 5/2015
    TTC #1: 9/15, 10/15
    BFP 10/21/16 ~ EDD 7/5/17

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  • Actually, I think I got it!!

    TTC since April 2015- low AMH, low Morphology
    Clomid~ Feb2016-Apr2016, BFN x 3
    Natural ovulation IUI June2016, BFN
    IVF #1 08/26/2016- 4 eggs mature, 4 fertilized normally, 1 made it to transfer
    Fresh Transfer 08/31/2016, BFP.. Miscarriage 17dp5dt
    IVF results were hard to handle, wanted to attempt IUI a few more times
    Medicated IUI (Gonal-F, Ovidrel trigger) Oct2016
    BFP 10/20/2016!!!! Beta 1 (10dpiui) 16.9: Beta 2 (11dpiui) 42.23: Beta 3 (14dpiui) 282

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  • @LimeKrazy so sorry to hear about your child. Hoping for a healthy little one .
     Dd has a chd with a vsd and pfo and correction surgery right before Christmas. 
  • slang434 said:
    Hi everyone!

    I surprisingly got a bfp today after several BFNs this month.  I just felt off and my normal AF symptoms weren't there.  

    My EDD is 7/13/17.  I have an almost 9 month old little girl and we started on the Feb 2016 board.  I am almost 34.  I was induced early with my daughter and being Canadian would love a July 1st baby.

    Looking forward to a happy and healthy 9 months with you ladies.

    Still can't believe I am going to have 2 under 2!
    Welcome! We have the same EDD and our first babies are close in age-- mine was born 1/21. I haven't quite wrapped my mind around the 2 under 2 thing yet!!
  • @tsarina I had preeclampsia with my first and was induced at 37 weeks exactly. My induction did not go well and I had an emergency c-section with general anesthesia- it was pretty terrible. I feel you. 

  • @Dcwtada Oh my gosh, what a nightmare! I am so sorry. I was lucky that my inductions went ok, but preeclampsia is no joke. Fingers crossed we avoid this time!
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  • @Mommy2Boys87 congratulations :) I have a 7 month old so I totally get the 2 under 2 thing haha
  • Hi, i feel so weird being pregnant again. But here I am. Edd based in lmp is 7/5
    mslynn2012[Deleted User]SaphireSweetie88
  • @ladipale I feel you on that "cautious" part! I still don't trust it
  • @theglitteredpterodactyl - hello! I had awful, awful awful PPA after my first, and looking back, depression, anxiety and OCD during the pregnancy... the 2nd was not nearly as bad, mostly because my DH and I were so aware of the possibility and how to handle it. I knew when and how to ask for help and did, both during and after pregnancy. Sounds like you are on your way to getting support you need. You can do this! It may not be easy but just one day or 15 minutes at a time. 
    **** TW - kids and loss mentioned ****
    ~~ married 8.11.07
    ~~ DD1 1.16.11 ~~ DD2 1.3.14 ~~
    ~~ BFP3 12.22.15 MMC 2.29.16 @ 13 weeks ~~
    ~~ 2 D&Cs (3.1.16 and 3.10.16) for MMC
    ~~ BFP4 10.27.16  MMC 1.23.17 @ 16 weeks ~~ D&E 1.26.17 ~~
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