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Weekly Randoms (10/24)


Re: Weekly Randoms (10/24)

  • @PerraSucia That makes no sense... can the insurance company not do anything about it?
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • I called to ask wtf was happening because I got a bill that didn't make sense and then they said they would investigate and i got a bill for even more. It doesn't make any sense. And Kaiser is like a one stop thing so it's not like a seperate insurance the doctor can just write a note to explaining. 
  • Hey @afkash, you are Indian/part Indian, right? Happy Diwali! Are you guys celebrating? 
    Thank you! Yes,  I'm Indian but Muslim.  We dint celebrate Diwali ,  although it is very fun.  Thank you,  anyways!!

    @PerraSucia that sucks.  I hope they straighten it out right away.  and if anything,  they should be covering it even more because you are high risk.  

    @LivingLaVidaGinger o__O That's crazy! Sounds like a good story,  though.  are you willing to share what kind of stuff makes sense,  now? Just curious for shots and giggles .  

  • Wowwwww. That's nuts! Thanks for sharing!

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