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  • Thanks ladies, I am definitely not going! I sent my cancellation before I left for the afternoon. I just do not take risks with my allergies.
    Nor should you. 
    That was SO rude of her. 
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  • Thanks ladies, I am definitely not going! I sent my cancellation before I left for the afternoon. I just do not take risks with my allergies.
    I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't either!
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  • krobkrob
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    @WinchesterGirl as an allergy sufferer I feel your pain. Maybe I'm being petty but i def think you should fwd the email with your responses about your allergy to the VP so he/she knows why you aren't in attendance. 

    Incompetence makes me irrationally angry especially when she went out of her way to ask about restrictions. 
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  • @WinchesterGirl I can't wait for them to ask you why you didn't attend so that you can very snarckingly tell them why and they can feel like complete idiots.  I'm sorry this happened to you,  but it's also a VERY good excuse to not attend.  

  • Watching cable for the first time in forever and greys anatomy is KILLING me right now. 
  • @WinchesterGirl I totally get it.  I went on a business trip for work and let them know ahead of time I had a Gluten Allergy and wasn't eating Delight cause I'm pregnant and they catered in sandwiches for lunch sooooooo I basically didn't eat all day.
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  • Omg @WinchesterGirl this happened to me at a ducking work Xmas party. Then I complained and HR said I wasn't a team player. 

     ==D :o
  • @PerraSucia That scarecrow is amazing  :D
  • @lfrank12 we trimmed the hair from a neighbor companies drought resistant plants haha
  • I love that scarecrow,  @PerraSucia! Good job.  you guys are totally going to win!

  • @MrsDramaK & @PerraSucia The fact that we have all been put into the exact same situation while at work just proves how much people do not understand food allergies, or at least don't take them seriously. It just sucks that we have to deal with it at work! 

    One of my biggest fears is that one of our kids is going to get my allergies... DH has no allergies at all, so statistically speaking from what I've read we have only a 33% chance any child will have allergies. But still, this is one thing that I would just feel horrible passing on to a child. 
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  • imalwaysme79imalwaysme79
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    I am going on a mini babymoon tomorrow, it is 9pm and I'm not packed at all... Whoops.
    We're going away tomorrow too. We have to be up at 5am and I'm also not packed :/ . Looks like neither of us will be getting any sleep tonight. 
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  • @Gretchypoo and @imalwaysme79 where are ya'll going for babymoon? 
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  • Have fun on your babymoons! @gretchypoo and @imalwaysme79

    Sorry for the people with allergies and all of the problems that persist because of ignorant people. I know I will always make sure to be careful with dietary restrictions now and in the future. 

    @LivingLaVidaGinger why do people do stuff like that? I will never understand. 
  • My uncles gf just put my baby's name on Facebook before I even announced it. Why don't people have any common sense? I know I shouldn't be so mad about it but if a couple hasn't posted the name of their baby ANYWHERE on Facebook, what gives someone the bright idea to take it upon themselves to announce for you?
    Aint cool!
  • @imalwaysme79 Ha! I'm almost done! I hope you have fun!!

    @lct2008 we are going to Mountain View, Arkansas for some " camping" and the Annual Outhouse Races and Bean Festival! We go every year with my family to see the leaves change. It should be fun :-)
  • lct2008 said:
    @Gretchypoo and @imalwaysme79 where are ya'll going for babymoon? 
    Atlanta. Nothing too exciting. :)
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  • @LivingLaVidaGinger you have every right to be upset about it.  it's not their place at all.  I'm going to try really really hard to not post anything about my kids on social media. I've heard some pretty scary stories of people stealing their identities by gathering info you post about them. 

  • @LivingLaVidaGinger I would be so mad! I hate that some people think they have the right to share someone else's personal news on their Facebook 
  • Yay for babymoons! I'm counting down the 21 days left until mine... 

    @LivingLaVidaGinger That sucks! Did you tell him to take it down? That is 100% not cool, and makes me feel like the grinch of baby names.

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  • Thank you @PerraSucia. One year a whole week went by and I didnt know the time changed. Apparently I was in a cave with only my iPhone that automatically adjusted the time.
  • @Xstatic3333 We still haven't done a social media announcement either. DH doesn't want to do anything until a birth announcement, so as we see people in person they find out. Or, some may find out with a baby shower invite over the next couple of months.
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
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