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Separation anxiety.

Denver is 9 months. He has started pitching a fit when I leave. If he's in his jumper and the second I hit the door frame to the room he wails and sobs until I come back. This happens multiple times a day. 
A few weeks ago I dropped him off at my oldest sisters house and when I turned to leave he broke down into hysterics, to the point where she walked outside with me and I could hear him crying from her back yard and I was in the front yard. 
Last night I went and visited my (middle) sister, I let her husband hold him for a minute and I didn't even go 2 feet away and he wailed and sobbed until I got him back. 
I HATE CIO but I need to break his anxiety. I neee help, I work- he has NO problem when I leave him with my mom daily to work- he's gotten to where he knows when I'm getting ready to leave and he will crawl and cling to me but no crying. 
I don't know how to break him from this, we co-sleep and I even broke down his crib 2-3 weeks ago since we don't use it (and he fell out of it, but that's in another thread) 
-Advice is greatly appreciated 

Re: Separation anxiety.

  • No advice-my LO does the same thing. He doesn't cry when I drop him off at daycare but if we are at the house and I even turn my back to walk away for a second he cries. It's not fun since I can't even go pee or get something from the kitchen (where he can still see me) without him crying but from what I've been told it's normal and may continue for a while so I guess I just have to deal with it. 
  • My LO turned 9 months on the 16th and his separation anxiety has been really bad the past few days - screaming when I walk away, whining when I'm not holding him, and not wanting other people to hold him. It's pitiful! 
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  • LO is nearing 10 months ( few days away)  I basically decided to not fight it. 
    I talked to other moms who had same parenting styles as mine ( not fans of CIO and co-sleep etc ) and they told me to distract him when I leave and so far it's helped. 
    He doesn't cry as much when I leave and I'm feeling a little better about the situation now. 
  • Our separation anxiety went away on its own.  At 8 months it was at its peak and at 9 and 1/2 months it's gone.... we didn't do anything...
  • We're dealing with this, too. Daycare is not usually an issue, or she'll give one wail, and that's it.
    If she's at home, and feeling clingy, I will just wear her. I don't like to wear her when I'm cooking, so she'll hang out in her high chair in the kitchen with me.
    If I have to leave her with someone else (or the church nursery on Sundays,) I make sure she is really distracted and then I sneak out. If she doesn't see me leave, it's like she forgets that she's "supposed" to cry.
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