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  • sejicasejica
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    Yea! I can finally post! (I kept getting this banner saying I had to be a member for a few day first.)

    I go by Jes, first time getting a BFP on 10/11. EDD June 11. You can tell we weren't exactly trying by the fact that I didn't test til 1 week after my longer cycle should have started. 

    I'm a mix of excitement and terror. I go for my first ob appt. on 10/26, hopefully I can get an ultrasound and mitigate the terror.

    DH and I have been together for 10, married for 4, and both of us are first time parents.
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  • Hello! Excited to be here.  This will be our first child together.  BFP: October 16 after 11 cycles and some fertility treatments with DOR.  EDD: June 26th and first ultrasound November 9th.
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  • Hello! Cautiously introducing myself here.  My name is Rebecca and this will be mine and my husband's second child.  We have a 3 year old daughter who was born in June 2013 (yay June babies!)  I got a BFP on October 15th and my EDD is June 30th.  I'm really excited to be back on The Bump!
    BFP #1: due 6/17/2013, DD born 6/25/13
    BFP #2: due 6/30/2017, MMC found 12/7/2016
    BFP #3: due 10/21/2018 
  • sarahannexvisarahannexvi
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    Hi everyone! My name is Sarah and I was a big fan of The Bump with my first pregnancy so I'm looking forward to another great experience! My first baby, Zoey, was born October 1, 2015 through c-section after 29 hours of labor including 3 hours of pushing (all unmedicated). She was in the NICU for six days with a pneumothorax, jaundice, and was being monitored for ingestion of meconium. Needless to say, I'm hoping for a much easier birth this time around! Most likely another c-section.

    I experienced a chemical pregnancy on September 18 at 4w5d and conceived this little babe thinking I missed the ovulation window. I'm still not sure if I should be calling this my second or third pregnancy/baby.

    I got my BFP on October 15, due date should be June 25. My first doctor's appointment in on Halloween morning :)
  • Hello! I got my 3rd BFP this morning so I guess that means we are expecting our 2nd rainbow baby, if all goes well. I had my first miscarriage a month before I got pregnant with DD, who is now 14 mos old. I had my second miscarriage last month. My EDD is 6/27/17. I look forward to this exciting, exhausting, and nerve wracking journey with you all!
    Married 8/29/09
    MC: 9/14
    Goober #1 born: 8/17/15
    MC: 9/16
    Goober # 2 EDD: 6/27/17
  • Hello ladies!  My name is Crystal and I'm the mama to 2 little punks, DS - 7 and DD - 2.5.  I've been lurking some unsure about posting, but finally feeling cautiously optimistic about this pregnancy (my first HCG was only 14!!)  **Trigger warning**  I did have 2 losses prior to my kids being born, one at 10 weeks and one at 11 and I definitely feel the PGAL brain creeping in**.  But I'm excited to get involved on the board!! :)
  • Congratulations Quippery!
  • Hi everyone! Expecting another June bug on 06/25/2016 but given my history of delivering 10 days early with DS (a June Jackalope in 2015), I'm planning for a mid-June baby. Got a faint BFP on 10/19 (1 day after AF was due) and AF usually comes like clockwork. Excited to get to know you all and prepare for the craziness of having another kiddo at home. 

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013
    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

  • PGAL with a June 14th EDD. Soo hard to be excited so hubs is being excited for me. Hope this one works out. 
  • @mrscalirn oooooh haaaaaai fellow June '15 er!
    Me: 37 DH: 37
    Married 5-31-14
    DD1 born 6-21-15
    DD2 born 6-11-17
    DS born 9-5-18

  • delujm0 said:
    @mrscalirn oooooh haaaaaai fellow June '15 er!
    Heeeey girl! Glad to see a familiar "face!" June '15 Jackalopes UNITE!

    Me: 31
         DH: 34
    Married 11/09/2013
    LO#1: LMP 09/14/2014  BFP 10/15/2014  EDD 06/24/2015  DS Born 06/14/2015
    LO#2: LMP 09/18/2016  BFP 10/19/2016  EDD 06/27/2017 DD Born 06/27/2017
    LO#3: LMP 05/16/2018  BFP 06/18/2018  EDD 02/20/2019

  • Welcome to all the newbies!
  • shmarplershmarpler
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    @Cryscross100 and @NatalieGentry, PGAL brain is real! and terrifying! When I was pregnant with DD, I was didn't buy anything for her until I was over 6 mos along. I was also afraid to tell anyone. If it weren't for my husband and his adorable excitement, I wouldn't have said anything until people started asking!
    Married 8/29/09
    MC: 9/14
    Goober #1 born: 8/17/15
    MC: 9/16
    Goober # 2 EDD: 6/27/17
  • Hi all. Julie here. I'm 33 and got a Positive test October 5th. Due June 12th. This will be our first. 
  • Hi there! I'm a 36 yr old art middle school art teacher expecting our 1st EDD June 4. This is our second pregnancy and hopeful this one sticks. Planning to take a break from teaching for a few years once our little 'jelly bean' arrives. DH is 41 and ready to get this family expansion started! :)
  • erinngibsonerinngibson
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    Hello! I am 6 weeks today! I am 29 years old and live in Chicago with my husband. We have three cats, but no kids, yet ;) my first ultrasound is November 9th and I cannot wait!! Baby is due June 17th! 
  • abassman said:
    Hi Ladies! 

    Very happy to to be here! We found out last Friday and have an EDD of 22 June. 

    I live in London with my DH, 20 month old DS, and French bulldog, who really is baby number 1. 

    Excited for the journey! 
    @abassman I have a half French bulldog, half Boston terrier who is our first born too! Haha
  • @sarahannexvi that sounds like the cutest mix of breeds ever!
  • Hi everyone, I am due June 18 with baby #1. DH and I are both 29 and we have 2 cats. I was a little active, mostly a lurker, on TTGP earlier this year. We tried for 4 months until I had a CP in March. We had since decided to wait to try again until next year but it turns out I got pregnant unexpectedly. We are still very excited! Since we weren't actively trying I didn't suspect I was KU until I was a week late, the day I left for a work trip to India. All the smells here in Delhi have been making me sick! Looking forward to getting to know all of you!
  • Hey Everyone, 

    Surprise...we're expecting #4 and definitely our last. I'm 37 and considered high risk with age and pre existing health stuff. We're so excited to have our ultrasound on 11/1! Looking forward to this journey and learning some new things along the way. 

    BFP 10/11/16
    Est DD 6/15/17
  • Hi this is my first child.
    I am 19 years old soon be 20.
    My EDD is 6/21/17.
    Im excited but nervous because i dont know what to expect.
  • ***Trigger Warning - Losses***

    Hello all,

    I'm cautiously happy to be here.  I got my BFP yesterday and have a rough EDD of 29 June.  This is my 5th (and probably final) pregnancy.  I have two boys at home (5 & 2).  My daughter Eleanor passed away unexpectedly in the NICU when she was 28 hours old.  I also had a miscarriage in December 15.

    I have a history of pre-term labor; my youngest two were both 5 weeks early.  I also have thyroid issues and have had 3 cesareans and a uterine rupture.  I feel like I've seen all of the doctors at this point, so I'm happy to trade stories or empathize where needed.  I'm happy to be here, and I'm hoping to spend the next 10 months+ with you all.
    Lilypie - Personal picture Lilypie - Personal picture Lilypie - Personal picture 
     DS1 - 7/2011, DD 12/2012, DS2 - 4/2014, MMC - 12/2015
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  • @Xath so sorry to hear of your losses. Please join us on PGAL when you are ready for support!
  • Alize723 said:
    Hi this is my first child.
    I am 19 years old soon be 20.
    My EDD is 6/21/17.
    Im excited but nervous because i dont know what to expect.
    I'm glad you found this resource! I was 20 when I had my first and none of my friends were having kids. It was hard not having people I could relate to. Here, you can ask questions and find other people in the same boat! 
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    BFP #1 9/1999. DD Born 6/7/2000
    BFP #2 10/2011. EDD 7/11/12. MMC discovered 11/2/11. D&C 11/4/11.
    DX PCOS 10/2012.
    BFP#3 1/11/13. DS Born 9/17/2013
    BFP#4 9/30/17. Grow baby grow! 
    ~Everyone Welcome~
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    Hi everyone! My name is Rachel. This is my first pregnancy. I have a wonderful step-son who is 10yo. I have been married to my amazing husband for a year. I just got my BFP on Friday (10/21) and my EDD is June 25th. I am so excited to be here! I still don't think it has sunk in. I am looking forward to getting to know all of you! 

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  • abmommy15 said:
    Hey everyone,
    I'm 32 and live in Alberta, Canada.  Got my BFP yesterday and am so excited to be expecting #2.  I'm guessing a June 26 EDD. I was very active on the August 15 board when pregnant with my son and developed great relationships with some of the ladies there.  Hoping for the same great community here.  
    Hi there! I was on the August '15 board as well :) 

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  • Hi hi hi!  I'm Nicole and this is my 3rd pregnancy.  I'm 33 and have a 7 and 5 year old.  We thought we were done but whoops I guess not!  This will definitely be our last.  Due date is officially June 1st though I was measuring a few days ahead at my ultrasound.  
  • danij0danij0
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    Hey everyone!

    You can call me Dani. I'm 27 and DH is 27. We've been married over 5 years (5/14/2011) and we have two kitties: Obi & Codi.
    This is our first pregnancy! EDD is 6/23/2017 so I'm 5 weeks 3 days - I found out at 9DPO so I've had a couple weeks to get used to the idea. My first appointment is 11/7/2016 - 2 weeks!!
    Congrats to everyone on here and I'm looking forward to chatting with you all!  :)

    P.S. We live in the Cleveland area so.. GO TRIBE!

    Edit: DH is 27 not 26. Not sure what I was thinking. 
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  • Hi Everyone - My name is Danielle. I live in Massachusetts.

    I'm 37 and pregnant with my 3rd. I have a DS that is 18, my BF has a DS that is 14, together we have a DS that is 13 months.

    I got my BFP on 10/20 EDD 6/30/17 so 4 weeks 3 days today - had blood work on 10/21 to confirm - got results of that blood work today with an HCG count of 29 so I went in for another blood draw today and waiting to hear the HCG count.

    Planning on telling the BF tonight. It was too hectic this weekend with the older kids around and family parties. Plus I wanted to confirm with blood work first.

  • Hello June 17 

    I have been lurking the TTGP board for about 3 months but was too timid to join in - but holy cow did I learn a lot from those ladies over there.

    I would like to jump in here since I had my BFP today! 

    My EDD is June 29
    BFP was today at 10dpo 

    I was also a lurker for my sons BMB in Dec 13 but didn't participate much. Excited to be pregnant with baby #2 and get involved with some other expecting moms to be. 

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