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  • Hello! FTM here, due June 27, Team Green (though somewhat hoping it ends up being a girl born late on July 7th as that would be the 5th girl born the same day on my mom's side of the family, including myself!) 
  • Hello! FTM here, due June 27, Team Green (though somewhat hoping it ends up being a girl born late on July 7th as that would be the 5th girl born the same day on my mom's side of the family, including myself!) 
    That would be a very crazy coincidence! Welcome!
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  • @jromell congratulations on the wedding and baby!!! My anatomy scan is on the 9th as well, we found out through NIPT that we are having a girl, hopefully the anatomy scan confirms that because the nursery is already painted... lol! Welcome to the group! 
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  • @BellaO21 thats great! When is your due date? I've been patiently (impatiently) awaiting the day we find out and it seems like its taken FOREVER to get this close!
  • @jromell I'm 20+2 now, due on 6/17... having a later scan since my Dr is out of town. 
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  • @BellaO21 That's great! I just started showing enough that my SO and I can tell and can't wait to get nice and big
  • NYCProf said:
  • kensbbykensbby member
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    Hi! I'm Ken and this is my first pregnancy and I am so overwhelmed. I'm 18 and giving my baby girl up for adoption (open, to super nice people who have been trying for ten years for a baby I can't even imagine) She's due June 12th and I'm already so excited to meet her I can't stand it. Uhhm what else... I like drawing and painting and when I'm in the right mood embroidery. Also I'm trans so he/him pronouns for me. Also also I've been lurking for a while and y'all use so many abbreviations it takes me forever to decode like jeez someone please explain?? 
  • Welcome @kensbby. As far as the abbreviations go - there is a glossary here: https://www.thebump.com/community-glossary 

    While they are not all explained there, some are explained within past threads and others if you don't know - just ask! Too many to list them all out. 

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    Good morning ladies! I'm joining super late after much debate. I've never been involved in a group like TB before. I'm 28 years old my fiance is 27. Currently 27 weeks 6 days pregnant with my 3rd. My daughter Ecko will be 8 on 4/10 and my son Kadian just turned two on 3/15. The newest addition to our family is a little girl due June 27 whom we've named Evangeline Grace. Having to take makena injections once a week to try preventing preterm labor and make it to term with this one. I look forward to getting to know you all :smile:
    My cousin just had a little girl last month and named her Evangeline Hope! I haven't ever heard the name before so it made me double take when I saw you say that's what you're naming your LO! 
    Anyhow congrats!  :)
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  • Hi everyone, sorry I'm really late posting but I got my bfp on October 7th 2016, and I'm due with a boy June 17th, 2017. My boyfriend and I have been together for a year and a half and this is our first baby
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  • I thought I had already posted here but I am not finding it.  My EDD is June 26th but it is normal for me to go past the EDD so it is totally possible that I will have a July baby's.   This will be #4 for us and we have 3 girls, 5, 3, and 18mo.  We are Team Green for the 4th time. I love that hubby gets to announce the gender when our babies are born.  :)
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    Hey so this friggin app likes to log me out randomly and my Prego brain couldn't remember the log in. Well I found it or so I thought. Turns out what I found was my log in way back from when I was in December 2014. Which I couldn't find last October when I got my BFP. So I did an intro last October with the new log in information I created and I'll post a pic of it. Anyhow as this log in says my name is Jenn. I'm really now the mommy to 4 little loves. Due 6/15 though it looks like I'll be induced on 6/16. So I've been on the board as two separate log ins. Sorry to make it confusing.  

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    Due June 5th, but just venturing onto the community boards! I'm 34 and this is baby #3
  • fiorip said:
    Hello June ladies, I'm from the July board but as it turns out my baby will be a June baby, I'm having a c-section next Friday June 30th because baby is breech.


    I've been lurking this board for the past few months,  because I honestly never really thought I would make it to full term. I've been through three losses; an early miscarriage, late miscarriage at 17 weeks and premature labor at 22 weeks. I am currently 37.2 weeks and team pink!! It's been a hard couple of years but I'm finally getting my rainbow. Happy to be joining this board as well! 

    I'm so sorry to hear of your losses. I've had two, but I can't imagine the pain of a premature labor and loss. Congrats on your rainbow!
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    @shmarpler thank you so much, it definitively takes a toll on you no matter how far along you are but you have to get up again. You never forget but you learn to live through the pain and find a new normal I guess. 
    I'm 29, husband is 30
    Together since 2006
    Married 01.17.15  <3

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  • @Mkrosieo @fiorip @PartiallyDomesticated @lrwardrop @mcvgal Welcome ladies! Thanks for livening things up!
  • Hello! Another May mama crossing over. 
    DS was born early on 4/18 via csection. I also have a toddler who turned 2 in May.

    Congrats to all the June mamas and good luck to the Julys! 
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    whoops, wrong year
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  • Hi! I'm Sara! I live in LA and I'm a FTM of Carrie who will be 4mo on 10/26! First time I've participated in a forum, so looking forward to becoming part of this community! 
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