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  • I am a late poster! I have a 16 month of son and 3 puppies. I can't wait to add to our crazy group.
  • Hi everyone, finally getting around to joining! So excited to be having another June Bug! I'm due June 18. I have a 3 year old dd who was born June 10, a wonderful husband, and way too many cats
  • Another late poster here!
    Due June 1st - It's a Girl! First baby and first grandchild on both sides! 

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      I am a first time mom in her late 30's with a girl due on June 13th 2017. This past year has been a whirlwind. I was pregnant before which led to a blighted ovum; and D&C to follow. I'd never heard of such a thing prior. We were devastated, but now I hear how common they can be.
      Now were expecting, and my bump is slowly growing; at 16 weeks right now. My nausea phase is long past, but of late I'm having a hard time with sugar cravings. The holidays don't help either. I am a vegetarian too, and would love to hear recipes or ideas from the similar moms. I look forward to connecting with other moms about a full range of topics. 
    Warm Regards,
  • I'm a late poster too!

    I'm due on 6/3 with another boy!  My other son is now 16 months so they will be pretty close in age. Should be interesting!
  • Im a little late joining in on this sorry! I have 3 children and am expecting baby number 4 on june 17. My daughter is 17, my son is 15 and my little guy is 9 months. This pregnancy was a surprise and still trying to except that im pregnant again so soon!
  • Hello,  I'm yet another's latecomer to the group. I am due June 25th wit her my second. My daughter was born January of 2014. 
    DD 1- born January 22, 2014
    Due June 25 2017

  • @laurblum, did you participate in M14? I feel like your name is familiar. Welcome.
  • Hello, 
    I've been participating, but never introduced myself. I'm a first time mom and the baby is due June second. My husband wants to be team green. We have a dog that I love to pieces and 2 barn cats. 
  • @Stankonia2014 Yes I was on M14! 
  • I just thought I would formally say, "Hello"! I'm a STM. DS is 15 months old. I'm due the first part of July, but this could be a June baby(never know)! I lerk here at times, but am very active on July 17(love those ladies). Just wanted to actually introduce myself! 
  • @krex how exciting for you! I hope that your adoption goes smoothly! 
  • @krex that's exciting! I hope everything with the adoption goes smoothly and welcome to the group!!!
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  • We'd love for you to join us, @krex congrats on the match and I hope it goes as smoothly as possible for you guys :)
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  • @krex, so very excited for you! Welcome!
  • @krex how very exciting!  welcome :-)
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    @krex Yes, please join us! Congrats to you and your DH! Will you be finding out the sex?

    **Edited because I just saw your post in the baby sex thread. Exciting you'll be finding out soon!
    Me: 31, DH: 35, Diagnosis: MFI
    Nov 2015, Feb, 2016, May 2016: 3 IUIs = BFN
    July 2016: IVF (20R, 12M, 10F, 8B) = 7 PGS Normal
    Sep 2016: FET #1 (9/16/16) = BFP!!
       Beta #1 = 179 (9/26), Beta #2 = 480 (9/28)
       EDD: June 3, 2017
       DD Born: May 30, 2017
  • Welcome @krex! Excited to hear about your journey! 



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  • Hi I'm Nicole. This is my third pregnancy - we have 2 DDs (5 and 7). This one was a bit of a surprise...our youngest is 5 and so this feels like starting over. Like with our previous two pregnancies we will not be finding out the sex. Due on June 10th.
  • snicolerm said:
    Hi I'm Nicole. This is my third pregnancy - we have 2 DDs (5 and 7). This one was a bit of a surprise...our youngest is 5 and so this feels like starting over. Like with our previous two pregnancies we will not be finding out the sex. Due on June 10th.
    Are we living parallel lives?!  lol  My name is Nicole and I also have two kids who are 5 and 7 :)  Welcome!!
  • Hi mommys! I'm 32 and have an 18 month old son and another little boy on the way due 6/23! 
  • @Jennilikes311, I could have written your into, except my 18 month old is a girl. Welcome!
    Married 8/29/09
    MC: 9/14
    Goober #1 born: 8/17/15
    MC: 9/16
    Goober # 2 EDD: 6/27/17
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    Intro-ing here, edd is 7/2, RCS scheduled for 6/27, so I'll bounce between the two boards!
    married 7.18.12   DS1 4.29.13   EDD 11.23.14


    my happy boy

  • Hi, all! I am a first time mom. Due date June 1st. So excited to be able to post now! We find out the sex of our little 'Junie' on Wednesday. We've waited so long!!!!! Hoping for a girl. What are some signs of a girl? Anywoo. I look forward to interacting with you all. I need mom friends!
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