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  • @KirstinH88 Yea that's what I have been hearing too.. Which is making me even more nervous since I'm already up 18 at halfway :#  I'm going to talk to my doctor about it this week when I see her. I'm also starting to track what I'm eating on myfitnesspal just to make sure I'm not actually eating way more than I think I am.
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  • @kitkat8387 I honestly think there is no way to predict.  I don't remember my exact numbers with my first, but I know that I barely gained any weight for 2 months in the 2nd tri (it was very nerve wracking at the time). I only gained about 5 pounds in the last tri (20ish total). You might just be retaining more water right now too. 
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  • How much weight you should gain depends on where you started pre-pregnancy.  I know many of us want to see where we fit it with others but remember everyone is different so try not to compare numbers too much.  I am considered obese and haven't gained any weight at all (now 20 weeks) and for me that is okay.  For someone of a much smaller size, that could possibly indicate a problem.  As long as your Dr. is weighing you at each appointment, he/she will let you know if there is anything concerning.  :) 

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  • During my first tri, I was pretty nauseated, and couldn't eat much. I ended up losing about 11 lbs from my pre pregnancy weight. However, I was just a tad overweight according to BMI, so my weight loss put me at a "healthy weight". I'm ravenously hungry now and have put on about 6 of the 11 pounds lost, but it's coming on pretty fast in the past few weeks. I was worried a few weeks ago that I wasn't putting on weight, and have given myself carte blanche to eat ice cream every day "because I needed it". Its time to put the breaks on that habit : )

  • I've gained 12 lbs and I'm 19 weeks. 8 lbs were in 1 week...what the heck?! At exactly 18 weeks, by stomach "popped" & I am finally showing.

    I dudnt really start gaining until 13-14 weeks. and my boobs started growing immediately and fast...in first month I needed new bra 
  • I've almost gained back the weight I lost in the first trimester due to nausea. One pound to go. I suspect if the gain trend continues I'll steadily gain until delivery, as my appetite is back at last. I did have to go out and buy a bra with a bigger cup size this week. I'm kind of excited about having real boobs. Haha. 
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  • At almost 20 weeks I have gained 5 from pre-pregnancy...but I lost 4lbs in the beginning...so I guess you could say I am up 9lbs.
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  • I don't know anymore how much I've gained. My last appointment said either 142 or 146lbs?? But when I sat down with my OB I told her, I don't watch what I eat or how much, I love and need my chocolate (I don't eat the whole thing) but I eat it when I feel like it. I sometimes eat donuts for breakfast, eat fast food for lunch if I see fit, pasta is my friend and if fruit and veggies sound good I eat that, too. Also, my arrhythmia is so bad that I can't walk up a flight of stairs let alone do exercise, so I walk to and from bus and do my regular activities. She just looked at me and said "well that's ok, you do what your body allows you". I LOVE THAT WOMAN. She also added, "I'm not worried in the least bit, you are so tiny". I can't say that I'm tiny but for my height actually still OK but I've certainly rounded up, I have a good belly on me and have put on 10+lbs so far but my levels are good, I'm not gaining weight rapidly or too much, and I just got the OK from my doc. I'm a happy camper! And yes, I had a burger for lunch today, too. LOL

  • I'm up 7 lbs at 20 weeks, and I started 10 lbs heavier than I was with DS. Because there was some discussion of breast weight, really no boob growth, but I have crusts of colostrum and I can see blue veins. I had supply issues, but my research has indicated that it's not the breast growth that matters but rather the glandular growth, which may or may not affect breast size. I'm hoping and praying I can EBF this one. I had to supplement with DS, but that was also after a c section and baby having surgery and not being able to eat for 4 days, plus the NICU was so hostile I didn't realize how often I really needed to pump. I'm hoping a natural birth will change things.
  • Was super excited to discover at my appointment this week I hadn't gained anything in the 3 weeks since I've been there! I am up 9 lbs overall at 20 weeks.
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  • Dax28Dax28
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    I think I have gained about 8-9 pounds at 21w. I'm hoping to stay at the 25lb range. I'm only 4'11 so st 9 months in probably gonna look like a huge human  ball!
  • Still not checking. : ) I'm guessing maybe 8-9 at 21 wks.
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  • 11 pounds up at 18 weeks. Slightly more than I would have liked, but still within healthy range I think. And last week was a breakthrough, as my uterus seems to have doubled in size - so I now look pregnant, not just fatter!  Cannot tell you how much I am loving it, I am back to wearing tank tops and leggings, because I dont feel fat anymore, I feel thin with a bump!!   amazing :smile: This might be the "I love being pregnant" feeling?   

    I normally eat 1300-1400 cals a day when not pregnant , and now I have given myself a new target of 1600-1700 as per dr recommendation, but there are very few days when I exceed this and many when I am still at 1400 - just not so hungry!!! 

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  • Today at the doc I was up 12 lbs total at 20 weeks. Seems perfectly normal and still within the 25-35 weight average overall..
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  • Went to the doc yesterday, up 8 pounds at 21 weeks. 

  • I'm up 12lbs at 20 weeks. 
  • Today at the doctor's I was up one pound from pre pregnancy weight but that doesn't include the seven I lost in the first trimester. So technically up eight pounds from the end of the first trimester. 
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  • I've only gained a couple of lbs at 20+2. Doctor isn't concerned. I'm sure not drinking has some to do with that.. And I haven't been working out much so I have probably lost some muscle mass. 
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  • So far I've gained 9 lbs this pregnancy, but 7 of them were in the last 4 weeks! :grimace: I gained 32 last pregnancy, but about 25 of those were gained in the 3rd trimester. Slowwwww down, bessie!
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  • 15lbs up at 23 weeks. I paid attention last week so I could post an update :) my doc doesn't even mention my weight to me. I've been gradually gaining weight this entire pregnancy (just like my first one) so I'm not concern in the least bit. :D 

  • I'm a gradual gainer, too. So far I'm up 18 lbs at 21 wks. Normally I'm more in line with my exact week so I'm ok with this! The last few weeks my gain has slowed. Once the nausea/puking ceased I'm back to eating healthier and at least one salad daily.

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  • 30+1 and up about 25 lbs.  I was gaining pretty fast but then the GD diagnosis and diet has pretty much stopped my weight gain.  Thankfully baby is still growing fine - I think she's taking all the food lol

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