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  • @KirstinH88, there's a very good chance I'll be stopping for donut holes on the way to work tomorrow.  Hashtag, don't even care because I love donuts.
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  • I have actually lost 10 pounds at 11 weeks pregnant. By this time in my first pregnancy (just last year) I had already gained 10 lbs. This pregnancy has been a lot easier, I have barely had nausea and am still breastfeeding DS which I think contributes to no weight gain yet. I also got a virus a couple weeks ago and threw up for 2 days and could barely eat for 3 days afterwards. It was miserable!!
     I gained 65 lbs my first pregnancy which was a nightmare! I lost it all in 9 months though (to encourage first time moms who may have gained more than they were hoping to at this point- it doesn't have to stick around for too long!) Hoping to keep my weight gain under control this go around! 
  • Last time I checked 2 weeks ago I was +5 (at 8w), don't really want to know now!  Food aversions have led to bad food of mostly carbs and a 100% lack of exercise. Gah.
  • I hadn't weighed myself since my OB appointment 2.5 weeks ago but decided to be brave last night and was pleasantly surprised to see it hadn't changed. I was sure it had with all the carbs/sugar I've been eating the last weekish especially. Now that I seem to be out of the strong food aversion time, I really need to try to focus in on healthier eating and maybe getting out and walking.
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  • I've gained 7 so far and have been stressing over it. I was unable to be active and eat well when I had morning sickness for about 4 weeks. I just ate everything all the time and never worked out. I'm hoping to balance out now that I'm not nauseous. 
    I'm only 5'2 so I feel like weight gain shows more on me. I'm pretty uncomfortable with it but I am trying to relax. I'm just worried about gaining too much and then not getting it off. (My mom and all my aunts are big women and I don't want to end up with their body issues. It prevents them from being active.)
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  • Zero gained so far. I gained 30 with each of my pregnancies, and lost it when I weaned.
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  • Maybe a lb so far.  I'm already obese so I don't want to gain too much.  I'm worried about getting GD again too so trying to watch what I eat and keep up my exercise.

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  • I'm down about 3 pounds, but I can probably contribute that to a loss of muscle because I haven't been running/working out as much. I have had little to no appetite for the last few weeks...and luckily sweets and treats have not been something I have wanted.
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  • Thanks for this post! I may be slightly down right now from being so nauseous this time around. I'm 10 weeks and just getting over a stomach bug as well. I gained 50-55 lbs with my first, but never lost the last 15 so I'm hoping to keep it under control this time. Doesn't help only being able to eat carbs and not work out right now though! Come on second trimester!
  • How do you change it?
  • I gained 12 lbs in my first trimester in my first pregnancy. Right now, in my second pregnancy, I'm at 10 weeks and haven't gained any weight. I had wanted to work out and maybe drop some extra fat before my second trimester in hopes of having a smaller baby (my first was 10lbs and I gained 45-50 lbs. Doctor thought DS might almost be too big for me. Managed it though. Still have 10-15lbs of that hanging around my tummy). My midwife said staying active is good but working out (more than I can maintain throughout the whole pregnancy) in the first trimester might beef up my placenta and actually lead to a larger baby. It has made me feel better about being lazy while I constantly feel sick and exhausted haha. So although I haven't gained weight I can see my muscle waving goodbye. 
  • My doctor told me at my last visit that I wouldn't gain weight until I was 16 weeks! So now if I see a pound, I'm thinking I'm just getting fat and it's not due to being pregnant.  Anyone else heard that?? I'd rather she said 6 weeks to give me an excuse. =)

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  • @pk921 My OB didn't say anything like that, but I can see how that would freak you out! In fact, when I expressed concern about week-by-week what was normal in first trimester for weight gain, my OB told me, "I just looked at your annual exam and it's only a few more pounds. You're totally fine!" I have another appt next week so we'll see if I'm still totally fine by then! :D  
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  • At my appt yesterday, my OB asked how much weight I gained in my previous pregnancy. When I told her it was only 17 lbs (typically they would have wanted me to gain 25-35 lbs), she said that it was fine. She doesn't focus so much on weight gain and focuses more on whether baby is growing at the rate that they should.
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  • At 11.5, I've lost 3 pounds. I eat all the carbs + all the cheese and have become unfortunately inactive, but vomiting has gotten the best of me. Can't tell I've lost weight, due to the bloating though. Finally gave in and tried Zofran recently and that has been helping immensely with the nausea. Sure that means the weight gain I just around the corner. 
  • I have no idea if or how much I may have gained. Now just a reminder that it's actually rather common and OK to gain about 5-10 lbs within first tri. (AT least per my clinic). Most of it will be the increased blood volume in your body.

    The  reason I don't know is because last time I saw a doc (months before I found out) they hadn't checked my weight, just asked me about it. And since I don't ever step on a scale I said maybe 130lbs. When they checked my weight at around 8weeks it said 138lbs. I don't notice any difference in my shape except for my belly. So the pants aren't any tighter around my thighs or anything like that. so I'm thinking I was more than 130lbs and have probably gained around 3-5 lbs lol . Which has to be blood because I hardly eat anything. That's my story and I'm sticking to it LOL

  • I'm down like 3 pounds, but I'm obese to begin with. With DD I lost 10 lbs during the first tri b/c I just wasn't hungry. In the end I only gained 19 (plus the 10 I orginally lost). Thank God for the initial loss b/c my docs never gave me grief about my weight gain. My pants fitting is a whole other story though! I really need to get the Bella band out if the attic already at 8 weeks!! 

  • @Bluesgal10 I know what you mean. I weighed in again today. I've gained 5lbs (it feels like 10lbs). My Dr. Scale is "off" by a few lbs as well.
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  • Changing my answer. Definitely feeling chunkier this week but have no desire to look at a scale.
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  • I will be 12 weeks tomorrow and have lost somewhere around 15 lbs so far.  Currently day 4 in the hospital. Praying for better days ahead.... 
  • @littlepumpkinnoodle oh my goodness! I hope so too, for you!  Praying that with second tri you'll start gaining weight again and be able to eat. 
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  • I originally replied that I gained 5 by week 8, but turns out I lost 3 since (now 12+1).  My eating habits certainly haven't improved so it's gotta be less muscle. 
  • At 9 weeks I'm up 3 lbs, and my goal is to gain closer to the recommended range this time. I think it is mostly related to bloat and switching up to non-nausea inducing foods. With DS I gained 55 lbs and while nursing helped get me back to where I started eventually, I'm hoping chasing a toddler all day will help me stay more active.
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  • I'm currently down almost 10 lbs at 9+1... I have had 0 appetite and trying to eat usually ends in me throwing up so it makes sense. With DS I lost almost 25 lbs before I was past all the morning sickness (about 5 months) and then was only 10 lbs over my starting weight when I delivered. I suspect this pregnancy will go the same way.
  • Down 5lbs at week 9 and I want to be done with morning sickness!!
  • Last appointment I hadn't gained anything and hadn't lost anything. Likely because I have still hungry, so I eat, but end up throwing up at least once a day or every other day.

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  • WkoutMomtoBeWkoutMomtoBe
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    feeling full and bloated but have actually just maintained my weight (12 weeks, 3 days). BUT everything has re-distributed...huge breasts, jiggly tummy and muffin top. UGH
  • Ugh this thread lol! I've already gained 8lbs and I'm 11 weeks and 4 days. With my first I gained 75lbs so my goal is no more than 30
  • I don't even know. I am purposely not weighing myself so I don't obsess. I am 5'4" and small.  With DD1 I gained 50 lbs! With DD2 I gained 30.  Both times I lost it all and was back in a solid workout routine with my body in a place I was happy with by 1 yr post-birth. So I just keep reminding myself that whatever I gain will be lost. But I am not one of those people who looks dainty and small during pregnancy. My belly gets HUGE.

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  • I love your attitude! Hahaha @Beckyf321 we are in the same boat... I'm up 7lbs and I'm 11 weeks today :-) I am happy to have a healthy baby growing inside me - that's what matters
    - Danielle

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  • I love your attitude! Hahaha @Beckyf321 we are in the same boat... I'm up 7lbs and I'm 11 weeks today :-) I am happy to have a healthy baby growing inside me - that's what matters
    Glad I could provide some humor!  Seriously, though, I lost all of my weight (plus some) after both of my pregnancies through diet and exercise.  I know what the guidelines are, but eating every couple of hours is what helps me feel better.  I'll worry about the weight gain/loss after baby comes!
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  • Weigh-in at the midwives: I lost 2 lbs. 10 weeks and 3 days currently. That is about right for me in the first tri. I pack on the pounds in the second :P 
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  • At my 8w appointment I was 138lbs. Yesterday, at 13 weeks I was 143lbs :/ Oh well...

    I gained 40lbs with DD but I started off underweight. Now I've started with about 13lbs more, which is average for my 5'6" frame. So hoping I can keep it at 30lbs gain max, but really I won't stress about it either. It's not like I'm going to starve myself. I also don't quite buy into the min and max amounts you should gain. At the end of the day, we are all different so this one size fits all is a bit of a BS.

  • From my first appointment (8+5) to my second yesterday (12+5) I gained about 2.5 pounds (can't remember exactly what it was last time. I am thrilled at what my weight is currently cause I had gained several more pounds by now with my first. I'm sure all these carbs (and now sugar cravings) are going to catch up to me very soon though so I am going to try not to cringe at whatever it is at my next appointment!
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  • According to the doctors' office scaled I gained 2lbs between my first apt 8 weeks and my second 12 weeks...I am still down 2 lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight.
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  • I gained 2 whole kgs and I am only 10w5d yet.  It shows, as I am only 58 kgs normally.  I need to stop stuffing my face with pizza and burgers which is all i seem to crave these days... 
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