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When are you announcing?

When will you be announcing your pregnancy? I wasn't planning on telling anyone until I have my first dr appt and then would only tell close family. But my appointment isn't until September 21 and I have two family events before then. I've been having 24/7 nausea, feeling exhausted and have a low grade fever. I'm worried about being able to hide feeling sick from everyone.

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  • We've told my parents, but we are waiting till October to tell his since I will be out of my first trimester and there are a few people on his side who once they know will tell everyone. Besides, there isn't too much anyone can do until we know the gender so I don't see the point telling people about it until we are closer to knowing the gender. 
  • That sign is super cute!
  • We told our parents but won't be feeling the whole world until between 8 and 12 weeks. 

  • Thank you
    when I made the wall for her, I envisioned being able to one day buy her a grandma sign. That was over a year ago and we had already been trying for 4 months. Now I finally can!!!
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  • I've told my sister, brother, and sister in law. We are waiting to tell the rest of the adult family until after the first appointment.

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  • We seriously contemplated not telling anybody until I have a very noticeable bump, buuuuuut that likely won't happen. I've told my parents and my brothers, DH told his brother but that's it. We'll tell the rest of the family, including his parents, and our friends on Halloween most likely (I'll be 13 weeks). 
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  • I've told my sister and a few close friends. I'll probably tell my dad, stepmom and mother in law after my first appt. I will go facebook official after the first tri. Already ordered DS a Soon To Be Big Brother shirt that I'll have him wear for pictures and to tell our parents. Not sure when we'll tell my stepkids. They're 14 and 19. They were super excited when I got pregnant with DS, but I think I'll let DH decide when we tell them.

  • I'm thinking around October! We told immediate family so far!
  • We've told my parents and waiting until the beginning of 2nd trimester to tell everyone else! 

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  • I've told H's family, because SIL is being induced today, I didn't want to tell them after and feel like I was stealing her moment.
    Otherwise I have no idea when I'll tell my mum, I'm kind of angry at her at the moment. 
    My dad I will likely tell this weekend (it's Father's Day here) 
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  • So I just told my dad and stepmom because I had to change my dr appt and needed a babysitter. Guess that means I have to tell MIL too.

  • We plan on telling my parents this weekend. I work with my mom everyday so after thinking about it, if something were to happen, she'd have to know - if I were running out to the doctor, making phone calls, etc. I always thought I'd want to tell other people but I have no desire to... yet. I plan on telling close family around 10-12 weeks and friends right around there. 

  • With my first pregnancy I didn't really want to tell anyone I liked keeping it this nice personal experience between my husband and I and our baby, so I didn't tell anyone till I was 17 weeks after finding out the gender, with this one I am totally different I've told my parents and my brother and sister, we are telling DH's parents and grandmother on grandparents day and the rest of the world I will try and keep my mouth shut until 2nd trimester. 
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    Like many, we kept the first one to ourselves, then expanded to family, then friends over the course of the first two trimesters. I didn't Facebook it until 6months I think. Same with this one. We have an "adults after hours" event at an aquarium this week, so I'll have to be really sly with friends and ordering alone next to the fish ;)

    Also did the Big sister shirt for hubby when he got home yesterday. Not a Pintrest person usually but I Pintrested the shit out of one of her shirts with glue on a pencil and glitter left over from her announcement!
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    We didn't announce the first time until I was 12 weeks (family and friends) and then I didn't tell my boss until I was 16 weeks. I'll probably do the same thing this time around. I'm kind of introverted and was trying to avoid any extra attention! :)
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  • With our first we told our parents a few days after finding out.  Then slowly told friends and did an announcement on fb at 18 weeks.  This time my best friend and her son were down visiting so after I got my BFP I called my husband upstairs and showed him, then half an hour later told her.  I am heading north visit my family and am excited to tell them face to face this time and we will be telling his parents in a few weeks when I get back.  We will probably do the same this time, slowly tell our friends and then announce sometime later in the second trimester.  I'm in no big rush!
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  • We'll probably tell my parents on Monday when we go to their house for Labor Day as long as we get there before my brother and his family. Not sure about my in-laws because they live an hour and half away and H wants to tell them in person. We'll announce to siblings after our first u/s and then the rest of the world after first tri. I actually already told my boss because I've known him for years and he's more like a friend. I'm the lead on a big project right now and I wanted to give him the head's up that I will probably need some extra support in the coming weeks while dealing with the expected first tri misery.
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  • I'm 5 weeks tomorrow and we told our entire family pretty much the day we found out. I also told several of my close friends that same day too and keep finding more people to share with lol. We've had multiple losses so we decided to tell people right away so we could have as many people celebrating and praying with us as possible. 5th pregnancy, and assuming all goes well, it will be our 3rd living child.

    No judgment about anyone waiting to share btw. That's just where we've landed through our journey.
  • I'm not exactly sure when we plan on telling our parents. I told my BFF immediately - but she was the only one who knew we were TTC. (I didn't tell my brothers or parents our plans)   The ILs are leaving for Europe in a few days, and they'll be gone for a few weeks, so I imagine we will tell everyone when they get back. I'm just not sure how to break the news...? They live about 5 hours away.

    I think I may ship them some presents with directions to call us when they get the box. 

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  • Told our parents and immediate family (siblings and one aunt) the weekend after we got BFP. Told our closest friends but won't tell the world via facebook til close to Halloween.

    I've told my boss as I've had a few appointments for labs and an U/S. 
  • The first lo I knew a week before I missed my period. My boobs hurt like crazy way earlier than they normally did before my period; I was nauseous so I told people i think im pregnant when I was like 2 days pregnant. This time I honestly just want to not tell anyone till I get huge but I work in an xray department and depending on what they may ask me to do I will have to divulge soon...
  • I'd like to wait until the 2nd tri to tell family and friends. Nobody can keep a secret in our family, especially DH's family. Since we had a MMC in May and had told a bunch of people just 2-3 weeks prior, I wanted to wait longer this time around. Not sure if DH and I can keep it a secret that long, especially since earlier this year I started to get a noticeable bump early on (most likely bloat but with my body shape it definitely looked like a preggo bump). We shall see what happens!
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  • I told my best friend, I'm waiting on everyone else... The last two pregnancies when told our parents we lost the baby the day after. Telling them was almost worse then finding out ourselves. So I'm going to wait till 12 weeks most likely. Due to my history I should be able to do the blood test and find out the gender early. I'm thinking maybe we will tell them when we know that. 
  • Right now just my BFF and DH's brother know. My appointment isn't until the end of October (12 weeks and some change) so maybe announce after that. I do have a work getaway in a couple of weeks that will have a fair amount of alcohol so I'm sure people will figure it out then. Oh well, I work in labor and delivery so the topic of babies come up all the time so everyone knew we were trying and would find out soon enough.
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  • Two months ago I had a positive pregnancy test and tried to contain myself, but ended up telling people that were close. I ended up having a miscarriage and it was so hard to go back and tell people that. BUT we got pregnant again the very next month and now I am just about 6 weeks! I want to tell people (my mom and sister) but I am scared this time around. We will wait to tell family until after the first Dr. Appointment. It's so hard not to tell everyone though!!
  • Very close family knows for now, DH cannot keep a secret. I'll most likely have to tell my work early. We won't announce on social media until after the first trimester most likely. We might do something for Halloween. 
  • I told my sister. But we'll wait til after my next ultrasound on the 15th to tell anyone else. I don't know if after that we'll actually tell anyone but we'll at least wait til that point.
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  • I told my boss this morning. I had to leave early yesterday and wanted to fill her in so I don't look like a total flake. We will wait a while to tell anyone else. Our last pregnancy we told DH's family early on and I regretted not having it as our secret. 
  • Told my best friend where I live today. I've felt too sick not to have anyone but DH to talk to about it. Will probably wait to tell our parents though. 
  • We told close family and friends. I told my FB moms group. Everyone else will find out in the 2nd tri. 
  • Not until 10-12 weeks for me. I had a loss this past winter so I'm playing it safe... So far I've only told my immediate support network: my DH, parents, and twin sis. Telling my parents was kind of an accident, but hey, the cat's out of the bag now...
  • I told two of my good friends the day I got my positive, so they knew a couple days before hubby. We don't plan on telling people until after the first tri. After an early mc last fall we're a bit cautious. Though after reading someone's idea about grandparents day I changed plans : )  so my parents and my husband's folks will be finding out next week with a little pair of socks! Really hoping they can keep it quiet. Time will tell. 
  • Probably not until a gender reveal.
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  • We are planning on keeping the pregnancy top secret until after the first trimester. When it's time to share our good news we will be getting a 'Big Brother' shirt for our dog to wear when we take him over to our parents homes.  Should be funny to see how long it takes them to notice what the shirt says! 
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