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  • We will tell our parents after our first us at. 8 weeks. Friends after that and social media after the first trimester. After our loss we are hesitant to blurt it out just yet. I'm not sure if anyone felt this way after their loss.. But I was almost embarrassed.. Maybe embarrassed is the wrong word.. Like I let people down? It was a first for my parents and they were so excited. I felt like people didn't know what to say? It would be easier, I feel, to tell them we lost another than to feel sad for them and us again..If that ramble-on makes any sense...
  • This may be naive, but I would love to announce at Thanksgiving. I'm worried though, that since it's Baby #2, that my bump will pop long before that. If it does...I'll have to come up with a new plan! 
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    We will tell our parents after our first us at. 8 weeks. Friends after that and social media after the first trimester. After our loss we are hesitant to blurt it out just yet. I'm not sure if anyone felt this way after their loss.. But I was almost embarrassed.. Maybe embarrassed is the wrong word.. Like I let people down? It was a first for my parents and they were so excited. I felt like people didn't know what to say? It would be easier, I feel, to tell them we lost another than to feel sad for them and us again..If that ramble-on makes any sense...
    I completely understand! We lost both our babies literally right after we told our parents and one of my first thoughts was they're going to be devastated! 

    My only saving grace was there has  been other family members who have gone through similar situations so we weren't the first. 

    We're going to try to wait till after genetic testing to tell family. I don't think I can tell family again about another loss. 

    I hope this baby is your rainbow baby!! 
  • I always want to tell somewhat early (or at least on time), and DH never wants to tell until the last minute...like after the baby is born!

    We see my in-laws a lot, so we might have to tell them during first tri, esp if it is obvious with my behavior (sick, not drinking, etc.) If we tell the in-laws, we might tell my parents when they visit next, though I'd rather wait to tell them a bit longer (they might be coming in a month, which I think is too soon.) 

    I'll think I'll tell people at work in December. I'm a professor and that's the end of the semester. If I wait to tell them after the holiday break (mid-January), I think I'd return and everyone would be like, "WHOA!" DH would definitely not want me telling them earlier. We'll see how that goes.... 

    We see my neighbors a lot. Sometimes there are informal street "happy hours" and whatnot. Those will die down a bit in the fall so we might not get around to telling anyone and then just emerge in the spring as a giant. But odds are we will start telling some neighbors this fall/winter, and once one knows, many will know.

    We will not announce anything on facebook, but we'll make an effort to call friends who don't live nearby and tell them the news individually, or at least in a private e-mail. To that end, we'll also try to keep everyone from talking about it on facebook. I expect, though, that around 8 mo I'll end up saying it on fb because I might be giant in a photo, or someone else will spill the beans, etc. 

    Given that this is #3, I'm bracing myself for
    a) people not caring or worse,
    b) people making comments like, "you know how babies are made, right?" or "two wasn't enough?" or "good luck with THAT" or "you'll be in an old folk's home when that kid graduates!"

    When it's your first and in wedlock, people are usually excited. When you have a second, same thing -- everyone is glad you gave #1 a sibling (in fact, they make comments when you have one child who is 1 or older, wondering when you'll have #2). But starting at 3, some people start to get negative. People in my career seldom have more than 2, so I'm also wondering about some backlash there, as I am also pre-tenure (in a few years I will either be fired forever or hired permanently.) 

  • We haven't told anyone. This is my 4th pregnancy and with the first we told my parents right away and then lost it the next week. With my daughter we still couldn't help ourselves, so we told right away also. We even announced at 8 weeks because we'd seen and heard a heartbeat. With my last pregnancy we told my family and his and then a month and a few days later we found out it was a MMC. This time, while i'd still want my family's support, I don't know when to tell. I show very early and can't imagine we'd be able to keep it a secret for morethan a few weeks, but I dont want to tell.

  • Just my DH & I know. Won't be telling anyone else for a while. I MC in December at 11 weeks & had told everyone 2 days prior to having my MC. Going in for an early ultrasound in 2 weeks & that'll probably put my mind at ease a bit... but we'll still probably wait until after the 13 week mark.   :/ trying to stay optimistic. 
  • We are hoping to announce at Thanksgiving to my inlaws, but my mom already knows.

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  • Only DH and I know so far. Mom will find out when she comes visit on Saturday then I'll tell the rest of my immediate family. Then when I visit my hometown in early Nov, I will tell close friends in person. Online will probably wait until closer to the end of the year. We're more cautious this time after a CP. Having my family know helped me get through it.

  • I've already told my family and close friends. This is my third and I'm not worried about keeping it a secret so well tell the world soon. 
  • I told my husband immediately. This past weekend we went on a trip with friends and I knew it would be impossible to hide it from them since I wouldn't be drinking all weekend. We told them so they could help us hide it from everyone else on the trip. I'm planning on telling my parents and in-laws at the end of September, when were 2 months along. I don't want them to get all excited and then for something to happen. I plan to announce to everyone else at the end of October. I am worried that my mom will blab to her whole family the minute after I tell her. She's not good at keeping secrets. 
    I would like to tell my parents and in-laws at the same time, so that no one feels like they are second, but they have both rejected an invitation to my house.. not sure how to get them together so I can tell them at the same time. I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings by telling one set of future grandparents first. 
  • We have not told anyone yet as it's still really early.  I'm thinking definitely after our 10 week appointment after we hear the heartbeat.  Probably when we get into the second trimester.  My mother will be told last.  She has been reminding me the last 10 years that I'm getting old.  If I mc she would blame me and my age so she can be last.
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  • So far just BIL & SIL know. We are telling DH's parents on our trip to FL next week. And everyone else.... Probably around Halloween! 
  • I told my boss for safety reasons (I work with dangerous chemicals) and couldn't keep it from my best friend - she read it on my face the second I walked into work lol. H told his mom, and I sighed because it's a bit early... She insisted 'she had a feeling!' lol We're sceptical about that, but it's nice she's excited as ever.
    So a week later I told my parents, so they wouldn't be out of the loop. Waiting until ultrasound at least for the rest of the world.
  • I just found out myself yesterday morning!! I told my husband and that's about it. With my first LO, we waited until after the 1st tri, but this time, I have a feeling it'll be a little bit sooner. We plan to tell our parents next weekend as they are all coming over to celebrate my birthday. I bought my LO a shirt to wear that says World's Best Sister to see if they notice! Can't wait!
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  • My announcement plan is to announce after the first ballsy person asks if I am pregnant. Right now aside from the OB/midwife office only DH and I know. I probably will tell my kids pretty late in the pregnancy just because at 3 and 1 I don't think the will really understand. 
  • So far only my DH and my regular baristas (due to my decaf order). Before my MC in June, I'd told a handful of friends and it was hard to untell them.  I hadn't told our parents or siblings yet and then had to tell them I had a MC anyway and that was hard too.  So I'll probably tell the parents, inlaws, siblings, and select friends after my appt at 6 wks. I'll likely tell my boss at 8wks unless it becomes obvious earlier. No one else gets to know until 2nd tri.

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  • Besides my husband, we told my sister in law, who is 8 weeks pregnant, just so I'll have someone to talk to. Ideally I'd like to wait til halloween, which will be the end of my first trimester. My Dr appointment is Sept 26. My husband wants to share after the appointment. I still want to wait. Let's see who will won this, the excited husband or hormonal pregnant wife :p hahaha
  • With our first, I was ready to scream it from the rooftops. We told our family at Christmas, when I was about 8 weeks along. I'm not sure why, but this time I really want to keep our little family secret for as long as possible. I'm definitely not telling my boss until I'm noticeably showing. Management make decisions about raises and bonuses towards the end of the year, and I don't want to give them a reason to decide I don't get one!

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  • I have told my sister and my best friend. We will likely wait until after my early ultrasound to tell parents. 12 weeks to tell immediate family members and likely around 14-16 to tell everyone else. That is what I did with my first pregnancy. I had a miscarriage prior to having my daughter and it still haunts me so I am very nervous about telling people too early. 

  • With my first two, (both July babies) we told our families around or just before  Christmas. I think that would have been about 10-12 weeks or so? I can't remember how far along I was exactly. 
    This time around... I'm nervous to tell. They were all thrilled about two, but... My parents have made it clear they don't think we should have more. They are currently mad at DH and I for getting a puppy this summer. I'm honestly not sure their reasoning... (I grew up in a family of three and we always had dogs!) 
    Sure, the life we have chosen isn't the easy one. But... It's our circus, our monkeys, and we love where life has brought us. 
    Bottom line... We will wait to tell anyone as long as possible this time. 
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  • @ChristinaWild I am thinking exactly the same when it comes to work, raises will be coming around mid November and I want to hold the news until then. I will be around 16 weeks, so we will see if its possible :). We are thinking to tell our parents around 9 weeks after the first ultrasound.
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  • Thanksgiving is our plan too! As long as I'm not showing too much. I think it will be so fun as everyone goes around saying what they are thankful for to announce it then. Hopefully I can keep it a secret for that long! :)
  • We are both people who talk to our parents often - every day or at least several days per week. We are hoping to make it two more weeks before telling them but I'm not sure how easy that will be. I typically have a drink or two whenever we're all together or if we go out for dinner. We are having dinner Wednesday with my parents for DHs birthday so I'll have to be creative.

    Close friends we will probably tell over the next month as we see them or as we need to.

    I know my work will end up finding out sooner than I'd like, as I'm an ICU nurse so there are always a couple patients who I can't take care of. 

    Id like to wait until Christmas before we make a big Facebook announcement of anything. I'm not 100% sure I'll do a FB announcement but I have so many extended family members that live all over - that's too many phone calls for me!
  • Trying to keep it a secret from most of my coworkers .. But a few have already guessed. we have told a selective amt of close friends and our parents and siblings. We had a miscarrisge may 2 at 10 wks so im trying to wait till after the first trimester ... But its soo far away. I just pray we get our rainbow baby. Im 5 wks .. So many more weeks to go. I have my first confirmation appt monday .. And going to beg for an early ultrasound. I dont know if 5 weeks is too early to see anything but ill come back next week ... I just want to know there is a baby really there ... And I want to know it's going ok. Im driving my self crazy. 
  • @geoffandjen728 i want a puppy so badly! Lol

    Back to the subject: we've hardly told anyone yet, my husband told his boss so they could plan the activities for May in advance and a friend who just had twins. I told my first person yesterday: a colleague who is also my friend who is due in October. I just needed to talk to somebody about it and we're both new to the US so it was another reason why i wanted to talk to her in particular. 
  • I'm 4+4, and we just told my parents and brother earlier this week. We're all on a trip together, and it would just be too obvious anyways with me passing on wine for two weeks in Italy. We're going to tell his parents when we get back, so both our immediate families will know. I also told one of my good friends right away, cause I needed a girl to talk to. :) For everyone else, we're going to wait until the first trimester is over and probably tell people as it comes up. No big announcement or facebook post...I'm just pretty private. For family, we may even wait until December when we're all together for Christmas.
  • I just found out yesterday and I told DH last night when he got home from work. I would like to wait until at least mid to late October to tell our parents and my brother but I am sure by then they all will have figured it out since we see them both often. We will probably tell close friends after our first appointment or early November but will wait until Thanksgiving to tell the rest of our families.
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  • I've told my coworkers due to things in our office that I can't be exposed to now. I've also told the few friends that knew about my m/c. I'm terrified to tell anyone else at this point. I'm probably going to wait until Christmas before I spill the beans to anyone else unless I start showing before then. 
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  • Everyone basically found out the second the test turned positive. My DH LOVES being a daddy. He gets so excited and can't wait to tell everyone he knows. He posted a FB status with just a baby bottle emoji. Most people caught on quickly. Then my phone started blowing up and I got annoyed after a couple days. So I gave in and posted myself.
  • With our first, we didn't tell anyone until I was 4 1/2 months. Our parents were pretty annoyed that we kept it from them for that long. I found out Friday and told my co-worker who is also pregnant so that I have someone to talk to. I told my mom Saturday, and MH's parents, two aunts, and a cousin yesterday. We are telling our sisters tonight and the rest of the world around Thanksgiving.
  • I think we will tell our families at thanksgiving (Canadian Thanksgiving, first weekend in October) I will be 10 weeks and will have hopefully heard the heart beat the Friday before. 

    We won't announce to everyone else until the end of the first trimester. 
  • I'm struggling with this question right now.  With DS we told my family very early because we were on a trip with my SIL when I was five weeks and we figured we couldn't hide me not drinking for a week in Europe.  After telling her we figured we might as well tell my ILs and my family.  We told close friends after the first trimester was over, and posted on social media at 20 weeks.

    For this baby, I feel like people are eyeing me sideways already just waiting for me to get KU again because DS will be 2 in November and I guess its just time for a second according to the world.  I'd like to avoid telling non-family until the end of the first tri, but I have a couple of big events coming up where there will be drinking and I'm not sure how to get out of it.  In particular, next weekend I have staff retreat for work and I know we're going to be drinking so I'm not sure how I'll hide it.  I really don't want my whole team to know just yet but I have a feeling someone is going to say something if I don't order a drink at lunch :neutral:.
  • We haven't told anyone yet, but I'm only 4w 5d right now.  I have my first appt in mid-October.  We might have to tell my in-laws by then because we'll probably need MIL to watch DS for us during that time and she'll be suspicious if we go somewhere together in the morning on a weekday.  I don't really want to have to be sneaky about either.  But then again, she'll go and tell anyone she knows after that probably and I don't want all her neighbors and other family members to know that early.  I'd rather wait until maybe Halloween or Thanksgiving to do a holiday-style announcement  but that probably won't happen.

    I'm not sure when I'll tell my parents.. probably whenever I see them in person next.  That might be soon because it's been a while since they've been up to visit DS (they live several hours away).  My mom has some mental health issues though and refuses to get help, so to be honest I try to avoid interacting with them much these days.

    Probably tell close friends and other family near the end of 1st tri - which is near Thanksgiving, so I'll probably do something along those lines with them.  I'll do something on facebook after the anatomy scan - but that probably won't be until early Jan.  Bummer, because a Christmas announcement would be fun, but I want to make sure everything's good by then.
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  • We have told our parents, siblings, my boss and very close friends. We are only 5 weeks and 2 days, but we went through IVF and all of those people knew. Our motto was if people asked we didn't want to lie, so everyone who knew what we went through now know that we are pregnant. I figured these would be the people who will be by our side if we miscarry. We have our first ultrasound on 10/6 which would put us at 6 weeks and 5 days at the ultrasound. If there is a heartbeat we will tell the extended family at a Halloween party will have on 10/15. If all is good we plan to tell everyone at that point if we are having one or multiple through my costume. 

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  • I've told my parents, friends, and my boss. I plan to announce to others with a cute photo shoot! My daughters is 14 months so we may do Halloween pics and add an announcement in there.
  • With my first pregnancy I told my best friend, in-laws, and my boss at the time, pretty much immediately. With my last pregnancy we didn't tell anyone until I was 9 weeks and then we only told my mother in law. *TW* I ended up having a MC at 10 weeks. It was a really awful, unexpected, natural miscarriage. It was hard and awkward when my father in law and sister in law came over for support when they weren't told about the pregnancy to begin with. So even though I'm only just over 5 weeks and am terrified of another MC, we've already told people who we might want to lean on should another loss occur. Beyond that, I really don't want to tell anyone until I'm in my second trimester. 
  • I told my three best friends who are like sisters and my mom. We'll wait for everyone else until at least 10 weeks. If something happened,  I don't want my dad to be upset and I don't want to deal with anyone else knowing and having to tell them. We've been there before so I'd like to be cautious. 
  • I can't wait to tell everyone hahha. So far I haven't told a single person in my life besides my SO. My regular Dr and Nurse at the local clinic know (and when I mean local I mean my town has 200 ppl living in it)  and possibly our pharmacist considering she filled my prenatals :p 
    Waiting till about 8 weeks to tell my mom (she's vacationing out of the country right now any way), sister and favorite aunt. Planning a gift box reveal for the ladies in my office so I'm super excited about that too :) not sure if I should wait longer than that for the reveal but I need to tell people I'm just too excited! 
  • Hi @LadyRouge
    I'm totally in the same boat. I can't wait to tell everyone! My SO and doc are the only people who know ... And Everyone Here! It's a crazy feeling, wanting to tell everyone in your life, but knowing you want to wait, and then telling everyone here, who are still pretty much strangers/just aren't quite friends yet!! It seems so backwards, LOL.
  • DH and I are telling everyone around 10-11 weeks which feels forever away even though it's only a few more weeks. My mom is going to be SOOOO excited. I can't wait to tell her and my grandparents. My family as a whole will be pumped.

    I'm actually a little frustrated by my co-workers. I'm 7 weeks today and was feeling really sick this past week at work. It was probably morning sickness paired with exhaustion or a bug, but EVERY SINGLE PERSON asked me if I was pregnant. Rude. Just because I'm a certain age and makes doesn't give you the right to comment on my personal life. They're essentially asking about my sex life which pisses me off. Anyway, the worst part is, now when I admit that I'm pregnant it's not going to be a big celebration or surpass, it's just going to be a bunch of, "oh I knew it!" and "I told you so!" Boo.
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