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  • Yay! @jatwal32 So glad you're here! :)

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  • jatwal128 said:
    Hi ladies! I'm tentatively joining you all here. I got my BFP this morning but had a previous mc in March so I'm fighting back PGAL brain. Hoping I can get in to have my levels taken within the next week! 

    Im 30, H is almost 32. We've been trying for our 1st for 10 months total, 5 since our loss. Hoping I get to hang around for the full 9 months this time!

    EDD is May 17th

    shoutout to @PartiallyDomesticated @sarah0985 @hezzer78 and @hartmich !!

    eta: tag and due date

    TTC1: May 2015
    Primary IF May 2016; Failed HSG; Scheduled Lap Sept. 2016
    BFP: August 22, 2016/EDD: April 29, 2017
    DD: May 1, 2017
    TTC2: June 2019
    CP September 2019
    Lap and repeat HSG scheduled December 2019
    BFP: November 24, 2019/EDD: August 2, 2020
  • Hi everyone! I got my BFP very early- 11dpo and I think I am due on the 5th of May. This will be number 2 for us as we have a little boy who just turned 2 two weeks ago. I hate the first trimester. Literally get anxiety over every pinch or pain  :s
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    Welcome ladies!!!!
  • @mrsrep123 I  remember you from the July 2015 group!! Congrats
  • Hello all!

    I got my BFP on 8/21 with an EDD of 5/6/17! DH and I have an almost 20 month old daughter and just started trying for number two last month. We are super excited!

    Happy to be taking this journey with everyone! Prayers for safe pregnancies. 
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  • cekwvf said:
    Hello all!

    I got my BFP on 8/21 with an EDD of 5/6/17! DH and I have an almost 20 month old daughter and just started trying for number two last month. We are super excited!

    Happy to be taking this journey with everyone! Prayers for safe pregnancies. 
    My little girl is almost 20 months as well :)
  • @BumpAdmin @BumpCaitlin
    Could we sticky this thread please!?
    Baby N-Born:10/29/15
    Our Angel: EDD: 05/11/17. MC at 6 weeks
    Baby #2- EDD: 07/18/17

  • @mrsrep123 I  remember you from the July 2015 group!! Congrats
    @marymoore711 I thought I recognized your name as well. Congrats to you too!

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

  • Hellllllo! Super stoked to be here. BFP on 9/1 and EDD of 5/5 - Cinco de Baby! If all goes well, this will be baby #2 - we have a 14 month old boy. Hope everyone is feeling good.
    RAD born 6/2015 |  mc at 7 weeks 9/2016 | rainbow baby RHD born 9/2017
  • Hello!  I am between 4-5 weeks and this is my first pregnancy.  I got off the pill in June, and I never had a period!  Makes it harder to know exactly how far along I am, but I know that will be cleared up with time.  Right now I am guessing I am due around May 15th.  I got my BFP on 9/1 and it was very early.  I've had 2 blood tests and have my first appointment on Sept 26th!  We are so excited and can't wait for that day to come.  I am 36, and I was so worried it would be a process.  We know so many people struggling.  Feeling very lucky and just hoping it continues to grow!
  • Good Morning Ladies!
    I got my BFP over Labor Day weekend, EDD May 13th!  Baby #3 for us, DD is almost 6 and DS is 3. 
    I am turning 33 on Thursday and DH is 35.  Looking forward to following everyone's journey!
    Me: 33 / DH: 35
    Married: Nov 2006
    DD: Sept 2010
    DS: June 2013
    BFP #3 - EDD 5.13.16
  • Hello :) I'm not sure how long we've been trying this time, I've tried not to stress lol. I have one wonderful daughter who is 14 months (whoa where did the time go?!) We've had two miscarriages, one of which was a MMC and just happened in June. We used clomid to conceive my daughter and after two more rounds of clomid, I just got a BFP on friday evening! I think my due date will be around May 18. I am having my HCG levels checked today and I am very nervous to say the least. 
  • Congratulations to all of us, especially those who have been waiting some time for this!

    My EDD is 5/11/17
    My BFP was 9/2. 

    This is my third pregnancy. My other children are 5 and almost 3. We were on the fence about having a third and remained on said fence for years, but then decided to take the plunge and here we are!

    I am a bump veteran (from 2009!), but couldn't remember my login information and I think it was tied to an e-mail I can no longer access. Oh well! That is why my username is "kat81_v3." If there are any Sept2013 or Dec2010 moms out there (esp Dec2010--I mostly stayed in that group) let me know!

    Though each pregnancy was planned, this one still came as a surprise because we conceived on the first try. The others took three tries each, so I thought this time might take even longer given that we are both a bit older now! This is also the only pregnancy for which I didn't use temp tracking, fertility friend, opks, or anything like that.

    I'm looking forward to "meeting" you here and offering some veteran mom tips if advice is needed. 

    And those of you pregnant with your 4th or more, I am definitely all ears about how to manage being outnumbered! I'm so excited for #3 (and this will definitely be the last!), but also terrified that we'll switch from man-to-man to zone defense. Ack!

    @Cassondra09 -- I think I might even remember your picture from the few times I was on the Sept 13 board! Go us for being pregnant with #3!

  • TW: loss mentioned

    Hi! I am very cautiously excited to join here! I got a very faint line yesterday morning and on/off cramping for the last couple days. I was very active on the S14 board (and still am in a private group!). I started to participate in the J17 board but unfortunately did not make it to 6 weeks. Hopefully this one will stick and I'll be here for all 9 months and developing lifelong friendships with some of you here.  =)

    Oh and EDD based on ovulation date is May 19. So that makes me only 3 weeks and 4 days as of today. 

  • We were going to start trying in the fall for another baby but mother nature had different plans for us. Got our BFP September 1st and I used to be on TB a lot before all the big changes with the moderators and everything.  I tried to follow May 2015 moms to the new place they start posting but I didn't care for it and then I didn't know anyone that was left on the original board on TB.  Our EDD is May 12, two days before my 15 month old turns 2!
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    #1 DS Tanner Ray 10/13/1998
    #2 Natural M/C 03/2014
    #3 DS Beckett Jameson 05/14/2015
    #4 EDD 05/12/2017
  • ***TW/ Loss mentioned***

    Well looks like I am joining yet another BMB!  We have had an eventful summer with a failed FET, a surprise BFP the month following that ended in our 3rd loss, and now a Labor Day BFP!  I had my first beta that came back at 86 and the nurse was happy with that since I am only 3 wks 3 days.  I am considered high risk (See Siggy for the long list).  My EDD would be May 20th and this will be baby #3, my twins are 20 months.  I was very active on my last BMB (Feb 15) before the exodus.

    ~~~~~~~~~Siggy Warning~~~~~~~~

    Me~28 DH~27 

     6-12-2010  Miscarriage. 
    3-16-2012 D&C/Miscarriage.
     Blocked Left Tube. 
    Diminished Ovarian Reserve   
    MFI - Sperm Morphology 2%.  
     Abnormal Antiphospholipid Antibodies
    April 2013 ~  1st IUI attempt - 100 mg Clomid- Canceled
    May 2013  ~ 2nd IUI attempt -100 mg Clomid- Canceled
    June 2013 ~ 3rd IUI attempt - 100 mg Clomid+ Trigger+ Progesterone~BFN
     IVF/ICSI #1 May 2014 ~ Freeze All ~ Due to OHSS
     5/1/2014 ~ 22 retrieved, 12 fertilized, 3 frozen
    5/28/2014 ~ FET#1 ~ Transferred 2 Hatching Blasts
      6/1/2014~ **BFP**
    6/9/2014 Beta #1 ~ 1022
    6/12/2014 Beta #2 ~ 3099
    6/16/2014 Beta #3 ~ >5000
    6/19/2014 First U/S ~ TWINS!!!  
    1/7/2015 Twins born @ 34 weeks

    image image Image and video hosting by TinyPic

  • *lurking from F'17*

    @NotAPlaya-JustCrushAlot So happy you see your announcement! Congrats!
    Rainbow baby Dean is due 2/17/17!
  • @WinchesterGirl Thank you! I'm cautiously optimistic. 

    May17 Siggy Challenge
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    Someone on this thread, but now I can't find who, suggested making this post sticky. A really cool thing that someone did on my first BMB was to make a public spreadsheet* that contained each username, EDD, "team" (blue, pink, green), and eventually birthday (plus an addendum in the team green people to a finalized sex for the baby.) Baby names were also included for people who wished to do that. This was a really great way to keep track of people, especially as the births started happening and we're cheering the almost-due and overdue people along.

    *I don't remember if it was a google doc, something on a different website/server, or something through thebump. I think it was something she set up on a separate website, like a blog hosting service.

    Oh and by "public" I mean public just to us, not to the world.
  • Hi, everyone! This will baby #2 for our family and we're thrilled! Our son is 13 months old, and I can't wait for him to be a big brother! 

    BFP on August 25
    EDD May 4

    @ChristinaWild My LO is also 13 months old! Congrats!

    DS1 7/24/15

    DS2 5/7/17

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    Hi ladies
    i got my bfp yesterday 9/6. Was going to wait until after work to see if af came but decided to test because of a temp spike. It was also my first day back to work/school. What a way to start off the new year !!

    this is our first and we are very cautiously excited.  Hoping little zygote sticks. This was our fourth month trying 

    missed the doctors office calling yesterday. I am calling this morning to schedule an appointment. 

    Cant wait to to meet you ladies. 

    According to ff app my edd is 5/15.  According to edd is 5/17

    edit for edd 
    Me: 36  DH:35
    Married: 7/10/2016
    TTC#1 - May 2016
    BFP 9/6/2016 - Missed MC 10/20/2016  
    BFP 5/5/2017  - CP
    IVF #1 - June 2017  - Transferred 1 fresh 4 AA embryo.  7/9 Beta #1 - 161 
    <3 Adam <3 Born on 3/18/18

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    @kat81_v3 I was wondering about the spreadsheet too! I may start one later while DD naps if I can stay awake.

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