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2nd Trimester

Guys. I am IN LOVE

with my squatty potty. It has seriously helped my constipation so much. It was weird at first but definitely helps the more I've used it.  I highly recommend it! Two good poops two days in a row, which hasn't happened for MONTHS. Search on Amazon for them!

Re: Guys. I am IN LOVE

  • Squatty potty ftw!!! We got ours at bed bath and beyond. Unfortunately we didn't get ours until halfway through 3rd trimester though. SP and colace were my bffs.

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  • hb7hb7 member
    I just went out and bought one. It does work, though I am still constipated. The nurse had recommended warm prune juice which was doing nothing. The squatty potty is worth the money, though if you are really constipated it will still take time and focus to go.
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  • hb7hb7 member
    I should also mention that I brought this to my parents house to use.  They have a 40 year old house with older (lower) toilets and with those I felt the product did not work as well. Newer toilets are taller to comply with ada standards. So if you have an older low toilet it may not be worth purchasing. Thanks to the original poster for mentioning this product. I am very glad I bought it.
  • IT should probably be sold in all maternity stores! So glad to have ours!

  • We actually bought ours pre pregnancy to help my daughter steady herself when learning to use the big toilet.. but I love it.. And it gives me a place to sit while I puke!
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  • Not to be MacGyver over here or anything, but you don't have to have the legit "squatty potty". I use boxes, the small trash cans, really anything that I don't care if it's on the floor and it's the right height. 
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  • I feel like an idiot. I've been constipated throughout the pregnancy. We've had a squatty potty in my bathroom for like a year and it never occurred to me to try it.   DH loves it.  I just figured if I couldn't go, I couldn't go. 
  • My BMs have been beautiful since I changed to squatting. I don't have a fancy squatty potty, I just squat on the brim of the toilet itself (i'm a pretty small person). Americans have been shitting wrong for a long time. Definitely keep squatting even after LO comes!
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