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The Ultimate TTGP Guide -- Newbies, Read This First!!


Re: The Ultimate TTGP Guide -- Newbies, Read This First!!

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    Ok so I tried to leave a comment in a TTCAL forum under pregnancy, not child loss. Although that is the situation I find myself after three losses I do have a living child. I was asked to edit my post.

    where exactly is it ok to try and connect to people who may be going through a similar situation but I’m also allowed to talk about my DD who brings me joy?

    I want to offend anyone, it seems safer not to post because I don’t quite understand all the TWs and rules 
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    edited October 2018
    I hope I'm not a newbie anymore (although maybe I still am, since I've only been active a few months?) But it felt like this question goes here: anyone know how to search the boards for previous threads if you are on mobile, or is it actually impossible and just another way the app is awful?

    Edited because mobile = autocorrect getting words wrong
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    @spacepiraterunner there is a search box alllll the way at the bottom on mobile. See spoiler 

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    @prpl11butterfly you are the best! Thanks.
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    Thanks for this post! It helps to see the abbreviations!
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    Thanks for this post! It helps to see the abbreviations!
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    Thanks for this post! It helps to see the abbreviations!
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    Hi I’m Amber, I’m new been ttc for a while and I’m looking forward to hopefully making friends and getting advice and opinions and giving it back:)
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    @lovesunshine3212 Welcome to the group!  The best place to introduce yourself is in our weekly newbie intro thread.  This week's can be found here.  :smile:
    Me: 35 | H: 40
    Married Sept. 2013
    DS1: Nov 11, 2016 <3
    MMC: 11/16/18 (9w6d)
    CP: 2/3/19 (5w3d)
    BFP!  8/24/19
    DS2: May 10, 2020 <3

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    Newbie here. Posted this morning and I was told to introduce myself on this forum. 

    Anyways! I’m 25. Husbands 28. We will be married 2 years this fall. 

    Hoping to come off the pill this year. Any suggestions? I currently take: microgestin Fe 
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    Hi @hannahllabrec! Welcome! You actually want to post in this thread.
    Sorry for any confusion in the redirection you received today. You’ll get used to navigating your way around soon enough. Looking forward to interacting with you! 
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    Hi! New to the whole message board thing so I’m still trying to figure out where I post. Looks like I start here with an introduction. 

    My husband and I just started TTC in May. I’m 36 and he’s 38, so age has been stressing me out!

    looking for some support, advice and guidance from others. Hope to make some new friends :)
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    Hello my name Is Megan 32 I have 1 adopted son named Hunter and i am currently ttc I have been on this board for 9 years.
    Jonathan Hunter (Adopted)
    TTC #1

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    hey there, this is a big problem for all ladies to how to deal with this problem, I just got a new 2020 book which is helping many ladies to go through it easily, it helped many ladies to feel really good and especially stay healthy at this time as the main motive at this time is to only remain fit and healthy so that will be a good and normal delivery. 
    so, just go for this book, hope this will help all
    stay safe stay healthy. 

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    @BumpAdmin, can you close this thread to comments? It’s getting spammy. 
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    annae100 said:
    Hi girls, I found an amazing and fascinating book online that explains specifics and demonstrates how to keep fit and balanced weight during pregnancy. I and 2 other pregnant friends bought it and I have been losing a pound and a half for a week and I am able to keep fit during Corona. I add a link to buy the booklet, highly recommends, Anna

    QFP without link. Stop spamming the board please. Not interested in your magic book.
    TTC History- *TW* LC
    Me: 24 Dh: 46
    Married: 10.2018
    DS #1: 06.2014
    Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG), Emergency C-Section
    MC: 03.2017- 5 Weeks
    Rainbow DS #2: 07.2018
    HG, 19w Fetal Surgery, 24w PPROM, 33w Placental Abruption, Partial Uterine Rupture, Emergency C-Section
    NICU, Chronic Kidney Disease
    TTC #3: Medically Cleared 12.5.2019, had a bunch of problems and wonky cycles
    BFP 10.13.2020 EDD: 6.26.2021

    October 2020 TTGP Signature Challenge: Pets in Costumes

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