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  • @AmMcc12 My nurse recommended I start drinking two cups a day as of the beginning of my second trimester... I haven't started yet. Mostly because I just keep forgetting to pick it up.

    All bodies are different so the benefits of the tea may or may not do anything for you. Americanpregnancy.org maintains that the tea is "rich in iron (which is a benefit most of us could use) and may help tone the uterus, assist in milk production, decrease nausea, and ease labor pains."

    I plan on starting to drink it now that I'm in my 3rd trimester, especially since my iron counts were low during my last blood screen.

    Also, I think you have to imbibe the tea during labor for it to help "ease labor pains" and since most places won't let you drink anything but water, I don' see how this would help, but the other stuff sounds good!
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  • kosmo86 said:
    @RG1 - yep sex is uncomfortable right now! Our normal positions just don't work the same. We use a lot of foreplay so I don't have to move as much!!

    My random- I cannot stop working on things. I had goals to get done today and I finished them and then I just keep trying to find the next thing to do. I am the worst at relaxing!!
    I'm the same way- I want to do a zillion things, I make all these plans, and then I feel so exhausted afterwards and it throws me off for a day or two. I suck at just sitting still. Today we rearranged the apartment to set up the crib and pack and play, and I'm sitting here tonight bored out of my mind. DH is like "Seriously?? What else could you want to do??"

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  • Happy 4th ladies!

    @RG1 That totally stinks- I made SH take down every jogger and I tried folding and unfolding each one for that reason. I have no patience as it is, so having to struggle too much makes me nuts. I went with the Graco jogger that was easiest for me to fold and open, and it stands up on its own when folded. The others kept tipping and falling, made me crazy. Ours is still fairly big and heavy when folded, but it seemed more compact to me than the Babytrend- I was between the Babytrend and the Graco. Hopefully they let you return it ;) Definitely play with the ones they have there and see which ones are easy for you to fold and unfold- it's worth it!

    @Megan324 Girl I feel your pain. I went with DH to visit his father in Brooklyn, and I ended up sweating to badly in Century 21 that it looked like I peed myself and I was mortified. DH swore he couldn't even tell, but I'm pretty sure it was obvious. Luckily it dried up quickly enough, but still- UGH! So great that the store let you change into a fresh pair!

    @blondie080300 AH! So glad I'm not the only one doing a whole lot of nothing today. Well, we did rearrange furniture in the apartment and set up the crib and pack and play, so that's not nothing. And DH had MIL over (much to my dismay), so we have been couch potatoes all afternoon and night. At first I was bored and resistant, but now I feel like it was the right choice :) I do miss the 4th of July BBQ food though- what I wouldn't do for potato salad, grilled corn on the cob and a hot dog (or three lol).

    Crankiness- OMG I was the WORST on Saturday. I was so cranky and things kept going wrong (both my interns called out so I was solo at the museum while we were open- meaning I'm stuck at the reception desk all day, phone and internet there were both out so I couldn't even go online, I have terrible service there without wifi too, I forgot my utensils at home for my lunch, and DH dropped the bomb on me that he invited MIL for the day today). I was so angry and frustrated I was in tears, it was ridiculous!

    Sex- I can't get DH into it :( He's been totally disinterested, despite my best efforts (even giving him a wonderful wake-up in the morning, if you catch my drift). Looks like I won't even get the chance to try awkward third tri positions and probably won't get any damned sex until after the baby's here and I'm healed up. *sigh* Anyone else's partners just not into it?

    Fireworks- UGH yes. If they had adequate bathrooms near the places the fireworks were, I'd be there. I love fireworks. BUT they need to be over by 10, 11 pm the latest. Last night I must have woken up 4 times between midnight and 1 a.m. to some dumb ass's super loud fireworks.

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  • I suspect my husband is totally turned off by the pregnancy.  There's been none of the usual come on since about week 10.  The times we have had sex have been initiated by me.  Disappointing, but whatever.  
  • Also, I'm 28 weeks which means some of you are past 30!! That freaks me out.  Today I realized I needed to have emergency contact numbers for my husband in case labor did happen and he's somewhere he can't have his phone. 

    Also, I didn't realize you start drinking raspberry leaf tea this early, I thought it was something to induce labor.  Can you sweeten it and does it taste good?
  • @frogdog06, I'd just steam them.  I do t was curtains until it's needed, and then just on delicate and low tumble after an air dry.
  • Went to my MIL's house for the 4th.  She's been commenting on how I'm "still nice and high" every time she's seen me for the past few weeks, including tonight.

    Today, right before we walked out the door (4 or so hours later) she started insisting that I'd dropped while I was there.  Getting agitated and arguing with me.  Wouldn't take no for an answer or accept my explanation that I always carry a little lower in the evenings and that since there's two babies, I can look higher or lower depending on how Baby B is sitting.

    Now I'm sitting here freaking out that maybe I have dropped.  SIL has told the story a million times about how all her friends told her she dropped right before she went into premature labor at 33 weeks and delivered my oldest nephew and how she didn't believe them, so it's a fear of mine.

    I don't think I actually have (looks and feels pretty typical for how my bump is in the evenings as far as I can tell), but she freaked me out and now I'm upset.  Thanks, MIL. :frowning:
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    ● FET #2 (1 transferred): BFP!  BOY #3!

  • @MojieJo I can't say for sure because DD never dropped until I was 100 % dilated and effaced, but, from what ive
    heard from my friends complaints is that you'll feel when they've dropped because you'll feel like a head is hanging out when you walk. They all
    complained that there was a lot of pressure. Don't worry about it, you know your normal, she's just being annoying.
  • PSUBecky23PSUBecky23 member
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    @AmMcc12 @themaritimemama
    I drank it on the recommendation from my Bradley Method teacher. It's supposed to help prepare you for labor by toning your uterus which in turn is supposed to make labor shorter and less painful. My evidence is purely anecdotal - I had a great L&D that was only about eight hours. But I've heard other good anecdotal evidence as well. I figure it can't hurt.

    It's not the tastiest tea. Definitely has a leafy taste. It's ok to sweeten it. I usually make a pitcher, ice it and add honey.

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  • I had a good time with my family.  They were all super nice to my fiancé and really made him feel welcome.
    My stomach probably got rubbed 10 thousand times but when it's people I know I generally don't mind.

    But today I woke up and I feel like I have a cold! I think my body didn't get the memo that's it's July
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  • Thank you ladies or the info on RRL tea. I'll ask my doctor about it on Friday. 
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  • seitzy3seitzy3 member
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    Not gonna lie, I officially hate the Fourth of July holiday since having kids and I'm so happy it's over. Not fun for our family when your kids are downright terrified of fireworks. I have not watched a fireworks show in three years and counting. I say this every year, but we will try again next year. 

    In other news, I just realized I will
    only see DH for 2.5 weeks from July 7 (this Thursday) to August 29. Mind you my DD is 9/1 with a history of giving birth at 38-39 weeks with my two other girls.  What the actual f$ck. I took a harder look at his schedule and almost died. I am 100 percent convinced I'm going to have this baby without him. 

    sorry to start of the Tuesday with such a bad tude and use the randoms thread as my bitchfest. But come on! The thought of acting like a single mom while 8 and 9 months pregnant has me terrified! 

    Edit bc spelling is hard when you're having a breakdown

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  • @seitzy3 that does sound really stressful, I can't imagine how you feel! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for baby to stay put until after 8/29. 
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  • @AmMcc12 @Themaritimemama @[email protected] I am drinking it, because I love tea and I think it might help? I figure if it helps with iron that's a bonus, even on lots-o-supplement my iron is low. And if it helps with delivery, great. As long as it doesn't hurt anything, gimme dat snake oil. 

    @SarahDarah333 my spouse is also just not into it right now. If I even run up the stairs or dance around he tells me to stop shaking up the baby (in jest, I think). It's going to be a long lonely road to 4-6 weeks past delivery, lol. 
  • @seitzy3 yuck!! Is there anyone close to you that you can have on call to go with you? I know it's totally not the same as having your husband there, but maybe it will help you feel better to know you have a set plan? Fingers crossed he's able to be there! 
  • @seitzy3 - you ARE a rockstar!  My husband doesn't travel for work like yours does, but our work schedules are very different - we will probably have 6 or 7 days off in common throughout July and August (if we're lucky) out of my 3 days off that I have every week.. the thought of 20 of those days being just me is a little daunting, let alone the bulk of 2 months!  But you've also totally got this.. the girls will be content with a little extra indoor quiet play time, some TV and movies and arts and crafts. Don't overdo it chasing them around if you can help it!  Any indoor toddler gyms that you can get to that only require minimal supervision?  Pretty sure Emmett and I will be at ours daily come August.
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  • @seitzy3 do you have anyone to help? Even just a babysitter for a couple hours here or there. FX your H makes it to your delivery.
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  • Hope everyone had a great 4th! We got rained out on our Sunday plans, but had a really nice 4th of July.

    I didn't drink raspberry leaf tea my last pregnancy, but thought I'd give it a shot this time. I was planning on waiting to start drinking it at 34-36 weeks. I'm seeing now this may be later than recommended?

    @Thscary I don't really think lighting your own fireworks is bad. It was a heat of the moment rant. Haha. Last night, I enjoyed seeing all the fireworks people were lighting off themselves on our way home from watching the city's fireworks.

  • @LakeR2014 oh yay!!!! That's awesome :) 
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  • Note to self: Do not go camping for the weekend 7 months pregnant!!! I am a zombie today!!!
  • Thanks @JennM205 that's so sweet. I may have to schedule an induction date. He is supposed to be in Nicaragua around 39 weeks but not sure if he is even playing so I am praying they will let him stay home. Not ideal to induce but i will consider it to have him be there. 

    @MrsVoorhees I do have some close friends here that I will definitely call. well honestly, only one or two that I would want to be with me (that don't have kids). 

    i think I am mostly worried about how I'm physically going to handle it. I mean the last two months of pregnancy is no walk in the park on your body. I can hardly handle it when he is gone for a week. Just hoping it all works out for the best 

    DD #1 3/26/13
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  • @seitzy3 I don't have any advice that hasn't been mentioned, but I am sorry, and hope this LO decides to stay in until after 8/29. 

  • @UnwritteN12 Boston Market sounds so good right now
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  • @seitzy3 Inducing sounds like a great option.  Not ideal in many scenarios but I think yours is a definite exception.  I really hope his team allows him to forego Nicaragua (and that they can decide that soon so you can have your plan in place asap for ease of mind!)
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  • abbersonabberson member
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    Ditto on loving the fourth but feeling like a trainwreck today. We visited my parents in Louisiana and DD cried on the way to the airport because she wanted to stay to play with her cousins. I wish we weren't so far away :/

    @jhems776 Congrats on getting the move done! Hope you guys get settled in quickly.

    @seitzy3 Fx that your H is in town for your l&d! Being 8mo pregnant is no cakewalk in general, much less chasing after other little ones. Hope you can talk to them about taking it easy on their mama. DD has been somewhat (well, just a tiny bit) responsive to our conversations about how mommy is a little slower lately... 
  • @Sbrown721 - ANNOYINGGG!  I overheard my MIL telling people at the Baby-Q "Yes, still 2 ENTIRE MONTHS to go!  And let's remember Emmett was 2 weeks LATE, but we're all hoping this one shows up ON TIME!"

    ... shut your mouth, MIL. First of all, time is flying and I'm loving life/pregnancy and yes, 2 months to go. Throwing the word "entire" in there is unnecessary, get out of my way and we'll let you know when he's here.  Also, Emmett came 10 days after his estimated due date.. he was not "late" he was just right. I have never voiced to her that I want this one coming sooner than that (of course I wouldn't MIND the baby coming on his EDD.. but know it's estimated). SHE DRIVES ME INSANE!

    Also.. I was moving a chair before the BabyQ and didn't hear the pattering of tiny feet, and put it right in the way of Emmett, causing him to cry (luckily he was spooked, not hurt).  I swooped him up and brought him into another room to make sure he was ok. She was RIGHT over my shoulder putting her arms out trying to get him to go to her saying "WHAT HAPPENED?!?!  COME TO SAVTAH!" (what she calls herself). I had to snap at her and tell her that we were all set and to please leave us alone. UGHHH. I hate her.
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