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Sister stealing the show


Re: Sister stealing the show

  • Yes you are.. you should be happy for her, not be mad for "stealing the show""
  • Wow-  yea you are being completely self centered.  She doesn't have to plan her family aroud "you're moment"  YIKES

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  • 1.5 and not potty trained? Damn. At 1.5, I was solving differential equations and drawing topographical maps of Western Europe! Catch up, kid!
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  • @bumpadmin can you close this?

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  • Just saying my sister is also pregnant, only 2 weeks behind me and I'm happy for her, my parents are just as excited for me as they are her, people get pregnant everyday honey you aren't special! 

    And saying this my cousin was born the same day as me, who cares.
  • Ya know, my sister found out she was pregnant same time as me. She's due a week before. I was so excited for her! 
    3 weeks later she lost the baby. I feel horrible that she lost the baby, and i still have mine.. each baby is a blessing. Be happy for your sister.
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  • Wow, I thought some of those special bridezilla's out there were crazy for being upset if a bride's maid dared to not put her life on hold and keep from getting pregnant for a year, or getting engaged herself... but this sort of takes the cake.

    Asking someone to put their life on hold so you can be the center of attention for the next nine months is insane... and this post can not be real... I hope it's not real.

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