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Cradle cap

Has anyone got any advice for getting rid of cradle cap? I got rid of it a few weeks ago by washing LO's hair with water, then brushing with a baby brush, but it's back worse than before! Thanks! 

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  • Lurker from March 16 here. I washed my sons head every night with baby shampoo, scrubbing it in with a baby wash cloth. Then towel dried it after. His cradle cap cleared up real quick and hasn't made a return yet! 
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    Lurker from Jan16...coconut oil worked great! DD had a very very mild case only on the top of her head. I took a cotton ball and dipped it in coconut oil and rubbed it on her head. I let it set for 20 minutes and then gave her a bath. I did wash her head with baby shampoo and used a baby brush (the one the gave me at the hospital), and it has not been back since!

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  • Selsun blue twice a week. But be careful not to get it in babies eyes.  
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  • I also had success with coconut oil.  I rubbed it on his head and let it sit for 15 ish minutes - I read to let it soak in for 30-60 minutes but I got impatient and tired of his oily head touching my clothes, lol.  
     Then I took the baby comb they gave me At the hospital and and just combed his scalp- it started coming off very easily! It was kind of gross but very satisfying to get it off!
  • Coconut oil and THIS!

    I thought it was a waste of money at first.. Walked by it several different trips before buying it. Works like a charm and so glad I got it. 



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  • smn14smn14
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    Thanks guys, will try the oil and comb trick :-) 
  • Good call. The coconut oil thing worked for us too. Followed by a shampoo in the bath to keep him from staying oily, of course. He still has a little bit left on his head, but whatever. It's 100% out of his eyebrows. 
  • I've had a lot of success with the Honest Company Healing Balm. I just put a little on his head before bed and by morning it's gone.
  • Anyone else suspect the cradle cap is itchy for their lo? Lately he has been scratching his head (and leaving little marks with his fingernails no matter how much I cut them!) and rubbing his head back and forth on the ground when he is on the floor.   I mentioned it to my doctor at his 4 month check up and she said to put 1% cortisone cream on his scalp... I'm a little nervous about doing that, But I wonder if the coconut oil I used is irritating it? 
  • 2-Step2-Step
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    My DS was itching his head too, and scratching himself up. I used some aquaphor ointment all over his head and just left it alone for a few days and it finally cleared up. I've also heard the mustela newborn shampoo works wonders but haven't tried it. 

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    Whenever The Cap tries to make a comeback, I rub a little Burt's Baby Bee lotion on his head after a bath, then brush it through his (barely there!) hair. Works just fine. 
  • My sons hair hides his cradle cap, but I keep telling myself I need to put something on it to help it go away. Debating on the honest company balm, mustella shampoo, or baby oil. I guess I'll start with what I have on hand, which is baby oil, and try that. 
  • My first had a pretty large patch so we did oil on her head and after a few times it cleared up. This one only had a little.  We used Mustela and it seemed to work after the first use.  We also continued using it as her regular shampoo.

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  • klbhklbh
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    I just got my son's off using Waxelene (non-petroleum Vaseline alternative). I rubbed it in, let it sit for a bit, and them combed it off with a fine comb. His hair is still a little sticky (that stuff is hard to rinse off), but no more cradle cap. We'll see if it reappears. 
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