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    I have been fighting with my SO a lot lately and I'm so tired of it. I sincerely hope it's just hormones and/or end-of-pregnancy stress.
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  • I had my Strep B swap test today ... she told me last week it would be a vaginal swab. No big deal whatever. So when she got down there today she decided to take the vaginal swab and go for a quick rectal one too. Not expecting it I kinda jumped lol. Tell a Homie before just jamming something up there ... 
  • First glider we got (cheap from Craigslist) squeaked super loud so we bought a new one.  New one was put together this weekend and makes a loud clicking noise.  Not even sure what our next step will be.
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  • @AshGee18 I know, right?! My doc did the same thing to me last week! I didn't jump because I was sort of expecting it based on hearsay, but sheesh, they could warn us!
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  • @LadyFleck I saw those and kinda just assumed that that lady was posting some type of advertisement for a monitor? Only bc she was commenting on threads that were talking about monitors. 
  • My bitch is that I'm defending my dissertation tomorrow.  :(:s:'(:#
    Eek! Good luck!! You have got this. Remember, your mentor would not allow you to defend if he/she did not think you were ready! 
  • Thanks, Ladies!! I'm trying not to stress out being pregnant as hell and all but I will definitely be glad when it's over. 
  • @Kellyj103 I never consistently followed this board until a couple months ago and then I just started feeling weird that I was visiting so often and not contributing. I DO think it seems weird that 5 or 6 other people jumped out of lurking at the same time I did. I promise I'm not here to stir up any shit!  :)
  • I second what @brandiK said lol not here to stir the shit pot. 
  • @Kellyj103 oh for sure! I noticed a couple people popped in then peaced out pretty quickly. But I agree, the people who have had accounts for over a year and then start the random call out threads are pretty suspect. 
  • Babies R Us. I am thankful they've generously taken other competitors coupons and price matched which has saved us quite a bit! For the heck of it I called to ask how the 10% gift card back on all purchases works and when I should receive it. The lady proceeded to tell me my gift card would be for $88. $88?!?! My husband and I have spent well over $880 just off what we've bought. Good try, BRU!! She seemed confused as to how to even go about correcting it so she opened a case. Good thing I'm on maternity leave and have nothing better to do than follow up with these dumb dumbs every few days!! I would have been so irritated if I got a gift card for $88!
  • schaze said:
    @Heathereaddy good luck!!
  • setoshsetosh member
    @agradi only 4 people rsvp'd to my shower and over 30 people came.. some people that I didn't even invite!! I'm not sure if people think it's old fashioned to rsvp but it was annoying because we had no idea how much food we needed. 
  • My dog hurt his back Saturday and woke up paralyzed yesterday.  Just got out of emergency surgery with a 50/50 shot at functional recovery :(
    I feel so terrible for him; he cried all night last night, even with pain meds, and my fat ass can't pick him up and move him around like he needs. 
    And obviously this is less important, but with new baby, new house, me out of work for three months, and a move halfway across the country all happening next month the financial hit is pretty rough. 
    I wish I could have a giant beer.
  • @Heathereaddy good luck, girl!!! Keep us posted on how it goes tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do great!
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  • @mnkenned sorry about your poor doggy ): I'm with ya on the beer! 
  • Kellyj103 said:
    @Heathereaddy good luck, girl!!! Keep us posted on how it goes tomorrow! I'm sure you'll do great!
    Thanks! I'm pretty sure I have 2 out of 4 votes but I'm not sure about the other 2 committee members. I just need 3! I feel ok about it so hopefully it goes well. I'll definitely post an update tomorrow.  :#
  • @mnkenned I am so sorry to hear about your pup. Would he be able to use one of those contraptions that helps them move about with two legs? I'm sure that costs money too tho.

    I hear ya on pet needs. Its devestating seeing them suffer and feeling stuck. We're having to say goodbye to our senior pup this week. If it weren't for the baby I'd probably be crazy enough to try the long shot procedure they told me about. But we just can't take our chances given the cost. Ugh!
  • @mnkenned I hope your dog heals well!  My mom's dog hurt his back pretty severely recently and has been seeing a dog chiropractor, I don't know if it's an option to help him after his surgery buck it has made an insane difference for my mom's dog (the vet was recommending she put him down). Lots of hugs!  It's never easy when our pets aren't well
  • I think I found the best speshul snowflake name:


    It is great. I am ashamed to admit that this is from where I live.

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  • I spent more time trying to pronounce her name than id like to admit before I read the article... wow. 
  • @mnkenned I am so sorry to hear this about your poor pup!! My thoughts are with you guys. Sad pets are the worst. 
  • @Heathereaddy you can do it!! Best of luck to you tomorrow! 
  • @mnkenned I'm so sorry about your dog. I can't even imagine how stressed you are. T&P your way  :/
  • @mnkenned oh poor pup! I hope his surgery goes well! 
  • @Heathereaddy -- good luck!

    @mnkenned - sorry to hear about the pup. glad the surgery went well!
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  • @Heathereaddy Good luck! Hoping to see a celebratory post later!

    @mnkenned Glad your pup's surgery went well and the vet seems optimistic about his recovery! Sure sounds like he's lucky to have you for his owner
  • @Heathereaddy good luck love!

    @mnkenned happy to hear all went well! Sending healing vibes to puppers!  <3
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