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Okay, Ladies... let's hear it.

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  • I can definitely start. Didn't have time to add them this weekend.

    Friday - went to DH's baseball game and came home to discover the dog chewed through the cord to my $2500 vacuum. I was so furious, but all I could do was let him out to go potty and then sit on the floor and cry.

    Saturday - met up with some friends for a baseball game. Found out these friends plan on naming their son the only name DH and I have agreed upon. Her response was, "well they won't see each other that often anyway." We've been team green from the beginning, so I guess we wait and see what happens. DH said, "well we're due first so if we have a boy and go with that name, chances are they'll switch it." Gah, the name game sucks!

    Sunday - I moved all furniture in the living room to sweep and mop. I think I overdid it. I've been uber sore since and even had to take a nap yesterday afternoon.

    Monday - work is my bitch today. I have a lot to crank out by EOD. Wish me luck ladies!
    July BMB 2016 July siggy challenge

  • Ugh it's like day 10 of me being sick with a cold. Such BS! Aren't I uncomfortable enough already? Also, DS has had diarrhea for DAYS.  Daycare keeps giving me crap (no pun intended) about it. I called his doc already, who told me that it may last up to 2 weeks!!! The kid has no other symptoms, is eating and drinking normally, his same old hyperactive self.  I don't have enough PTO time to sit at home with DS for two weeks just because he has loose stools.
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  • @jwittwer Ugh, that's awful about the dog issues. One of ours likes to randomly eat things out of the bathroom trash. Last week, he shit ALL over the house. At least 12 various diarrhea piles. I was so upset. I borrowed the MILs carpet cleaner but it was the last thing I wanted to do. I totally over did it also. I was so sore for a few days after that. They don't make carpet cleaners easy to use when you're taller than 5'8". 

    My complaint today is work. I'm just so over it. I've been contemplating a new job for months now, and now that I'll be interviewing somewhere else next week, every little thing here is starting to annoy me. I really like most of my coworkers, but the environment and schedule is just not something I see myself staying with for very long. I just need a nap. 
  • I feel like I'm back in the first tri I'm so sick I can't do anything without feeling like I'm going to puke or pass out. My chest has been killing me and these BH are driving me insane! 

    On top of it all I'm over sensitive to everything now, husband and I have been fighting and every time I end up crying which I never do. 

    Baby please come out of my belly so I can be somewhat comfortable again.
  • Diarrhea again for the win. Not really. This shit sucks (literally).
  • Yesterday on our way into Starbucks I dropped my phone and shattered my screen. I was doing a good deed carrying my old man dog and lost my grip on the phone. This is the second time I've shattered the screen - both times done while pregnant. Completely sober with no excuse! So one of today's "I'm finally off work and have free time" chores will be sitting at the Apple Store. Whoo. Hoo. 
  • I was hurt this weekend when 2 ladies I work with never RSVP'd to the baby shower my SIL threw for me on Saturday. I didn't want to really know who didn't bother to but it was brought up after when another friend of mine didn't RSVP either and SHOWED UP WITH HER 20 month old daughter! COME ON GUYS!  
    The one girl I work with had other priorities with a wedding in another state but what was so hard for her and the other girl just to call/text a heads up? Of course there is totally a possibility a text possibly didn't go through to my SIL if she didn't call but I'll never know.
    She came in this morning giving me the biggest hug and saying she has a gift for the baby. I don't care about that! Just have consideration for my family & myself is all that I ask. It just felt painful since 9 of us work together in a small office and now it's just awkward but I'm just trying to let it go. ::::le sigh:::: :(
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  • @Jodi1980 I totally get that, two of my aunts didn't RSVP to mine either. I would have totally understood them not coming, they don't live in town, but to not even acknowledge the invitation I think is pretty rude. But what can you do now? 
  • agradiagradi member
    @Jodi1980  We are big on RSVPs in our family as my mother is southern. My shower is Saturday and 4 people have RSVP'd. 25 invites were sent out. I knew 4 of them would be no but they're to hubs family and I wanted them to feel included. So out of 21 invites sent, 4 people have had the decency to RSVP. I just feel terrible because my mom and sisters have put so much time, effort, and money into this and I'm hoping people just suck and just show up. They're planning for 20 people to show, even if they don't RSVP. So I guess that's my bitch too. 
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    @stellaluna14 I used to be the rather spiteful type and would say something in passing or wait for an opportunity when the roles would be reversed and do it back to them but honestly, why am I going to waste time and energy worrying what clearly hasn't been bothering them all along?! 
    A baby is coming in our lives and we are focused on nurturing & caring for them and less having to deal with people's ignorant behavior! That's on them-it just stings! Hope you had a great day regardless!  ;)<3

    @agradi If i lived closer, i'd be there to support you (assuming you live south of PA...lol)! And you know what, it WILL be a special day for you and baby despite other's "no reply". The people that matter are the ones that did that simple task and took 3 minutes out of their busy lives to respond! I hope you have the BEST DAY!

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  • @theshannondee which brings up my other point, unless you lived under a rock, you (your guest that hasn't replied) has been invited AT THE EXPENSE of the host to be seated with food and drink! Most places don't want to hear last minute replies & sob stories of someone either not replying or changing their damn mind 17 times because ultimately, they can care less and want to get paid! Does that ever cross people's minds....probably not! GrRrRrr!
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    every adventure requires a first step- C.C.

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  • I'm with all of you on the RSVP situation, I'm a co-MOH and throwing my friend a shower.  By the requested RSVP date I heard from four people. I have basically been internet stalking for the last week since we have to rent chairs, provide enough food, etc. And I still have 10 people that can't answer an email, Facebook message or text. How hard is it people??
  • @Jodi1980 Guess I'll play devil's advocate and say maybe they come from families that don't RSVP. My MIL's friends who helped throw my shower seemed offended when literally not a single person RSVP'd. My family just doesn't RSVP. I don't, they don't- everyone plays it by ear and there's always a crowd, you just never know who's going to show up. I don't mind and personally prefer being able to decide day-of/ weekend-of wether I'm going to something or not. I know everyone on TB really likes etiquette, but possibly these ladies love you and want to support you and just aren't the etiquette-savvy type.

    My b!tch is stretch marks. They showed up. I'm not a happy camper. Also OW! These little f***ers hurt!
  • All of you with RSVP/people coming to showers problems sound like you must be in my family, too!
    I'm one of the younger cousins in my family but I was at the wedding & baby showers for both of my oldest cousins (they're sisters) (granted, Mom brought me with her but still...). When I got married one tried to get out of it by asking if kids were invited. My mom said of course so she shows up with her daughter and then was obviously upset when her sister wasn't there, too. Baby shower time? Neither one of these cousins bothered to come or even tell my mom that they weren't coming.
  • @PootsDragon - thinking along the lines of preparedness for guest to arrive and for each to have food, drink, seat, etc. and then suddenly have people showing up who didn't say whether or not they were coming, not being able to provide for them just looks bad on both the party and the guest arriving...these parties get expensive! To each his own though! 
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    every adventure requires a first step- C.C.

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  • I can kind of understand the fly by the seat of your pants mentality, I think I'm getting more annoyed because I have been actually asking and still not getting responses 
  • It's hot outside
  • My Dr pulled me from work almost 3 weeks ago. I gave them my STD papers. I got them today. Did they put the bedrest date? Nope.... they put my due date, which is late July....

    So frustrating. 
  • I woke up with terrible nausea, which has returned lately much to my dismay. I figured I should just hurry up and and eat because usually that helps. So my husband offers to take me to my favorite breakfast restaurant and I eat the best waffle in the world. And then I come home and immediately throw it all up. WHHHHYYY. RIP waffle, I miss you already. 

    And it is supposed to be stupid hot again today and I just can't. 

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    Exhaustion almost worse than first tri is hitting me today. I'm trying to get things done around here, and my body just won't let me. I'm drinking so much water and I've already taken a nap and it's just not going away. I really don't think I'll be able to keep my eyes open at work later..

    Also editing because I remembered something else to bitch about :) I live on the ground floor, and our upstairs neighbors have a tendancy to throw their trash over their balcony, and it usually hits our railing before it hits the ground. Then they stomp down the stairs and pick it up. This has happened TWICE already today. I gave the guy a really dirty look when he came around to pick up his sh!t. They also keep dumping water off their porch too, which gets ours super wet. I'm thisclose to complaining to our landlords.
  • I really wanted to go to ikea and get some shit for the nursery, but this stupid "tropical storm" and heavy rain is getting in the way. Usually I wouldn't care (this is nothing compared to a real storm) but MH doesn't want me on the road. Booo.
  • I spent all weekend with my extended family I don't see often telling me how huge I was and then my cousn's wife who is due two weeks before me how tiny she was and I will probably have the baby before her because I'm so much bigger then her. Thanks for making me feel good about myself family.
  • @jwittwer

    I am no expert on vacuums but I bet that a reputable repair place could replace the cord for relatively little money. I've had my share of chewed up things and at least some can be fixed. But that still sucks and is annoying. 
  • @Jodi1980 haha, no, those beasts are secured. The belly, however is fully exposed. The ceiling fan breeze feels AMAZING on my swollen bump. 
  • I feel bad complaining about this because i know what it's like to be on the other side. I had a routine appt with my OB at 2:30 today. They called me at 2 to reschedule because she has a woman in labor at the hospital. That, I can understand. That lady could be me a month from now. But really - only 30 minutes notice?? And DH left work early to come with me so now I feel like an ass wasting his time. 

    Another bish...I was making freezer meals this morning and my ziploc bag full of teriyaki sauce spilled all over the kitchen floor. I cleaned it up but it's still super sticky because I'm not mopping until I'm totally done with all the freezer meals. 

    Blech....just done with today!!
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    I'm happy to be pregnant and carrying a healthy baby girl, but I'm all mopey today because I should be at 4-H Camp having an awesome time with my 4-H'ers, but I'm stuck in the office for the entire week because I have a complete previa and my OB wouldn't allow me to go to camp.  I understand why, and it's for the best, but it still sucks.  I helped drive kids and luggage to camp and stayed for a couple hours to make sure everyone was settled in, but then I had to leave... and I had to hold back tears.  I'm just not feeling being here at the office today and would really, really like to go home. 
    Also, I called my OB's office to see if I needed a provider visit after my BPP scan (I've seen the provider after each scan at my regular OB's office so far), and they said that I would come in for the BPP and not see the doctor until my next scan at their office two weeks later - I have one next week at the specialist since they don't have Doppler capabilities on the ultrasound at my regular OB (but I won't get to actually see that doctor either... I'll have to get my BPP done and then wait 3 or 4 days for them to actually post the report to my online health file so that I can find out anything).  They said that "if the doctor needs to talk to you, she'll call you back for an appointment after your scan".  Yeah, so I can take off another 2.5-3 hours of work (at least... it's a 45 minute drive one way) and come in on another day, instead of just seeing the doctor for all of 5 minutes while I'm actually there.  That makes complete sense..... /sarcasm
    ETA - I really just want to cry.  DS finished his first 1-mile run on Saturday and placed 1st in his age group... except that we didn't stick around for the awards because we didn't know that they were doing age group awards, as we thought it was just an overall winner for the event and he definitely didn't come in first overall.  We'll know for next year.  The lady who is in charge of the event is going to bring his trophy to my office, and she said that if I'll take a picture of him with his trophy, that she can still go ahead and put it in the paper, but I wish that I'd have known to stay so that we could have watch him go up and receive his first race trophy in front of everyone.

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  • Mold allergies like never before. Makin it really hard to work here. Awgh! 
  • @ktomorrow YAS! I've never had seasonal allergies before. I went to the doctor's on Friday because I thought I had strep. Nope. Just newly developed allergies. Yay.
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