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  • Last weekend my one piece was waaaay more comfortable than my tankini. 
  • I bought a black, strappy one piece from target this weekend and a black DDD bikini top to mix and match with the different bottoms I have. I also bought a tankini from tj maxx. I'll sport the one piece and tankini until it's more obvious that I'm pregnant and not bloated. Buying bikini tops and bras is always a nightmare for me, I have a 30/32 under bust waist and DD/DDD cup size. When I find something that works I run with it. The biggest selling points on the bikini top were the cup size/boob coverage and the fact that it ties in the back. I can't wait to wear it once I'm nice and round.
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  • I rocked a bikini my whole first pregnancy and am still this time around.  I have a work trip to Disney this summer and will buy a one piece for that.  Awkward.
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  • So apparently swim pants or capris are becoming popular. I found a very cool surf brand set of capris and matching sports bra style top. Looks cool and very comfortable!
  • My boobs are waayyyyy to big to fit into my regular bikinis plus I feel like when I'm pregnant im extra concerned about my stretch stomach and sun exposure so I get a tankink. Just got a cute blue one at a pea in the pod. 
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    For those with big boobs (I'm 32F) who want to stay in a bikini this summer, I found some great ones on sale at old navy (paid $15 for the top), see below. I'm including a pic of the model online and a pic of real life on me.

    ETA my boobs still look huge but at least hiding the cleavage is more conservative and will help me feel more comfortable :)

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    I wish I was able to wear a swimsuit from Target. I'm a 36DDD now so no tops fit my chest. I have one tankini that fit until two weeks ago, now it's getting tight and I do not feel cute in it. My bikini tops from American Eagle are too small in the chest now, they're 36DD. I need a 36DDD, which they don't carry. I'm starting to feel okay with wearing a bikini again. I just wish I could find a bikini top at either of my Target stores here that would fit me.
    Edit: Treated myself to a VS bikini top. I bought a 38DDD just in case, since they can run small sometimes. I can't believe I paid that much for a bikini top, and it was on sale.
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  • @PrettyPalomino That's really cute!  I love the more conservative top!  I would never have thought to look at Old Navy since they don't come in bra sizes.  Thanks!
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  • I'm really appreciating all these suggestions, ladies, ladies! I wore last year's suit (blouse-y tankini) the one time I've needed one so far, but am still so unsure of what to commit to for my beach days... the boobs and a two year-old leave me conflicted with wanting to show the bump.

    Oh, decisions...
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  • atcwag amazon has that one for $22!!


    I've been scavenging amazon for a week looking for a suit  I like and finally found this one...

    Fingers crossed it fits!! I love it so much!


  • Before baby I've felt awkward in swimsuits bc my stomach was never toned perfectly - but now I'm proud to show off that belly - so bringing out those stretchy skintight sheath dresses - I actually only own 2 pieces of swimsuit, rarely use the indoor pool and we don't like beaches - the two piece doesn't work anymore but the one piece fits and just shows off baby belly now  - oh and it accentuates bigger breasts! it's a deep v-neck nautical suit from laperla, no need to buy maternity swimsuits for me
  • I bought a maternity tankini from target with my first pregnancy, being larger on top, I've never been super comfortable with bikinis, and I have such bad stretch marks from my first, I am glad I went with a tankini.  I don't swim much, so I didn't want to invest a lot, but I feel like 4 pregnancies its been worth it.  I also own this one: https://www.modcloth.com/shop/onepiece-swimwear/bathing-beauty-one-piece-swimsuit-in-black  And I've been able to wear it until about 7 months pregnant, as well as normally.  I love that its classic looking, conservative in cut (great cut if you are busty!).  Modcloth also carries a plus size version for those looking.  
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