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Swim Suits?

Who is rocking the bikini still and who is strutting around in a one piece? Any suggestions on where to shop? Everything I've seen online is so blah, where are all the fun patterns and colors! I fell like as soon as you're pregnant everyone wants to put you in black or navy. Booooring!

Re: Swim Suits?

  • I'm normally very against the tankini swimsuits but after yesterday's hunt for a maternity swimsuit(I can't stand online shopping for clothes) I ended up with one from motherhood maternity. I would be totally fine still rocking my bikini except that my 11yo stepson is starting to notice girls and we caught him checking out my boobs last summer so I started wearing a one piece. Now that they are getting bigger I'm not going to encourage this behavior by going back to my bikini while my regular suit doesn't fit(plus I can't find it anyways).
  • I have a maternity tankini from target. It was my first tankini and I like it. I don't feel comfortable in bikinis anymore and my torso is too long for one pieces so tankini it is. 
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  • Still rocked out a regular two piece while on vacation this weekend. For now, it is still comfortable, so I can't validate spending money on a "maternity" version. Not sure about later as the body keeps changing though.
  • I'm trying to make this decision too!  I looked a little online but haven't fallen in love with any yet.
  • Rocking the bikinis for sure!! I never liked any maternity suits with my last pregnancy so I just got cheap suites from target, string bottoms where I could make bigger if needed and a size bigger top! Loved rocking my baby bump!! 
  • @rebekahrathe I need to be confident like you! This weekend is obviously Memorial Day so we're spending the day on the boat with a bunch of friends and it's the first time any of them will see me with this new belly. I'm honestly really nervous about it! I said something to my husband about it and he laughed it off, like obviously you're going to look different - you're pregnant! And logically I know he's right but I'm still a self conscious middle schooler at heart! 

    On a side note, I need to make sure these new boobs fit in my tops. That could be potentially problematic!
  • Yes!!!! Was just about to start a thread about this. I'm not going to the beach for another month and I'll be about 20 weeks at that point. I'm going to bring some bikinis but just in case of a crisis of confidence I was thinking about getting one of the Jcrew suits with ruching (a la https://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441862654&amp;FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302093476&amp;nav_type=PRMNAV&amp;bmUID=ljFdnNC) and hoping that the ruching opens up enough to accommodate the bump.

    Is this an awful idea? Clearly this is my first baby...

  • Normally I would never wear a 2 peice while having a belly but I can't see spending money a a swim suite I'm going to wear for a few months.. So I will be rockin my bikini and if I get uncomfortable I will get a swim shirt to cover my bump.
  • @ellie8816 I have no idea because I'm a FTM too but that is the cutest 1 piece I've ever seen. I may be buying it too. Sizing up, obviously.
  • With my last pregnancy I had a cheap swimsuit from Walmart and it was so ugly. I'm not buying cheap again. I'll get whatever looks really good on me, but I'm thinking I'll go with one piece.
  • jstinkzjstinkz member
    Why do bathing suits have to be so expensive? Ugh. I rocked bikini last time until my boobs got too big for the suits I owned so I broke down and bought a Target maternity tankini. So I will probably wear it because why buy a new one. 
  • MollySmMollySm member
    I like tankini's with slightly looser tops.  I can wear them pregnant or post pregnancy.   I've never bought a maternity suit.  
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  • ZoeFerZoeFer member
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    I tried my bikinis yesterday (since I will need them over the long weekend) and the tops barely fit and I have a large belly. My H thinks that I should not be ashamed because it is the most natural thing. I will try and see this weekend. I checked online and I couldnt like maternity swimsuits or they were super expensive for the quality. And I do not like one pieces in general because they dry so slowly but I do not know how comfortable I will be with two pieces this summer. I think I will swim with bikinis and then use a cover up once I am on the beach. I do not like sunbathing much anyways.
    ellie8816  I love J Crew swimsuits and these look so cute ! When you get them , can you please let us know if these one pieces stretch well with pregnancy belly ?  
    Edit: I found some cheaper versions of these one-pieces here : https://factory.jcrew.com/womens-clothing/SwimCoverups/one_piece_swimsuits/PRDOVR~E6962/E6962.jsp?color_name=mint-cream

  • lrg14lrg14 member
    If I can still fit into my bikinis then that's my plan! I only have a few occasions this summer that I would need a swim suit for so I don't want to have to buy new. I hate swim suit shopping.
  • Des321Des321 member
    Just an fyi- Victorias Secret swimsuits are on sale in stores and online, although they are much cheaper online. I went into the store to try stuff on and ordered the right colors and sizes online. Stuff online is on sale plus they take off another 40%! Top and bottoms are under $20 a piece! I did order one tankini just in case I get self conscious of my belly.
  • @zoefer of course! Order is already in so I should receive them all in a week or so. Basically I ordered 4 different suits in two sizes each and my husband got a potential fraud alert on our credit card, whoops
  • I got this one today at Target in a few different patterns. It's not maternity, but will accommodate the bump.
  • I just got a Prana tankiki from the Columbia employee store with a pretty flattering and covering skirt bottom. My boobs are on full display, but when you have G+, that's kind of par for the course. At least this covers my belly (and accommodates it!) and my bootie and I feel
    somewhat comfortable in it - which is very hard for me to say about a bathing suit!

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  • Zulily has a bunch of maternity suits on sale (I think less than $20) and motherhood maternity has suits on sale.

    I was considering getting one since they were so cute, but I couldn't justify since I'd just bought some pants and I'm looking for some shirts.  Maybe in a month or two when I really don't fit my current suits anymore.
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  • kms456kms456 member
    @whaat I agree. I feel like this is the start of the whole "girls shouldn't wear this or they are going to get raped" stereotype we have.  We should cover our bodies so men don't want to abuse us.  Obviously that's a long stretch off from this situation (and I'm in no way applying this is your childs situation). But things like this really get under my skin.
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  • I'm glad I wasn't the only one thinking that this was being handled differently. Was is talked about? Women have boobs, that's not going to change.
  • He's been talked to about it but I just feel more comfortable exposing less anyways. I totally understand that he's just getting to that age and we have had to have several conversations about appropriate and inappropriate behavior with me. Dh is very touchy-feely which isn't an issue except when SS thinks he can touch my butt because dad does it all the time.
  • Both. ASOS has it all
  • Same crap I wore last year. Plus sized suits are $100+ some places (the decent ones) so I've decided to wear what I had before. I'll need something soon before I spill out of it, though. 

    I thought buying a bathing suit was the worst thing. Now try it being pregnant. :-(
  • I went to Target and bought a couple tankini's with a larger top than I would normally buy. That way it's loose and flowy and will grow with me through the summer. I can't do a bikini, my bump looks more like I ate too many cheeseburgers right now. Not big enough to look pregnant. 
  • msu_galmsu_gal member
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    I'm def more comfy in a tankini at this point.  My boobs have gone from 34DD to 36G so I just don't feel confident without covering all this up.  I got a decent price on a tankini top from pour moi brand - it even has a comfy underwire to give some support.  It's not maternity, but I think it will work for the summer 
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  • atcwagatcwag member
    I really want this (or similar), but I'm way too cheap to pay this much...and that's just for the top. Anyone seen for less expensive?
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  • I'm still wearing my regular bikini from Target.  You can definitely tell I'm pregnant in it but I'm down to rock my bump! Plus it makes my boobs look GREAT which is something I'd never experienced with pre-preggo-boobs.
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  • Old navy has a ton on sale right now! I bought a regular bikini today just sized
    up and made sure the bottoms have ties. I'm hoping this works for our baby moon in August! 
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  • If anyone finds any tall sized maternity swimsuits or seemingly super long torso suits, please share with the class.

    I'm a hair under 6' and don't want crotch floss. Thanks!
  • If anyone finds any tall sized maternity swimsuits or seemingly super long torso suits, please share with the class.

    I'm a hair under 6' and don't want crotch floss. Thanks!
    I'm 5'10" with a very long torso and have always had this problem. One pieces always give me major cameltoe and dig into my neck/shoulders. Lands end and JCrew have long/tall sizes in swim suits. Athleta might too.
    I've resorted to tankinis because these are all expensive. 
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  • I rocked my bikini all weekend. I order from Victoria secret and a lot of what they have is mix and match so I just ordered a 34ddd top to go with all the bottoms I already have. 
  • I can't do a bikini, nobody wants to see this belly! I bought a maternity tankini online from Kohl's as well as bought a size bigger of a tankini from Target. I like the one from Kohl's better because it accentuates the "bump" a bit more. The one from Target will look better once my belly gets bigger. I like the idea of the Tankini because then I can always roll it up to get a little tan on my belly when I am around people I am comfortable with seeing this jelly mess!

  • Well, I rocked my bikini over the holiday weekend. A little self conscious at first but it wasn't a big deal at all. Don't know why I was so freaked out about that!
  • Finally gotten around to trying on my regular bikinis with my new bod and no way is my new tush going to fit in any of the bottoms I already own. I don't understand how my butt got 60% bigger and I'm only 16 weeks, but what can ya do.

    @zoefer @mrsmaryk2016 here are the Jcrew one-piece reviews, as promised:

    -https://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441852053&amp;FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302093476&amp;bmUID=ljFdfLQ: didn't end up ordering because the D cup was final sale (WTF, J crew??? Bathing suits, final sale? Someone at their headquarters is laughing maniacally at all the people who didn't notice this and tried to return)

    -https://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441847331&amp;FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302093476&amp;nav_type=PRMNAV&amp;bmUID=ljFdnNG: Very cute if strapless suits are your thing. I am normally (pre-pregnancy) a 4/6 in Jcrew clothes. I ordered a 6 and and 8 and the 8 fit everywhere but the bust, which was big. The 6 fit well too. Gives REALLY great upper thigh coverage and there's abundant ruching on the stomach i.e. room for baby to grow. I ordered this one, like all the others, in black, but I think I may return it for a brighter color.

    -https://www.jcrew.com/browse/single_product_detail.jsp?PRODUCT<>prd_id=845524441847717&amp;FOLDER<>folder_id=2534374302093476&amp;nav_type=PRMNAV&amp;bmUID=ljFdnNY: My favorite of the bunch. I ordered this in a 6 and an 8 and am keeping the 8 for two reasons. One, I have a long torso and the 6 went straight up my hoo-hah. Two, the 6 kind of smushed my boobs down awkwardly, a problem I didn't have with the 8. Just generally a very sexy but modest, French-looking suit which will look fabulous with a sarong.

    I also ended up trying this guy: https://www.jcrew.com/womens_category/Swim2/OnePieces/PRDOVR~E7183/E7183.jsp in an 8 and a 10 - people in the reviews on the site mentioned it ran small. The 10 was a little too big, and the 8 fit, but the suit in generally showed a medium amount of side boob, which I'm sure will be a massive amount of side boob by the end of the summer. Also, the back was low cut, which is very cute but not for a pregnant lady who just discovered a thick layer of back fat that sprang up out of nowhere a week ago.

    Hope this helps!!!

  • @ellie8816 Yes, that helps a lot! Thanks for the reviews!
  • ZoeFerZoeFer member
    Thanks @ellie8816 for the reviews, enjoy your swimsuits !

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