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I bought a pregnancy test....2 actually. 


  • I really hate working. 
  • tfrangul said:
    I bought a pregnancy test....2 actually. 
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  • cali1710 said:
    tfrangul said:
    I bought a pregnancy test....2 actually. 

    I'm scared to take it. I will take it in the morning. Probably after my husband leaves for work. Lol I will make sure I update you on the outcome. 
  • linds852010linds852010 member
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    Hubs and I went out for lunch with LO today. LO was in his stroller and Mama Bear had to come out when a stranger was asking about our baby and then tried to touch him. Don't touch my baby! Little guy is a preemie and precious and MINE! Surely I'm not the only one like this? I don't mind at all if someone asks about my baby, but why do people think they can touch him?!
    Me: 31 DH: 40
    Married 2012
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    PCOS diagnosed 2008
  • It just crossed into Saturday morning but what they hey....my FFFC is I told my DH his flight/travel insurance doesn't let him cancel his ticket and get the money back. He has not flown before and mentioned hes not sure about his flight Sunday morning. The flight is a tad over an hour. I know he won't take the time to read the booklet and fine print. I really don't want him trying to cancel at this late hour and putting 1500 miles on his 2 month old new car, when we could have made arrangements for an affordable bus or rental alternative long ago when he first was booking the flight..sorry, not sorry. 
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