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Winning Wednesday

Monilee1017Monilee1017 member
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who/what is winning today
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Re: Winning Wednesday

  • Me, just got approved to work out yesterday. 7:30 and I have already gone to the gym today. I have been waiting for this day since 3 weeks PP. 
    Married 2006
    DS1 2010
    DS2 2013
    DD1 2016
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  • l4rkl4rk member
    I'm winning. I'm sick and LO hasn't slept since 3 am, but somehow I'm awake. It's a small win but I need it so bad.
  • Happy birthday @nackie !

    && so so glad the vet thinks your pup is treatable @mrsgetz4000 ! We lost our old man pup the week before we found out I was pregnant, we miss him every day. There's no love in the world like the love of an old dog <3
  • kaym6kaym6 member
    I didn't die today and after all the screaming literally all day as a result of loosing nap wars that is a win 
  • @mrsgetz4000 - Similar situation with my mom!  Recovering alcoholic, she and I are not close, but she is actually doing great as a grandma and loves it!  I'm just happy that she's sober and able to enjoy this time.  :)

    I am also winning today because my husband has the day off and has basically let me rest most of the day.  He's done all of the feedings and diaper changes, did a load of laundry and meanwhile I've had two naps and spent an hour playing music, which I haven't had time to do since the LO was born.  :)  I also got to walk the dog in the beautiful sunshine and I get to take him out again tonight.  Still feeling tired and achy, but much, much better than I have been feeling.
  • Finally got called about the job interview I've been waiting on! A transfer within the company that will allow me to leave night shift behind! I interview tomorrow and I'm supposed to return to work Monday night. I've been so stressed about leaving my baby at night (hubby works 2nd shift).  Now I am just really nervous even though rumor is I've already got the job!!!
  • mrsncmrsnc member
    @BarrettJ89 I'm in the same boat! DD slept 8 hours last night. I woke up before her and I actually got to brush my teeth before noon! 
  • Wow! 8 and 9 hours??? I was so happy to only have 1 wake up last night. Even more importantly, the second half of the night was 4 hours. Usually it's about 2-2.5 hours before she's up again. I'll be happy with my win. 
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