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Energy drinks...s.o.s

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I've never really drank energy drinks, never when pregnant, but I had maybe half of a monster today, and I know it says if you're nursing it's not recommended. I was desperate, and I don't think I'll ever be desperate again. DD hasn't been able to take more than a 20 minute nap, and she's been fussy and spastic all day. We are still going as of now. I really messed up, I guess she's really sensitive to energy drinks. She's also going on a nursing strike I think!!

Has as anyone else had a similar experience?? I seriously regret ever drinking it. Please help me. Advice on how to stop it

Re: Energy drinks...s.o.s

  • I've never had this experience but I would think you're just going to have to wait it out until the caffeine is out of your LO's system unfortunately. Maybe don't drink any more energy drinks. 
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  • How old is your baby girl?
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  • Different babies respond differently to caffeine (I'm not sure about the other additives in Monster).  My LO sleeps just fine if I have a cup of black tea or a tall latte.  You could try drinking a small amount of naturally caffeinated beverage (coffee or tea) and see how baby reacts.  I drank tea throughout my pregnancy, so she might be a bit used to it.

    Don't beat yourself up too much over the monster.  It might not have even been the drink, sometimes babies just don't nap much a day.  One energy drink isn't going to cause any long term issues.
  • DS is 9 months and I drink coffee daily & he's unaffected-I always have. Like a PP suggested, maybe next time try that. 
  • Nyssana said:
    How old is your baby girl?
    She's 3 months old 
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