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  • l4rk said:
    Juliet, born 1/29 via unplanned c-section. I'm a born and raised Vancouver Island (British Columbia) girl and I plan the same for this LO.

    I also have a 12 year old stepson who lives with us full time (his mom isn't really in the picture.) But I didn't know him until he was 9 so I'm really looking forward to experiencing the younger years with DD. 

    My fiance is 10 years older than me and fast approaching 40, so this is likely to be our one and only child together. 
    I am from the Island too. (Victoria but now live in Vancouver) :) congrats on your daughter.
  • Where are our multiples? We have several twins and a set of triplets, right?
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  • Eleanor Rey Born 01/23 due date 01/30 vbac STM with a 2 year old DS From Ontario, Canada I lurked January and was more active in February board as I assumed she would come late and be born in Feb.

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  • James Alexander (Jamie) born 1/24, EDD 1/21. 
    FTM, hoping for another in a couple years (not too long, I'm already 32). 
    I'm a Brit living in the US (military family)
    SAHM, I was a Primary teacher in the UK, considering qualifying in the US in the future but right now I'm going to enjoy being a mum!
    I'm a runner and a gamer, I'm looking forward to taking little man out in his jogging stroller.

    @Cricket99  What took you to the UK? Is that where your teaching qualifications are for?
  • Brayden born 1/28 EDD 1/23
    FTM 27yo, NICU RN, but currently a SAHM/Grad student. Living in Dallas, Texas. 
  • MssyMmmy said:
    @Hipshaker amazing baby name!
    Thanks! We were so tight lipped over it when I was pregnant. My DH didn't want his bubble burst with negative comments because it was sort of different. I just didn't want anyone to steal it!
  • Orion born 01/09/16.
    STM with 2 year old DD.
    Work as a Speech-Language Pathologist in the schools. Going back to work in a week.
    From WI.
    Haven't participated much lately because the app wouldn't let me post my comments after lots of effort logging in and out and reinstalling. Hope to be more active now that it works!
  • Aadhiran born on 01/01/16 EDD 01/11/16.
    stay home mom. used to work at enterprise.
    first time mother.. having fun.
  • Emma & June, fraternal twins, born Dec 20 (edd Jan 8)

    Hamilton, Ontario
    FTM (and no more! two is enough)
    I'm a home care nurse
    I'm into photography, crochet, sewing, and knitting
    I don't post often on here but love the daily threads like UO Thursday and Monday Bitch fest
  • Where are our multiples? We have several twins and a set of triplets, right?

    I'm still here! I'm not very active because this app is garbage and I get busy with two little ones. But I always love lurking in the MOTN when one of them has to sleep on me. 
  • @claireloSC - So sorry to hear your recovery has been awful!  Hope you're feeling back to normal soon.
  • Honeyb416Honeyb416 member
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    Rach8672 Get out of town...such crazy similarities!!!

    Ava, born 1/18/16, vaginal/med free, EDD 1/17
    Big brother is 2 1/2
    We are done having kids
    I'm a Physical Therapist, work part-time but on leave until end of April
    H is an Airline Pilot
    We have two dogs.
    I'm notorious for multiple ongoing Pinterest projects that end up taking way too long to complete
    Atlanta, GA burbs
    ETA: We are both from Youngstown, OH and are huge Ohio State fans!

    I'm on here daily but I don't post much...every time I'm about to say something someone needs to eat or have their diaper changed or a boo boo kissed and then I forget what I was going to say.
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  • alisong10alisong10 member
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    Fun thread , hi all. 
    baby Girl Zara- born 1-22 
    Live in Illinois. Husband has two grown kids ( 22&26- he is older than me) 
    social worker who turned pre-k teacher. Staying home for a year with baby. 
    This board is my middle of the night feeding fix 
  • ChrissyD1203ChrissyD1203 member
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    scornwell got banned?  I'm so sorry to hear that and suprised.  She was never snarky or disrespectful - just the opposite.  I thought she was really positive and supportive and intelligent which I found really impressive as a I know she was a young mother with a less than perfect SO.  @hannahduff3

    oops I forgot an intro.  I've been on this forum since 6 weeks pregnant and have found it immensely helpful.  I'm a 32 year old lawyer from NJ and just had my first child (baby girl) the first week in January.  Still trying to get used to this no sleep thing.  
  • ByeByeSpottsByeByeSpotts member
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    Isabelle was born on 2/2. EDD 1/30. Pushed for 12 minutes as the cord was wrapped around her neck and I could hear her heart stopping. Biggest mental/physical test of my life, but I was determined to get her out and for both of us to be healthy.

    She is amazing and doing fine and we couldn't be happier.

    My husband and I live outside of Boston. We plan to have at least 1 more but will wait about 2 years.

    I work in sports but taking a professional break and enjoying mommahood.
  • Uhm I'm sad @scornwell717 is banned! Our babies were born on the same day and I liked hearing about her little one! I thought she was funny, never thought she was inappropriate 
    @GAgirlinSDakota I'm glad you are still hanging around! I was worried about you- I know you had problems after delivery. I hope you feel better soon! You are an amazingly funny girl can't wait to hear your stories again soon ( they were always a brighten to my day) 
  • Love this thread! 
    Ronan 1/9/16 EDD1/14/16
    DD will be 2 in two weeks!  :'(
    I'm a kindergarten teacher in Alaska. I have a love/ hate relationship with coming back to work. I visited my kiddos on 100th day and my poor sub has lost control of my classroom. I'm visiting again next week to read to them for Dr. Seuss week. I'm hoping they are better. 
  • @ebiejay military family as well! My teaching credentials are for secondary education in history and English. I used to teach middle school and have been substituting since we got out here. We may be PCSing soon so I took the rest of the school year off. If we stay I'll probably go back next year :)
  • Taylor born 1/28/16 EDD 1/31/16

    like many I am also a lurker but love coming on here to read everyone's posts daily 

    Live in Toronto Canada and both hubby and I are chartered accountants 
  • Leano Layla born 28.12.15
    EDD: 16.01.16

    We are in South Africa. I am a Bid Manager with a degree in Business Administration. It's been great being part of this community  <3
  • @Cricket99  lots of similarities! Enjoy your time off, it's such a blessing, teaching is so consuming. Which military branch? We're AF.
  • Ayva born 1/14/16 EDD 1/17/16
    we live in West Michigan 
  • Luke- Born 1/26 (on his due date)
    I'm 25, living in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.
    I'm working on my bachelor's degree in Accounting, but I'm taking all online courses this semester so that I can stay home. Been hanging out in Jan16 board since last May. I don't post a lot, mostly because the app never lets me post, but I truly enjoy you ladies! 
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  • @Grace213 I'm from central WI, about an hour south of Wausau.
    My Bennet is actually Benedict, a family name. My husband, & fil are Benedict and so was DH'S Grandpa. 
  • kayelah23kayelah23 member
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    Harlo born 12/31/15 EDD 1/6/16
    We live in DesMoines, Iowa 

    I just turned 24. I was a daycare teacher for infants and SO is a marketing manager for a clothing company but now that i have 2 under 2 i get to be a SAHM because i was only working part time and its not worth it to pay childcare and work part time. I've really been thinking about going to school in august and getting my CDA so that i won't need to stay home forever.
  • Paige born 11/21/15 EDD 01/16/16
    Had a normal pregnancy and woke up one morning in November to my water breaking at 32 weeks! She wanted to come early I guess and be a November baby like mommy and daddy! No plans for another just yet because having a preemie puts me at risk for another and after spending almost 7weeks in the NICU , DH and I are terrified of having to go through it again. We live in NY and I work as a Pre-k teacher and DH is an accountant.
  • Henry was born -1/17
    I also have a 3.5 year old boy and a 2 year old
    I'm a SAHM near Denver, CO 
  • Laramie Marie was born on January 19. EDD January 20th. I live in Westren New York. I work for a youth program as an educator and my husband and I also farm with my family. We have a 2.5 year old son. We originally wanted to have 3 kids. But after both our kids having to go to the NICU for breathing problems, we think 2 is perfect for us. I have been following this board since May, lerked for awhile but have been more active recently.
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  • Rose, due 1/30 born 2/5 via c-section FTM, might be one and done
    1st grade teacher from Alabama

    I was super active this summer in my first trimester when I was off work.  I still lurk but I'm not as active.  My LO is only 3 weeks so I'm still trying to get used to this whole parenting thing.  So. Tired.  She lets me sleep but I would kill for 7 hours uninterrupted.  Oh the joys of breastfeeding.  
  • Apthor02Apthor02 member
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    Aurora born 1/16/16 EDD 1/12/16
    Our first baby, we want 4 total (ha did before baby)
    From Kentucky
    I am a vet tech working at a small animal hospital but still on leave for 2 more weeks until baby is 8weeks. Husband works at a food production plant as the cook. We are going to wait two years before trying for another. A little scared because I had a super easy labor that turned into a very scary emergency c-section. 
  • Wren Marie
    Born 1/7/16
    7 lbs. 15 oz.
    EDD 1/15/16
    I'm late in posting, but still here! I've been on this board since the beginning, but don't always post a lot (although I check in daily). 
    I'm a high school English/Photo teacher and DH is an operations manager for a water filtration company. I returned to work yesterday and thought I would DIE, but I'm doing better today. Both of us were born and raised in San Diego, and are 29. We're avid music lovers (although concerts and music festivals won't be as common as they once were), movie watchers, and travelers. I'm also a HUGE reader. Books were my first love. 
    I had an easy pregnancy, and an even easier delivery, but I'm still waiting AT LEAST two years before we start trying again. I absolutely ADORE my LO, but this mom thing is no joke! The sleep deprivation is killing me!

  • Octavia Anne 1/5  EDD 1/25

    in Beaverton, OR!  i go  back to work in 4 weeks

    Been blooging
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    Married: Feb. 2014
    Age: 35+
    TTC #1: March 2014
    Clomid: 1 cycle no IUI lead to a BFP 
  • Michael, born 1/9/16 (expected delivery 1/6) First time mom here and loving it. My name is Jenny, I am a first grade teacher In NC. I didn't post much here through my pregnancy and visit the bump on and off since lil man arrived (I am more active in the fb group) but still check in from time to time. :)
  • missperky said:
    Love this thread! 
    Ronan 1/9/16 EDD1/14/16
    DD will be 2 in two weeks!  :'(
    I'm a kindergarten teacher in Alaska. I have a love/ hate relationship with coming back to work. I visited my kiddos on 100th day and my poor sub has lost control of my classroom. I'm visiting again next week to read to them for Dr. Seuss week. I'm hoping they are better. 
    I teach first and my kids lost their minds when I visited too! My assistant calls and texts often with updates ND my kiddos miss me a lot. Going back will be so bittersweet!
  • Olivia b. 12/30/15
    EDD: 01/06/16

    Living in the midwest!
    DD#1 born 12/30/2015
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    DS#1 born 02/19/2013
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  • I'm still here though I mostly lurk
    John born 1/12 (DD 1/16)
    STM with 2 under 2 which can be crazy!
    Live in Ohio 
  • David was born 1/21 (due 1/16)
    I'm a FTM, no longer teaching (high school) since his arrival, but continuing to work as a Realtor. 
    We live in the San Francisco Bay Area (North Bay)
    As for many others, you all keep me sane in the middle of the night!

    Scornwell717, sorry to read you were banned! I hope motherhood is treating you well :)
  • Ellie was born Jan 2, EDD was 1/28. My water broke in the middle of the night and my labor progressed rather quickly. By the time I got to the hospital I was already 5cm and 100% effaced. They then discovered she was breech and I had a c-section. Recover wasn't very bad at all. I feel pretty lucky for that. I'm a FTM and looking to wait 2 years before having another as I would really want to try VBAC. I had been hoping to go unmedicated with this one, but she had her own plans
  • @claireloSC - So sorry to hear your recovery has been awful!  Hope you're feeling back to normal soon.
    Totally missed this, thanks @maureenmce! I had a little recovery setback so things are still rough but hopefully things will be better pretty soon!
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