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Who's still here? I know some mommies stepped away from this page after the LO's were born and I believe we have a few who have recently joined our community. Now that our LO's are here, lets do a roll call with some info about us! 

Please feel free to include any and all info you wish.

Nolan, born 1/5/16
EDD 1/10/16
Rainbow, most likely one and done
We are in SW Florida
I work in the State Attorney's Office as a trial assistant. 
DH and I are avid bowlers and travel the country for tournaments several times  year.

ETA I just realized my SN changed...I'm so confused as to why. I used to use MissMheMhe but had my acct deleted almost 2 years ago. I signed up this past Mayish with the SN MMLMeow. Weird!
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Re: Roll Call

  • Marlowe, born 1/22 (EDD was 1/19)
    We are in Michigan
    We also have a son who is 4
    I have a degree in biology and my science teaching license, but I currently work from home running a website.
  • Zoey, born 1/16/16, EDD 1/14/16
    One and done, rainbow baby
    I'm a bank teller.
    Married March 19, 2011
    TTC off and on 04/14
    BFP 06/13/14 MC 06/15/14
    BFP 12/14/14
    1st Appt 01/13/2015
    M/C 1/19/15 D&C 1/20/15
    BFP 5/13/15
    1st Appt 06/10/2015 Peanut has HB 150
    A/S 09/02/15 It's a Girl!! Low placenta, but everything else great!

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  • Zachary, born 1/26, EDD 1/31
    We're in Northern Virginia
  • Marlo (boy) born 01/14 edd 12/31
    ( @WineBaby122 first other Marlo/Marlowe I've met! Boy or girl?)
    I'm an early childhood educator who worked as a nanny to 5 and 3 yr old girls for 4.5 years, but I'll be a SAHM going forward 
    Winnipeg, Canada 
  • Bennet born 1/4
    EDD 1/7
    We are from WI :)
  • Zackery edd 1/10/16 born 1/16/16
    Southeast Georgia
    I work as a technician in a cereal plant
  • Mary EDD 1/18
    born 1/8
    We live in Missouri and have a 6 year old boy and 13 year old girl. 
    I used to manage a service department for a foundation business but now I'm a SAHM. I'm also finishing a degree in psychology. 
  • Ryan Jr born 12/28 EDD was 1/2 so sticking here
    St. Louis
    SAHM with. 3 yr old DD a well. :smile: 
  • Marlo (boy) born 01/14 edd 12/31
    ( @WineBaby122 first other Marlo/Marlowe I've met! Boy or girl?)
    I'm an early childhood educator who worked as a nanny to 5 and 3 yr old girls for 4.5 years, but I'll be a SAHM going forward 
    Winnipeg, Canada 
    Girl! It was the ONLY name DH and I agreed on!
  • Josephine born 1/25 EDD 1/31
    I have two DS
    I am a SAHM with a degree in hospitality 
    Married 2006
    DS1 2010
    DS2 2013
    DD1 2016
  • Claire born jan 21/15 (born in due date)
    first time parents! From Toronto Canada
  • edited February 2016
    Roman born 01/03/2016
    EDD 01/06
    FTM from Ontario, Canada
    Account Manager for a large electronics distributor
  • Luke was born 1/19/16
    EDD 1/14/16
    FTM, I live in Houston, TX and I'm an optometrist.
    DH does recruiting/HR and has worked from home for about a year now
  • Leah was born 1/11, was due 1/9.
    FTM, & we are in midcoast, maine.
    I work in healthcare, helping uninsured and underinsured people get access to the care and meds that they need. 
  • Violet 1/19/2016
    EDD 1/15
    FTM, I'd like 1 more!
    I'm a chef and husband is a bartender. High school sweet hearts!
    We're in central PA
  • RJ (boy) born 1/23/16 at 41 weeks. We are first time parents living in NYC. 
    I haven't decided if I am going to return to work right away. 
  • ambercakes92ambercakes92 member
    edited February 2016
    Ella, due date 1/10 and born 1/8. 
    Ftm, not planning on other kids (or at least not for a few years). 
    Floating between part time jobs at the moment, but looking for full-time work. Also planning on going back to school in the fall!

    I mostly lurk now, but I'm still hanging around :)

    eta I am from central NC, but also spend time in the mountains. 
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  • Elena Lucille born 1/8/16 EDD 1/22
    im a Starbucks barista- love it but dread going back. 
    I want to be a stay at home mom and definitely want more kids when I'm a little older (20 yo now).
    living in a 1 bedroom apt with hubby, LO, a cat and dog. Can't have more until we find a house!
  • Nadine 1/19 (EDD 1/29)
    2 big bothers welcomed this sweet baby girl (6 and 3yrs old)
    CPA, Public Accounting, TX
  • Sebastian 1/25 (EDD 1/20) 
    FTM in Boston
    I'm the operations manager for a performing arts center. Husband is a graphic designer. 
    I'm mainly a lurker on this board but love seeing how everyone is doing. 
  • Amelia born 2/2 (EDD 1/25)
    San Diego, CA
    I'm a special education teacher.
    i don't post a whole lot, but I find this board really helpful!
  • Riley-she was born on 1/18/16 EDD 1/24/16
    Northern Kentucky
    I work in pharmaceutical sales
  • Hannah born 1/6 EDD 1/8. We're in northern VA and planning on more littles at some point. At first I thought back to back to back but want to enjoy our baby girl for a while first!
    I'm a financial manager for the navy and not particularly looking forward to going back but am glad I have a good career to contribute to our household and very thankful DH's mom is able to care for her. 
    I was as much of a lurker during pregnancy as now but definitely enjoy reading all the posts and taking theadvice of all the other mamas! 
    Me: 30 DH: 31
    Married: 2012
    BFP #1 Sept 2014, MMC Dec 2014 | BFP #2 May 2015, DD Jan 2016 <3 | BFP #3 May 2017, MC July 2017 | BFP #4 Jan 2018, MC Feb 2018 | BFP #5 July 2018, fingers crossed
  • Cedar- born 1/8 EDD 1/19
    American living in the UK
    Currently a SAHM, but I have my teaching degree and plan to go back to it eventually.
  • Sebastian - born 2/9 EDD 1/31
    I live in Central FL and am currently in grad school for clinical social work. I will be finally graduating at the end of April! I mostly lurk since I'm busy finishing up my degree and enjoying this lovely little boy. Love coming on during the motn feedings.
  • My sons name is Samuel 
    born Jan 5
    im a FTM and would love more babes in the future.. Not too soon! 
    I'm from MD but living in NC!
    Registered Nurse but not currently working, hoping to do school online to further my degree while staying at home for a little while 
  • Evangelina Grace born on 1/28 (EDD 1/19)
    FTM in New Orleans, LA
    I teach first grade and my husband is a musician. It's been really helpful reading posts from moms with babies a bit older than mine. The boards are full of questions I haven't even thought to ask! 
  • tyidin1tyidin1 member
    edited February 2016
    Aubrey was born 1/26 EDD 1/24. I'm a FTM and full time graduate student....I loooove my cuddle time with baby and I'm dreading returning to school next week

    edit: I saw the this after the fact but Hey @lrayas I'm in Baton Rouge! 
  • Charlie born 1/22, due date 1/31
    FTM in Michigan - probably will have more kids but for now this LO is enough
    Patent attorney going back to work in a few months (so lucky to have more time then most for maternity leave!) 

    Also don't know why my username has changed- used to be AmandaMisch. Mostly a lurker but occasional poster  :)

  • Denver:
    EDD- 1/4/16
    Birthday- 12/26/15

    I am (almost) 25 - from upstate South Carolina (about 1 1/2 hours from Atlanta Georgia and Charlotte North Carolina ) 
    currently a Stay at home mom ( FTM ) but I'm a certified nursing assistant. 

  • Ok, I'm still here. Simon was born 1/9, a day after my due date via C-Section.
    I live in LA
    I was a VBAC mom but it just didn't work out. I've been away because holy eff, life is crazy trying to run a daycare (4 kids atm) and juggle a newborn. I took two weeks off once he was born, then DH was home for another 4. Fortunately his job is flexible so he is now going in later to help me with my 6:30am kid. 

  • ctmamaoftwoctmamaoftwo member
    edited March 2016
    Like a few others I'm def a lot more active since having my little one than I was during pregnancy. It's nice to have TB community support on here while adjusting to a new town and meeting new people. 
  • Hannah 1/22 South Dakota but moving home to GA by the end of June! I haven't been around much since mid-January due to seasonal depression and now ppd.

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    SURPRISE!  Hannah May born 01/22/16

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