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  • However currently working full time for Lush cosmetics (wanted a bit of a break from kitchens, however I now find myself missing them greatly).

    I worked for Lush as a second job for a couple years and quit when I became pregnant as one job was enough to handle!! Sounds like you'd have fun working in the lush kitchen!!
  • Eva-Born 12/28 EDD 1/11
    I live in Northern VA.
    I'm a FTM and just took a new title as SAHM...I was an Executive Assistant for the past 3 years. Would love to get pregnant again ASAP for baby #2 (I'm already 32 so time is not on my side) and most likely that will be our last.

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  • Bennett was born Christmas Day- Due date was New Years Day.
    STM- My daughter just turned 2 the day before Valentine's.
    We are definitely done at 2 kids. Had a tubal ligation 1 mo. ago! 
    I live in WI and I'm in banking. Just sent in my final paperwork to be a notary as well! 
  • StephEppieStephEppie member
    edited February 2016
    However currently working full time for Lush cosmetics (wanted a bit of a break from kitchens, however I now find myself missing them greatly).

    I worked for Lush as a second job for a couple years and quit when I became pregnant as one job was enough to handle!! Sounds like you'd have fun working in the lush kitchen!!
    Funny you say that! I actually applied a few years ago to an MIT position for the fresh room in Vancouver. I did really well sadly they didn't know how to get around the us citizen working in Canada thing and they needed to fill the position. I've been there going on 4 years this July. (Wish pay was a little better) 
    hopefully you stocked up before you left for pregnancy stuff! Or at least get a little love still from a friend in the shop. I know I'll cry the day my discount is gone. 
  • Zachary born 1/10/16 on his due date :) finally a FTM thanks to some wonderful doctors and IVF. 

    In CT, DH is a machinist and I work in finance/ brokerage. Thoroughly enjoying maternity leave and really struggling with having to go back to work. 

    8 Years
    2 Miscarriages
    2 Ectopic Pregnancies
    1 Round of Clomid
    1 Fresh IVF Cycle
    1 Bean and 5 Frosties!
  • Adeline born 1/31 (due 1/17)
    FTM, not ruling out another kid down the road.
    Teacher in NY.

    Glad to have people still on the board. Need some support and entertainment while she is comfort nursing for hours. 
  • Gracelyn : born 12.30.15, due 1.1.16.

    Im a early childhood educator working with special needs children and their families birth to age 3 in their home. Husband is a chef. Gracie is our 2nd, we also have a 2 year old boy. We ate from Ohio 
  • Kylie born 1/16 EDD 1/24
    2nd child, almost 2 year old little boy 

    we live in the Atlanta area, I am a high school teacher, and go back to work the end of April. 
  • Melody, born 12/24 EDD 1/2

    FTM, but planning on trying for #2 in a couple months. Ideally I'd like 2U2, which I know is a little crazy! 

    I'm in Northern California, just south of San Francisco. I'm a teacher (4th grade) and went back to work just this week. My DH is a college history professor. 

    We also have 2 cats, and I LOVE this group! It gets my through my MOTN feedings! 
    Me: 32 DH: 32
    Married 11/24/13
    DD1 born 12/24/15
    TTC #2 Aug. 16
    BFP for #2 11/22/16

    Aug17 December Siggy Challenge: Funny Pics of Kids Afraid of Santa

  • Violet Evelyn born 1/22. She is our amazing rainbow baby! 
    We live in a mountain town in Colorado, have two dogs, one cat, love rafting, yoga, skiing, and traveling. 
  • Nora Elizabeth born 1/21/16. EDD was 1/23. 

    FTM. We live in the Chicago area. I work in Trust Administration for a bank. Mostly a lurker, but thoroughly enjoy reading through all the posts!
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  • egraves4egraves4 member
    edited February 2016
    Nadine 1/19 (EDD 1/29)
    2 big bothers welcomed this sweet baby girl (6 and 3yrs old)
    CPA, Public Accounting, TX
    Lurker from February 2016, we have a Nadine as well! You don't see the name often. We named her after SO's late grandmother.  My EDD was 2/13, I gave birth 2/10. 

    Also, @GAgirlinSDakota I'm in Atlanta!

    Apparently I have more in common with the January board lol. 
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    Surprise BFP! 06/08/15
    Nadine GraceMarie  02/10/16
    Diagnosed with placenta increta post delivery: emergency partial hysterectomy - cervix and ovaries still intact 
    Gestational surrogacy or adoption TBD

  • MssyMmmyMssyMmmy member
    edited February 2016
    Callum Alexander :) born 29/12/2015 edd 03/01/2016. 

    Started on the trying to get pregnant board and stuck around ever since even though baby was born in dec. The Jan 2016 board has gotten me through the fears of being pregnant for the first time and a difficult delivery via c-section and post partum. Thanks ladies!

    ftm from vancouver Canada. Art teacher/therapist.
  • Aria Belle born 12/27 Edd  1/1
     Fort Collins, CO

    Ftm after 2.5 years of trying and we are one and done. 

    I work in account management at a  background screening firm and head back to work next week :(

    I love reading through all the posts especially during the middle of the night feeding/pumping sessions. 
  • @GAgirlinSDakota hope you get feeling better soon. You can always pm if you ever need another person to tak to. 
  • Maci Marie 01/19/16 
    EDD 01/23/16 
    Sahm, third baby and uncertain if I will have anymore. From Cincinnati Ohio!
  • Freya, born 1/22, was due 1/18
    FTM, 30yo
    Living in Seattle, WA
    I'm a child therapist and my husband is an artist.
    We also have 2 cats and 3 chickens
  • Thorn Forrest
    born 1/19 at 42wks! EDD 01/05, failed vbac, rainbow baby.
    Central Va

    I'm a sahm stm. I'm a crafter, maybe in a few years I'll have time to paint and embroider again. Camping is my family's thing. My older older dd is 4. 2 kiddos is plenty for us. My Dh has a residential tree removal co. I started out on the misscarrge board then moved pgal broad. I feel lucky to be here. This is my go to for late nights.
  • @Hipshaker amazing baby name!
  • mrsncmrsnc member
    edited February 2016
    Erin Elizabeth born 1/27 edd 1/22
    FTM, but with a 9 yo SD, in the Chicago suburbs

    I have one month left of leave then I go back to teaching in an Early Childhood Center. I love it but already time with my LO is going too fast! 

    Im a lurker but love reading everything. It helps keep me sane! 
  • Violet Brynn born on 1/4, EDD 1/16

    we are first-time parents and live in Philadelphia.  I am a psychotherapist and husband is an attorney.  I was more active on the board prior to delivery, but I am getting back into it now that I have my feet back under me a bit.

    im not sure about more babies (can't even go there yet).  I'm surprised to see there are 2 other baby Violets on this board.  I had no idea it was a popular name!
  • Abraham  born 1/27 EDD 1//22
    We are in Michigan 
    I work as a Chemist
  • @emzie54 my daughter is violet too! We're about 30 minutes north of Harrisburg
  • Myles born 1/12/16 edd 1/17/16

    We have a daughter who is 5 and I plan to have another.  My SO and I both come from large blended family's I have 5 siblings and he has 9. I personally want my kids to have at least a couple siblings since I loved it. 

    We live in Michigan. I have a master's in accounting and am studying for the cpa exam. Currently work in financial aid at a university. 

    I'm 25 and my SO and I have been together for over 8 years :)

    I mostly lurk but have started to break out of my shell. 
  • Felix born 1/22, EDD 1/29
    FTM- I originally thought I'd be due in Feb., so I hung out on that board for awhile while pregnant...but I have been lurking here for some time (especially during those lovely night feedings).

    I am a school psychologist and my husband is an environmental consultant. We live in central PA and have been married for 3 years (together for 10).
  • Idris Michael born - 01/06/16 , Edd-01/21/16. 
    This is baby number 3 we have a  4 year old DS and 14 month old DD. Life is very busy right now but DH would like one more I'm not sold and it won't be for now. I'm in retail management and we live in Ontario Canada. 
  • Harper (girl) born 1/7/16
    EED 1/13/16

    I also have a three year old step daughter.  We might try for another one but this might be once and done as I'm 33. I work in life insurance and live in central CT. 
  • Christian "Kit" born 1/14
    EDD 1/6

    FTM  ( rainbow baby) in Massachusetts.   We're likely going to start on number 2 sometime in the next 6 months and then we'll be done.
    I haven't been posting as much lately but I'm always here!
  • Grace213 said:
    Bennett was born Christmas Day- Due date was New Years Day.
    STM- My daughter just turned 2 the day before Valentine's.
    We are definitely done at 2 kids. Had a tubal ligation 1 mo. ago! 
    I live in WI and I'm in banking. Just sent in my final paperwork to be a notary as well! 
    I have a Bennet, and we are from WI also! Where about in WI are you? #cheesehead
  • Beckett born 1/6
    EDD 1/23

    We live in the Boston area and I work for a healthcare company in HR. 

    We we are most likely one and done but so thrilled with our one :)
  • taralrobertstaralroberts member
    edited February 2016
    Veda Oaklynn- born 1/16 EDD 1/20
    FTM. my husband and I are from WI but recently moved to TX last May. I'm a dental hygienist and he works in management. I've been a lurker since joining the bump but you ladies have gotten me through and kept me sane during my pregnancy and this post partum time. As many have said, I especially love reading this board during late night feedings
  • @melturz too funny! Popular name up here I guess! (Although you're the only other person in this state that I've heard the name.) 

    I'm in Fond du Lac! Where are you at?
  • jodiedrich18jodiedrich18 member
    edited February 2016
    Allyson, born 1/12 on her EDD. I'm a FTM.
    We live outside Atlanta, Georgia. 
    I am a student affairs manager and adjunct instructor for first year seminars at a college. 
    I am mostly a lurker but really enjoyed this board throughout pregnancy. I do hope to maybe write in a little more now that LO is here!
  • Juliet, born 1/29 via unplanned c-section. I'm a born and raised Vancouver Island (British Columbia) girl and I plan the same for this LO.

    I also have a 12 year old stepson who lives with us full time (his mom isn't really in the picture.) But I didn't know him until he was 9 so I'm really looking forward to experiencing the younger years with DD. 

    My fiance is 10 years older than me and fast approaching 40, so this is likely to be our one and only child together. 
  • Madeline was born 1/15/16
    EDD 1/11/16

    We live in upstate NY. I work as a Branch Manager at a bank and DH is a Correctional Officer.

    Im 26, DH is 25 and this is our first baby. We're anticipating starting to work on LO #2 around August/September.

  • Bruce born 01/22, EDD 01/28. First of hopefully many babies.  We're hoping I'll be pregnant again by the time I go back to work next January. We live in Alberta,  Canada,  I am 29 and an RN in the emergency department and DH is 30 and an electrician. 
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