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  • durbie92 said:
    I'd like to know as well, cause frozen wedding cake is gross (a year later may be the problem lol)
    I've come across few ways. For our wedding cake, we double-wrapped it (plastic wrap and foil), then put it in a plastic container in a deep freeze, and defrosted it in the fridge a year later.  It was perfect. 

  • I love doing my makeup, learning new techniques, being pampered at the salon, doing new things (colors and cuts) to my hair, BUT I hate dressing up to par with all that primping.
    Been married since 2009.
    Unicornuate Uterus (yes I menstruate glitter)
    Several MCs
    DD born 2013 (our miracle "you can't have babies" baby!)

  • yogahh said:
    I guess my UO is that I really love writing and sending thank you cards to people.

    Me too! I find it really rude when you go out of your way to send someone a gift, and there is no thank you. I cant tell you how many people I have sent wedding gifts to and never received a thank you. I dont even know if they got the gift since they never said anything. Then you feel weird saying "Did you get that expensive glass bowl you registered for? You know, the one I spent time wrapping and standing in line at the post office to mail. Just want to be sure it didnt arrive in a thousand pieces".
    We attended a wedding and their thank you's came in the form of a scribbled note on the back of their Christmas card....but their wedding was in September.  I get the "two month etiquette" but it just seemed lazy...
    I was so proud of myself two weekends ago when we finally finished our wedding TYs... only took 7.5 months! Should have finished those before getting pregnant and dealing with first trimester exhaustion. I got a lot out early though, but it's hard when you need someone else to do them too, and that someone is particularly bad at writing TYs. My husband isn't unwilling, but he would literally stare at the card asking "what do I write?" for 20 minutes per card, and I didn't really feel like I should come up with his TYs to his random family I didn't know, and groomsmen... anyway, writing TYs is hard, but definitely important after a big event when tons of people get you gifts. Going to be sure to write my shower TYs before the baby comes!

  • Thanks @kbrands7  and @lalala2004 !!!! I want all the cake!
  • I love this thread this week!
    i too have wavy/thick hair. If I wash it it takes about 8-12 hours to air dry (it's shoulder length). If I blow dry it the oils in my hair melt and it looks dirty. I prefer to straighten, which right now takes about 30 minutes but when my hair was longer it was closer to an hour. I don't know what I'm gunna do when my son comes. 
    Makeup, I'm with the no muss no fuss ladies. A little concealer, blush, mascara and I'm good to go. I don't wear makeup on the weekends (except church) and I never wear foundation. I want my skin to breathe!

    i think it's funny how many people were not pro frosting considering I ate a spoonful last night. My DH and I bake a cake every weekend. It's our treat!
  • I'm tired of people asking how I'm feeling or if I'm okay. I appreciate the thought but my entire firm practically asks every day. I should just start every day off with an "I'm fine" email! 
  • And I'm 100% pro frosting lol
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