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  • BlueGal1 said:
    Hi -

    I was a long time smoker and a party girl up until 5 days ago when I found out I was pregnant , I must admit prior to finding out I was pregnant I would constantly beat myself up about my drinking and smoking lifestyle - always concerned that if I couldn't quit for a day how would I do it for the duration of my pregnancy . What I can say to you is that yes it is hard - today I'm on day 3 of not smoking the not drinking is easy but you will get there and you will feel better about it and you will succeed.

    Just trust in yourself and it will happen cutting down is a good start and I'm proud of you.

    We can be quit smoking buddies together :-)
    And yes! Quit smoking buddies! :)
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  • Some people really need to learn the meaning of be kind or be quiet....
    OP good luck, I've never smoked but saw a lot of people around me struggling to stop and I send you my support!! Don't let the insensitive affect you!
  • You all are absolutely amazing women, what a beautiful support system!! I don't think I could send out enough thank you's for all of you that have sent me such positive reinforcement, I really feel capable to do it now! My goal today is to be smoke-free! The sooner the better, I'll let you ladies knows how it is going later on. Thank you all a million time! :)
    OP I wish you the best. You can do this!! 

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  • @Glow360 it is sad that you are stil here offering nothing but lies. go back to over 35 board and leave everyone else the hell alone since you only spew negetivity and hate. 
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  • Just want to mention that my OB/hospital had a great program called the baby's breath project to help pregnant women quit smoking. I quit smoking on my own, but if you're finding yourself struggling it might be worth it to see if there's something similar in your area. 
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