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How Will You Annouce Your Pregnancy!!


Re: How Will You Annouce Your Pregnancy!!

  • We have told some close friends and our parents, otherwise we have been hush. I graduate from college on 5/14 and thought it would be fun to announce with a picture of me in my gown after the ceremony and my son in a "big brother" shirt... Along with some cheesy line with our next plans or something. I'll be 16-17 weeks at that point. 
    DS #1 11/08/10
    DS #2 due 10/20/16
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  • I will not tell a soul until I hear the heartbeat. Partially because I just need to hear it first. Partially because I am not sure all of my family will be excited. My husband and I are definitely old enough (27/29), but we both work retail and most of our family doesn't consider our income enough to raise a child. We pretty much said screw that, because we wanted kids and my family history includes fibroids and uterine tumors that resulted in hysterectomies....I wanna do it now while I still have the parts to do it with! Now. For announcing. We are both huge Star Wars nerds, and kinda geeks in general. So I am trying to find something related. Our parents and sibling will absolutely get a phone call or be told in person first, but my parents are the only ones close to us.
    Dh and I are huge geeks! We're doing a Harry Potter announcement!
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    @AllyTheKid my MIL bought me this frame today and I had to force a smile because as soon as I saw the frame all I could think of (and all I will ever think of) is this picture!! 
  • PaigeShef said:
    Love all these ideas! This will be our first and we are so excited. Several months before BFP I bought a shirt for our dog that said "Soon to be Big Sister". Corny but my DH loved it! Put our pup in the shirt as soon as I had BFP!

    We told my parents shortly after around 4w3d. We told them with our pup wearing the shirt, too. Since she never wears clothes they noticed right away. Both of them cried and screamed in excitement!

    We waited until we had heard heartbeat at 8w4d before telling other family members. We want to wait until closer to 20 weeks to post on Facebook. 
    I love this so much! What a sweet pup!

  • We just told our families and Facebook yesterday. FI made signs for our parents. 

    Me: 26 ; FI: 27
    DS1: 5 ; DS2: 4m
    Baby #3 Due 9/7/17

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  • @gavzillaxo - I love the sign your hubby made! Looks great!!! And the pictures are so cute!

  • I told my BFF that I needed to see her to give her something. I had a bottle of wine with a note attached that said, "I need you to drink this for me because I'm afraid in may go bad in the next 9 months or so." Cheesy, but fun!

  • bnsmith85 said:
    @gavzillaxo - I love the sign your hubby made! Looks great!!! And the pictures are so cute!
    Thank you! :)
    Me: 26 ; FI: 27
    DS1: 5 ; DS2: 4m
    Baby #3 Due 9/7/17

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  • My first is turning 1 on 3/17, so we are wrapping a "Big Brother" shirt and book for him to open. I also made him a shirt with "1" on it, and made another for myself with "2&3" on the belly :)
  • Oooh, and also tell me if you think I should change stuff. Like, the font, or the way it's lined up or anything. I need inputs. 
  • @ecpdvm Cute! I would make the font bigger and probably not white. Also, maybe put all the font to the left of DS and leave the space behind him (where the "coming october 2016" currently is) empty for better composition. Sorry, I am a graphic designer so I have opinions  ;) 
    DH: 31 | Me: 31
    Married: December 2012
    Baby girl born October 2016
  • Thanks @smmatt08 - exactly the feedback I'm looking for :-)
  • My pup is turning ONE next month. My family knows I'm obsessed with my dogs so I'm hosting a birthday bbq to celebrate. 

    I'm going to announce it at the bbq with baby themed cupcakes. 
  • I'm actually waiting till Easter.  I have even kept it from family.  Easter will be the end of the first trimester for me and I really wanted the privacy for the first few months.  I was soo sick that it was difficult at times not to call my mom... but I stuck to my decision.   My husband and I are sharing with everyone with a video.  We are making a tour of our town video because our family all live out of town.  We will start with subtle hints by having random baby items in the video and slowly get more obvious till at the end,  we share the news flat out and show the ultrasound.  It will be fun.  We are making it this weekend. 
  • We made a cute video and posted it to fb after we told close friends and family. :-) 
  • I'm torn. Easter will be too soon. The next time I see my family will be my cousins 16th birthday and she is just the sweetest kid, I don't want to take one second of attention away from her so I wont do it then. So I'm thinking I'll do it on mothers day. I'll be 15 weeks (I think, getting my US on the 22nd) I was thinking of getting my 6 year old a shirt that says I'm going to be a big sister and sending her in the party before we go in. I think I'll tell my little brother and have him film the reaction of our family.  DD was born with a brain malformation (spent months in the hospital and had 5 brain surgeries). I'm afraid to tell people because I don't want them to worry. 
  • We told best friends and parents at 5 weeks (each set of parents got one phone-a-friend that they could squeal to). But the rest of family will find out right at 12 weeks on Easter since we are the only ones who live out of town and that's the only time we'll be all together for a while. My 12 week appt is the following Wednesday so if everything checks out well from that then we'll make some sort of cute, corny Easter-related announcement on FB (i.e. the Bunny bringing us a FERTILIZED egg this year  ;) )
  • My first appointment isn't until April 12th. DH and I are so excited for our first and want to tell our parents. I have convinced him to wait until we get back from the appointment with ultrasound pictures. But I didn't think this would be so hard! I wanna tell my mom so bad!  MIL has a baby clothing store on Etsy. We are going to call MIL & FIL on Skype and order a customized onesie that says our due date and hopefully she will figure it out. Can't wait!
  • @krzyriver I thought you stole my cat for a minute!!  We have twin cats lol

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  • We are announcing on Easter. We plan on revealing to our boys when they get their Easter baskets. We made a separate basket for the baby and have the ultrasound pictures and some baby items in it. We then plan on taking a picture of the boys with it and will announce on Facebook. 

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  • @wegme27 and @krzyriver My cat looks just like that too!!! 


    Me: 33 DH: 39
    DD 1: 5-24-13
    TTC#2: BFP: 8-23-15 MMC: 10-29-15
    DD 2: 9-15-16
    DD 3: 9-16-17

  • @ejmo68  I call him my cow kitty because he has the markings like a cow lol

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  • My immediate family knows, but hubby and I are having a photo shoot in April when Im 16wks to announce WE'RE HAVING A BABY! 
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    We're phasing our announcement a bit--we've told our closest friends and family, and DH has told people he's closer to at work but he works for a large corporation, and I'm at a very small firm. I just picked up some sweets today and left them in the kitchen with a note that said,

    "Happy spring! Eat up--my mom has a ways to go to catch up with Nicole [a colleague who's due May 4], but you could probably match her bump with a few brownies. :) Love, Baby [last name] (yes--THAT kind of baby!) <3"

    So far it's been fun having coworkers stop by my office, but I feel better not putting anyone on the spot and making them 'react'! :)

    (PS, I had told my boss and the president of our firm first--I don't think this would have been an appropriate way to spill the beans to them!)

    ETA: Removed my (distinct!) last name, oops!
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    Posting Thursday after our 12 week checkup :) 
    (Edit to blur out our last name)

    Parker <3
  • @Piperella Super cute!! ☺️

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