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How Will You Annouce Your Pregnancy!!


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  • We're waiting to tell anyone until after our first ultrasound on March 11. Then I think we'll tell our parents - not sure exactly how. I don't know how to make sure we see their faces without giving the game away. Since it's right before Spring Break, and I teach so it's a holiday for me, that might be my excuse. I'm not sure if I'll tell my brothers at the same time. I assume we'll have to tell his parents around the same time, although for some reason I don't entirely trust his mom to keep it secret (no reason not to trust her - it's probably me being paranoid). The same goes for one of my brothers, who may get drunk and tell people we both know, but I'm probably not giving him enough credit, either. We'll tell my husband's brother around the time we tell mine. I would love to do something cute for their kids to tell them they are getting a cousin, but we almost never see them, so unless it just happens to work out, it probably won't be something we'll get to see.

    Around 12 weeks or so, we'll give our families the go-ahead to spread the news. I think it would be nice for my mom to get to tell her family she's going to be a grandmother (first on my side, fifth on my husband's, so less exciting for them!) Then I'll clear it with work. THEN after that I'll make an announcement on Facebook. I'm really bummed that people brought up Easter, because I had this idea with a Yoshi egg but damn, I don't want to do eggs if everyone is!

    I love everyone's ideas. Previously I had considered photoshopping an alien in my stomach. This is NOT ours (it's been going around the internet) but I think it rocks and would love to do something similarly wry and geeky:

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  • Going to put an ultrasound picture In a grandchildren-type frame with due date written in. Pretty average but they'll be pumped

  • I told DH by making him a puzzle so now he is on a puzzle kick we plan on telling his Mom and grandma though a gam of dictionary they love playing games. We are coming up with a phrase or word we can get them to say as we draw the picture out. Not Sure about FIL and his wife yet we thought about a scavenger hunt. 
    As for my parents this will be their 5th grand child so I think we will have my sisters kids put together a puzzle with a picture of us on the beach with tiny Baby flip-flops between us. his way we can tell my parents and sister at the same time. 
    We will announce early march which would be about 9 weeks it works great because we are visiting home before DH deploys and I'm not sure he can hold it in much longer. 
  • We told my MIL last Saturday. She was having a family dinner and we bought a cake that said, "happy birthday grandma." She got it immediately and started screaming. Then we told my parents the next day, also my stepmom's birthday, so I made her a card that said, "only the best parents get promoted to grandparents." They were in shock at first, but super excited. Plus, I got both reactions on video!
  • my first appointment is on March 3rd too!  It's so hard not to mention this to family yet.  I love all these ideas!  
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    I already told my mom and she probably already told my dad. But we're going to stick with a Disney theme and mail some out to our close family and friends. Something like this:

  • Michi1382 said:
    Trigger Warning: loss mentioned: I have no idea how to announce. I had a miscarriage in August and we had done a cool announcement then with our DD but now I'm feeling very cautious about announcing and especially about announcing as soon as we did last time. I want to do it after the 20 week (?) anatomy scan but, man, that's far away lol 
    I'm scared to go early as well.  The H and I are thinking we'll surprise our friends by showing up to our yearly big trip with a belly.  That's the second week of July so at 27 weeks....  I'm also seriously debating not telling the parents and fam until right before them.  Un-telling them all last time was just awful and some of them were less than supportive.
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  •  We will announce probably between 8-12 weeks. No idea, probably just tell them, show an us and be done. I don't see the point in some giant gathering. Maybe DS with a big bro book or shirt.

    With my first for my family we made a dinner then said we had a cool CD for them (it was the ultrasound). MIL we just blurted it out and she wasn't very welcoming of the news. I couldn't care less when or if FB finds out.
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  • I'm so sorry there have been some unsupportive responses for some of you but if I do say so myself, F that and I hope you find ways to tell people and celebrate your excitement as you deserve to and in whatever way helps you to stay positive! I have mixed feelings because it is so hard keeping this secret but we will probably wait until at least 14 weeks to tell anyone. I have some ideas for how we might do it this time, just showing the ultrasound, giving t shirts and children's books... I'm so indecisive!
  • @littlewillie2016 - DH and I discussed announcing to FB on April Fools. Maybe something like "It's no joke, we're KTFU" or something. I think it'd be funny and cute!

    I called and told my BFF before the stick was even dry. All other close friends and family will find out after we hear a heartbeat. I'll probably find some cutesy DIY thing to do for my parents and in-laws. Everyone else, we'll just tell. 
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  • CopperBoom86 I think it's cute and funny too. Someone told me before (not on here) that it may be insensitive to post it on FB so people see it as a joke. But I really am pregnant and a lighthearted person, so I don't see a problem with it. It's the right timing and would be a missed opportunity if we didn't. Ha. I don't think my FB friends will think of it as a joke.
    I will prob tell close friends and fam after I hear a heart beat as well.  
  • smmatt08 – No it is not terrible; I am in the same boat and DH agreed. MIL is a wonderful woman, but just really bad with secrets!


    @MrsHudson2014 ;  – I can sympathize with your story. I’m 28, DH is 29 but he has a few chronic illnesses and it’s only going to get harder for him as we get older. He’s the lucky stay at home dad, working part time for his dad’s business when he can. We live with my mom and I also feel like some of the family thinks we aren’t in a good place for another child (6 year old DD is mine from a previous relationship), but politely I say screw them. This is my life and the time is right for us to grow or family now. If you wait for a perfect moment to do something, you might never get it done, so if now works for you two then no one else should care. I know how much easier said than done that is, but it’s certainly helped me with all the judgy-mcjudgersons out there who think they know my situation better than me. 

    As for announcing, I'm thinking of getting DD a cute "Big Sister" shirt for her Easter basket and having her wear it to the family Easter get togethers. Easter is the Sunday after we have our heartbeat appointment, and I hate keeping things from people! Especially exciting things.

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  • We told my mom tonight. We have a huge wedding to go to in August so I showed her a picture of the maternity dress I wanted and said "what do you think of this for Morgan's wedding? I think I'm going to order it tonight." She had to really look at it but then she got all giddy. I'll tell my close friends and my dad and sister soon, but not sure how yet.
  • First appointment is Saturday. Assuming everything looks good and we hear a heartbeat we will tell our families Saturday evening. We are going to dinner for hubby's birthday with my family. Since my parents are on the edge of their seat waiting for us to announce we are pregnant if I try to do something cutesy they'll know before they see it. So, I am going to ask our server to put the ultrasound pic with the bill. I'm so excited!
  • There are some cute ideas here!  We had a trip to Mexico planned for my best friend's wedding, and now that's out the window.  My parents were going to watch our cat while we were away, and they've known best friend since we were three, so there's really not a good way out of telling them.  We're throwing my cousin a "sprinkle" Sunday for her rainbow baby girl, so I will have my parents and MIL over then and H and I will tell them, but also ask them to keep quiet about it until we announce it publicly.  

    **TW-Loss mentioned**  I had a CP in December that shook me up, and I was glad for the support certain family and friends offered me, so I'm not against sharing the news to some people early in case anything happens.  I'm just not ready to make it "Facebook official" yet.
  • We told our friends and family right away through texts and I get to do a joint announcement with my amazing sister in law @Julia70286 in our second trimester to tell everyone else
  • I told my parents when I got the BFP (my mom's a doc, has known we were TTC and has been giving helpful advice the whole time. dad figured out when I wasn't drinking at Christmas. What does that say about my pre-pregnancy habits?). they had been talking about taking a cruise the week after thanksgiving and told us that we were welcome to come, so I told them we'd have to take a rain check on that, since 6 week olds were probably not going to enjoy San Juan.

    We told ILs a few days later (they were talking about tax time and I happened to mention that we'd be claiming a dependent next year). MIL posted on facebook ALMOST immediately, but she didn't tag us and I'm not exactly concerned about what her friends or DH's third cousins will have to say. There are *some* advantages to living thousands of miles away from one's family.

    Otherwise, we're not really big on making a big deal out of things. Our friends we see regularly know (again... that whole drinking thing). I think I'll do facebook at anatomy scan so we can announce gender as well. Might let extended relatives know sooner than that, once we've hit the 12 week mark. ...It's a rolling announcement.
  • **TW- loss mentioned  ** 

    I plan on just telling people. I have already told my parents, sister and my MIL and my closest  friends.  I don't  plan on telling too many more people really. Those who need to know, already  do.

     I'm in a bit of a tricky situation  tho, because I don't mind telling a  few people and have appreciated  their support during my miscarriages. Also my sister just lost twins in her 2nd trimester  so I would like to be sensitive  towards her feelings. I don't think there will be a fb announcement  this time, just at some point I'll mention something  about #3 coming.
  • We already told our family and asked them to keep it off of social media until we had our first ultrasound.
    Unfortunately, hubby's dad thought he'd like to be the one to announce it on Facebook for us and tag us in it, so goodbye cute announcement ideas!
  • Both our families know and closest friends. Other than that no one will know until after 14 weeks. We will be doing a photo with our dog becoming a big brother for our official announcement 
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    I just bought this shirt off Etsy and we're going to dress DS in it for family photos. We'll also put him in it after our first appointment and bring him over to Nana and Papa's house and see how long it takes for them to notice what it says. :)

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  • I was so surprised to find out I was pregnant (trying for 5 years with not even a hopeful positive) that when I found out and it looked to be about 5-6 weeks along, I took a picture of the 3 at home pregnancy tests that I did, developed them and put it in a card with a little Valentine's Day present.  Then we went to visit my mom and watched her reaction (which was confused..she thought it was a picture of mascara, then disbelief, then joy with tears).  After her place, we went to my aunts, then my dad's and repeated the process.  Hubby's family isn't as close as mine so we just called them.

    For fb, I just posted a picture of my first ultrasound and said hubby and I have a peanut!
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  • I'm feeling super, super cautious about the whole announcement thing.  We've told no one yet.  But FIL is an accountant who does our taxes for us and it looks like 12 weeks for me will be around April 15, so we're thinking we will slip him and MIL "one more piece of tax paperwork" around that date.  That tax paperwork will hopefully be a sonogram picture indicating that we have a dependent coming in October.  :-)

    My family is trickier because mom and dad are out of town, so I'll probably just tell my mom over the phone when the timing feels right.

    For Facebook, we're Broncos fans (or at least I am and DH is supportive of my fandom), and the timing is close enough that I think we'll have to spoof that awful Superbowl Babies commercial that aired this year by revealing that we will be adding to the Superbowl Baby class of 2016. 
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  • I'm not really a fan of being fawned over our people making a big deal, so we waited last time and will this time too.  We announced to family on easter last time (12 weeks) by giving our moms onesies that said "I :heart: Grandma" in front of everyone. I didn't announce on Facebook until father's day. We'll probably do a similar timeline this time around. I did already tell my bestie and she's making a big brother shirt that we can have him wear when we're ready to announce this time. 

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  • @nataliemaephotography ; I know it's probably hormones, but your cake story just made me cry! So sweet!!
  • Planning to tell my Mom this weekend.  She lives about 5 hours away, and can't stand NOT telling, but need to tell her in person!  Only about 6.5 weeks, but if something goes wrong, I'm soooo going to need her.  Got an Alex & Ani bracelet which says Grandmother - going to give it to her, say I picked this up for you, thought you could use a pick me up right now (my grams (her mother) has been in the hospital).  I can't wait to see the confusion then the happiness register on her face!!

    Told my husband a day after I got my BFP - had bought a coffee mug awhile ago that said "Daddy to Be" on it.  On Saturday morning, served us each our coffee on the couch, but switched out his new mug.  He didn't even notice at first!! But was thrilled once I prompted him to check out his mug... ;)
  • I can't wait to tell my family and friends at my babies first birthday party in may after everything is done and he does the cake smash I am going to put him in a big brother shirt and maybe I'll know the sex of my baby and wrap a gift for my son but it really jus has the color balloons of what the sex is they will be so shocked that we are going to have a second baby already :)
  • Wow, so many good ideas in here.

    We each told our closest friends when we found out, but we want to wait until the 8 wk ultrasound to tell our families.
    It's really important to us that both sets of grandparents find out at the same time, it's going to be the first grandchild on both sides, but we don't want to tell them together, partially because they would know what was up, but also because we don't want them to feel self concious about their reactions in front of each other. 

    Right now we're leaning towards each of us calling our own parents at the same time, breaking the news, and then switching phones. Not very creative, but fair.
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  • We are sending these Easter cards. 
  • We just ordered these to tell both sets of parents waiting till our 8 week ultra sound!! 
  • We are probably going to wait untill 2nd trimester since we've had so many losses, but for my birthday we are going bowling so I think Ill sneak off and take a pic of 2 big bowling balls (pink and blue for me and hubby )and 2 little ones (a pink one for DD and probably a random color for the surprise baby). Not sure yet, we will see my mind changes daily.
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  • @Cubslove12 Where are those from?  We are also waiting until after first u/s (tomorrow! finally!)  and plan on having the grandparents open gifts with grandparent mugs.  But those are so cute!
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  • We announced to my family at my uncle's birthday party. We gave him a "great uncle est. 2016" mug. My grandparents are always updating their fridge with new pics of their grandkids so we first revealed the pregnancy by giving my grandparents an envelope with a picture of the ultrasound and told them we got a new pic done for their fridge. Of course my grandma knew what it was right away but my grandfather stood there turning the picture upside down trying to figure out what he was looking at haha (he also wasn't wearing his glasses). My mom also got "I love my great grandma" and "I love my great grandpa" bibs for them.
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  • @Cubslove12 Where are those from?  We are also waiting until after first u/s (tomorrow! finally!)  and plan on having the grandparents open gifts with grandparent mugs.  But those are so cute!
    We bought them on Etsy! They literally sent them the next day, awesome fast response/shipping.
  • Our IVF cycle was public, but our twin announcement is in my signature.

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