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How Will You Annouce Your Pregnancy!!

Hi Everyone!

Ok I did well for the most part of the day keeping myself distracted from all this baby, but now I am having a lapse! How is everyone going to announce they are pregnant?!? I know we are all relatively around the same time right now so thought this would be a great discussion. My first appointment isn't till March 3rd and I wanted to wait to hear the heartbeat anyway to tell our parents and siblings just to be sure. There is no Holiday around that time, besides Easter but that is 3 weeks after the fact! I will not be able to keep it from our families that long! Do you ladies have any idea how you will announce you're pregnant?

I will probably have some Easter themed announcement to post on fb after all my family/close friends know. Just stuck on how to tell our families and in a way that would be a surprise instead of just saying oh yeah we are pregnant!
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Re: How Will You Annouce Your Pregnancy!!

  • DH and I are seeing his sister and mother this weekend. I couldn't see them and not tell them. SO we're only going to tell them. I ordered a "Bun in the Oven" off Etsy for the reveal. It's SO cute! They open the box and inside is this little bun with a scroll sticking out. On the scroll reads, "Done baking...October 2016" :) Can't wait! We're going to do the same for our other family members and close friends after our first appointment on 2/23 around 8 weeks!

    We're going to do a St. Patty's Day announcement to the rest of the world which will be around the end of the first trimester. Can't wait to HEAR my MIL and SIL's reactions on Sunday!
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    We're going to tell our family around the same time, after we hear the heartbeat. I found some "Promoted to Grandmother/Grandfather" mugs on Amazon for hubby's parents, since this will be the first grandkid on that side. For my mother and stepfather, I found a Grandmother mug for my mom and a "Worlds Best Grampy" hat for my stepdad, which is what all the grandkids call him. We'll probably include a copy of the ultrasound with each set of gifts.

    My family is a little tricky because they are out of state, so we'll have to ask them not to open the gifts until a specific day. Then we'll meet with hubby's parents and maybe Facetime and have everyone open their gifts. I'm certain they'll know what's up, but I really wanted to do more than just tell my side of the family over the phone and we really have to tell them at the same time.

    I haven't been on Facebook because I'm not sure I can keep my mouth shut. We will probably tell everyone around the 12-14 week mark, which conveniently falls on our 3rd anniversary. I was going to order some announcements and send them in the mail and then post to Facebook a few days later.


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  • I've already been telling friends and family. I figure there's no point to keep it a secret after having a miscarriage and everyone knowing about that. Plus I'm horrible at lying.

    We will do a FB post around 9-10 weeks probably. Not sure what we will do this year for it.

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  • I'm torn about announcing. We've already told our families... I just texted everyone. We lost our son in November so we're being super cautiously excited. It feels like we just did an announcement, so it seemed weird having a big to-do about it so soon. I don't know that we'll post on facebook this time around either. My husband is a tattoo artist and has a lot of followers for his job on his social media and he's still getting clients coming in and asking how the lost pregnancy is going. If it weren't for that, I would announce again on fbook around the 2nd trimester. I think it may be kind of fun to just celebrate with our family and friends and then SURPRISE! HERE'S A BABY! on fbook after I deliver lol. 

    Last time I had a onesie sitting out while my mom was over and she asked if it was for our friends baby, and then I said, "...or ours... in 9 months." She lost it. 

    My dad guest reads to an elementary school class, so he has a couple of favorite kids books he reads. We bought him one and on the inside we wrote, "Time to start your own childrens book collection - Baby due 3/24/16"

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  • Those are some really good suggestions guys! I guess I could just give them gifts for no reason. I am sure that they will all know something is up when they are all together! Both our parents and siblings, that will be a big hint! Still though even if they have an inkling it will be still awesome to see their reaction!! I am just too nervous to tell anyone yet. Even though I really want to but I am superstitious so we are going to wait.
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  • I will not tell a soul until I hear the heartbeat. Partially because I just need to hear it first. Partially because I am not sure all of my family will be excited. My husband and I are definitely old enough (27/29), but we both work retail and most of our family doesn't consider our income enough to raise a child. We pretty much said screw that, because we wanted kids and my family history includes fibroids and uterine tumors that resulted in hysterectomies....I wanna do it now while I still have the parts to do it with!

    Now. For announcing. We are both huge Star Wars nerds, and kinda geeks in general. So I am trying to find something related. Our parents and sibling will absolutely get a phone call or be told in person first, but my parents are the only ones close to us.
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  • Only DH and I know now.  I'm not sure when and how we'll tell close family/friends but right now I'd like to wait until after we hear a h/b.  Pretty much everyone knows about our miscarriage so I don't think anyone will be surprised when we do announce.  I really liked some of the Easter themed announcements on pinterest so I may go with one of those.

  • Now that I am on desktop I can write a better response!
    @eajanners that "bun in the oven" thing is so cute!
    @von1976 the mugs are a cute idea too! I was thinking of doing something similar or maybe a picture frame with the sono picture?
    @artcheese it must be exciting to see their reactions! I literally cannot wait!
    @julia70286 first I am very sorry for your previous loss, I cannot imagine. It is good to have the support system that you have with your family.
    @mrshudson2014 I feel the same way, I am not telling anyone until the heartbeat. I need to feel that it is real you know? I know our families will be excited, ever since we got our house last year it has been the hot topic! I agree you are definitely old enough and I would start now too given the family history! Go to Pinterest I am sure they have some cute Star Wars themed announcements!
    @lilyaster I am very sorry for your previous loss. Some of the Easter announcements are cute! I like the one where it says Hatching and then your due date!
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  • With my 3DDs I always waited until I was at least 14 weeks to tell anyone, even my mom. Looking back, I have no idea how I did that! I went ahead and had my numbers checked this week to make sure everything was doubling like it should because I am announcing to family THIS coming weekend. I really can't believe I am doing it so early, I will be a couple days shy of 5 weeks. We are all gathering for my grandma's birthday this weekend though and because we are spread out in different states, I am not sure when my next opportunity will come. We are all going out to eat so I will just bring my DIY bowl that says "eating for two!" and when the server brings my food I will just casually explain that I brought my own bowl and will put my food in and see if anyone notices. There are about 30 of us, and everyone is quite loud and obnoxious so I think it will be fun to see how long it takes everyone to notice  :D. I did already tell my mom, I just had my youngest daughter tell her she was going to be a big sister when we had her over this past weekend. She loved it  <3
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  • @lilylover27 I think you and I may be long lost BFF's! Hah! Pinterest is an addiction of mine! My DH thinks I'm nuts. 
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  • I will be waiting to tell "everyone" till after our 12 week appt because last pregnancy I told everyone after our 8 week appt but at our 12 week there was no heartbeat and it was just awful having to deal with telling everyone. 


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  • My hubs is way too excited to keep it secret from his parents for the entire first trimester. Since i will actually have an even more worrisome second trimester for risk of IC requiring u/s every 2 weeks to measure cervical length, we wanted to tell our parents and 1 person each once the 48hour hcg rise was confirmed.

    We both live away from our parents, making telling a little tricky. He actually facetimed his mum within minutes of us getting the lab results back, then his dad soon after. Thankfully the MIL was super excited, it will be her second since our nephew was just born Oct 28, 2015. My FIL is a real a&#*()! and barely said congrats. Its his 9th and no big deal to him. (total let down and upset to me)

    I wanted to do something a little more special for my parents since it is their first so I made them mugs that said YaYa and Poppy (what they have always wanted to be called) and mailed them in a box with a note that asked if they have any plans for October 2016. We had them facetime us before they openned it so we could record their reaction and it was BEYOND worth it. They both screamed and cried and jumped up and down for over 90 seconds and still cant believe it. They just got it tonight and it has put me in the best mood tonight. It was really hard to keep it a secret from my mom for the last week.

    I have not decided yet if I will tell my brothers around week 10 or wait until I am home for easter right around the end of my first trimester when I will see all my family and plan on announcing it in person. I will probably tell them a little earlier since we are very close. Havent put much though into a "public media" plan yet but probably a photo with us and the dogs some how announcing it.
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  • DH is so excited, he wants to tell his family as soon as we can see them, this weekend.  
    I on the other hand would like to wait a while to tell my family.  I feel like my mom will tell the entire family, and I'm not sure what their reactions will be.  Hopefully she can keep it a secret until I share the news with everyone.   My coworker I share an office with knows because I can't lie to her, and every time I opened my mouth I felt like I was lying to her.  She's more like a close friend than a coworker.  I also told my 2 BFFs from middle school and college.  One is also expecting her first, Due in June. So far everyone is exited! :)

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  • @MrsHudson2014 ;haha I agree, feels like we knew each other somehow before! I live on Pinterest, for everything! It can be baby, pregnancy, kitchens, food, clothes, etc. etc. I am seriously obsessed! DH doesn't get it either, but he does like some ideas I find!

    @snobunniemel that is so cute your parents were so excited and your MIL. Sorry that your FIL was not so excited. It is extremely hard keeping it from our parents as well, we live only like 15 minutes from both of them! We are also seeing both of them this weekend so it is going to be really hard to keep it in but we want to. My BIL kind of hinted to DH that he knew we had to be trying by now so they might not be ask surprised but oh well.

    @mkc3888 my mom is the same! She would want to scream it from the roof tops! She will have to wait a little while after we tell them because I don't want it to get out before the end of the 1st trimester. I also talk to my BFF, she lives out of state, every day and I know what you mean by saying it feels like I am lying to her. He fiancé is also DH's BFF too so we plan to tell them right after we tell our immediate family.
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  • smmatt08 said:
    Is it terrible that I don't want to tell my MIL until we tell everyone because I don't trust her to keep her mouth shut?

    DH and I haven't really discussed the when and how. For now I kind of like it being our secret! 
    Not terrible at all!! We're not telling any of our parents about the pregnancy (MIL especially) until second tri. When we found out we were pregnant with DS, we told everyone at Christmas even though it was really early just because it was the perfect opportunity. We asked everyone not to say anything until we gave them the go ahead during the second trimester. Come to find out, MIL blabbed and told everyone she knew on New Year's Eve. I was pissed, but everything turned out OK with that pregnancy.

    *loss mentioned*
    Second time around, we made an announcement around 8 weeks because we didn't think we'd ever ever suffer a loss. Again, we asked everyone not to tell until we gave them the go ahead. I went to a cookout at my IL's house when I was about 11.5 weeks and literally every single woman (most of whom I barely knew) came up to me and congratulated me. Meanwhile, I had started spotting and I knew something was wrong. Turns out I was in the beginning of a miscarriage. I was LIVID with MIL for weeks after that. She doesn't even know about our chemical in December. No way in HELL is she finding out before second tri this time!

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  • Thank you, @PeggyOlsonFTW , for reassuring me that it is ok  :)
    I feel like we will tell my parents earlier, they're not blabbermouths and it will be their 3rd grandbaby. First for in-laws. Plus my mom will likely have to alter my bridesmaid dress for my bff's wedding!

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  • artcheese said:
    I've already been telling friends and family. I figure there's no point to keep it a secret after having a miscarriage and everyone knowing about that. Plus I'm horrible at lying. We will do a FB post around 9-10 weeks probably. Not sure what we will do this year for it.
    This exactly. We'll definitely tell our family this weekend (I, too, suck at lying) and I've already told a few close friends. They helped us through the loss so I feel like we're an open book at this point. 

    If we do a Facebook announcement it'll probably be around 13ish weeks. Our OB offers cfDNA testing to all patients as their standard of care, and last time we elected to find out the sex as well. So we'll announce that when all results come back -- which is around 13 weeks. 
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    We told my parents last night. We are going to be spending the day with my grandparents and my brother and sil in about a month so I think we will just tell them then. It will be about a week before my first appointment but me not drinking wine would be a telltale sign anyway. 

    We are waiting to tell my in laws since they both live on opposit sides of the country and are really not that involved anyway. Neither were too excited about when we told them last time
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  • I called my mom yesterday, soon after I found out, because she is a medical professional, understands the importance of keeping a lid on things early on, and I really want her in my corner from the very beginning because I know she will be supportive no matter what. Everyone else will find out in the second trimester. Not planning anything until then.
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  • We bought MIL and FIL mugs that say recently promoted to grandma/grandpa.  We bought a sign that says "Grandkids welcomed, Parents by appointment" for my mom.  If the first grand baby for MIL and FIL and 6th for my mom. 

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  • We will announce when I can't hide it anymore or as late as possible.  Preferably after June.
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  • Planning to give our parents Valentines that Say Will you be my Nana/Grandma ...Love Baby 

    our first Appointment isn't until 2-19 so debating before or after Appointment.
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  • @No Longer ERL very cute idea!! we have the same appt date :) 
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  • It's kind of perfect that we are all coming out of the first trimester on Easter! Good holiday to announce. 

    I already told one of my best friends and DH told a coworker. I'll tell my other two closest friends sometime this week as well. My mom's birthday is next week, so we may tell my parents then but I can't decide! We waited till after the first appointment to tell with my oldest, but we told all of our family and close friends pretty much right away with our second. I was thinking about getting my mom a popcorn maker (I have one and she wants one now, too) and attaching a note about how her daughter is going to pop (again) in October. 

    For my in-laws, I really want to do the group photo where you record and yell "I'm pregnant" when they think you are taking the photo. I love stuff like that. Or I could get the boys shirts and have my youngest's shirt say "middle child" and just let them walk in and see who notices. :)

    We will definitely be telling Facebook on Easter. It just makes sense and will be an easy announcement. (something with an egg...)

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  • I have already told our parents and am assuming they will just tell all of my five siblings. I will announce on Facebook on April 1 with a cross stitch that says Baby Willerton 2016. When I told my dad and step mom I cross stitched Mama and Papa. They loved it! My husband wants to announce it April 1 because he thinks it will be funny that people may think it's a joke. For my best friends I will tell in person and come out with it. I have not told my mom yet but will just do it over the phone. 
  • I am going up to the Bay Area in early April to see my parents and I will be around 12 weeks by then, so probably showing since this is my 4th. I think I'm just going to show up and let the bump do that talking, haha!  My older sister who is due in June will be visiting from London and I'll probably let her in on it beforehand so she can add to the surprise. :) By that time, I'm thinking we'll know the gender too since I'm doing the maternt21 test so I'll have a lot to share with them!
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  • I made a  picture book on shutterfly. Starting with pictures of my H and I when we were dating then a few pics from when we got engaged, then when we got married, then some pics of random things we have done since getting married. Then the last page 1 pic with the positive pregnancy test (digital), then the blank page I'm going to tape in my ultra sound I got done last week. I will write these accordingly with the pics. " I have referred to you as many things since we met" 
     "I have been seeing this guy" (with the dating pics) "this is my fiancée" (with the engagement pics, "this is my husband" (with the wedding pics) 

    however, you are getting a new name and you better get used to it. Because you are going to be hearing it a lot. 

    The last page (with the pregnancy pic and ultrasound) it will say you're going to be a daddy!!! 

  • We put these shirts on my kids and went to the grandparents house. Took them quite awhile to notice lol.
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  • I texted my BFF with the two family of four emojis that have a son (parents + 2 boys and parents + one boy +one girl) with the word OR in between them. She replied with a series of squeals and immediately got it. MH had me text his sister a pic of the tests, as that's how she told me when she found out last year. We might tell my BIL (just a text probably) because he'll probably feel left out, but everyone else will learn some time after first tri. We live far, far away from family so that makes it easier to keep the secret. Last time I didn't post anything on FB and I likely won't again. We sent a personal email to close friends with the ultrasound pic at the beginning of second tri. As for some cute announcement, I'm not sure. We'll have to think of some way to involve DS when we go to see my ILs at the beginning of April. He doesn't get it yet, but when I ask if he wants a little brother or sister he always says, "Little sister!" :)
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  • We told our parents last weekend. Yesterday I took a picture of our son reading a book and texted it to our siblings saying that he was practicing his big brother reading skills. I am going to get a big brother shirt for my son to announce it on Facebook. 
  • Like this
    I Internet love you so much right now. This is magnificent. 
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  • I don't plan on telling anyone til after our first appointment. Not sure how we are going to do it yet!
  • This is our third and DH had pretty much already told all of friends we were TTC. Last month we got a false pos and he had to tell and untell a coworker and friend. So, idk I just didn't care to keep it much of a secret. Plus when my SIL gets pregnant, I'd hope she would tell me sooner than 12 weeks like last time, so I wanted to tell her now. And my sister was in town for a couple days, right before being deployed, so basically we just told all of our immediate family last week (5 weeks).

    How? I have major anxiety about it and waiting for people's reactions and such.. So most people I texted with.. "So I have some news.." And they all guessed- "baby?!" Or "you're pregnant?!" Etc. 

    At my dad's house, we were over for dinner and he asked if I wanted a margarita. I just said, "I can't drink anymore." And he immediately got it. He told my step-mom when she came down and was like "ok.." and kept on. My dad said "seems like you'd be a little more excited.." and she shrugged her should. Awkward! But then she was like "wait!! Who can't drink?! I thought you meant [my sis]! Omg yay congrats!!!!!!!!"

    And then for my MIL, we walked in for dinner one night and she immediately asked me if we were going to Florida with her in October. I was like ummm maybe we could go in May. And then I ran out of the room, while whispering to DH he could tell her. So he said, " on the way!" And she was really excited. 

    We did cute announcements last time, so we were casual this time. 

  • Trigger Warning: loss mentioned: I have no idea how to announce. I had a miscarriage in August and we had done a cool announcement then with our DD but now I'm feeling very cautious about announcing and especially about announcing as soon as we did last time. I want to do it after the 20 week (?) anatomy scan but, man, that's far away lol 
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    When we got our BFP and got the confirmation test done at the doctors, i wanted to give something to my parents. 
    So i made this box for them, plus its big enough to keep other bits and bobs in it like scan photos etc 

  • TW: With our last, we waited until 13 weeks to tell most and ended up losing our baby at 14 weeks. That time we put a cute big brother shirt on our son and he walked around my sister and her fiance's engagement/housewarming party until people started noticing. This was her idea. At the time, I was upset we had just told and loss, but in hindsight I am happy we did because it gave me such an incredible support system of our family and friends. 

    This time around I'm like blah... on the fence of should we tell sooner or wait, because it really didn't make a difference in the end. We had told our immediate families (parents/sibs) already and a few close friends, but i'm not sure when we will tell everyone else. I wouldn't care if we never said anything on facebook until the baby was born, but my husband is set on making some sort of announcement that is mario/player two themed. We'll see. As of now, my only intentions is to probably tell people if they ask why i'm not drinking bc i don't feel like making up lies (and i'm not very good at it anyway). i'm not sure if we will do a formal announcement to family and our friends (not fb) or just tell them as we see them.
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  • Well I had planned how I would tell my husband for years... got a cute nerdy book etc I was going to give him BUT I unexpectedly got my first BFP Saturday (naturally) after 2 years of infertility and so I kind of spoiled my plans when I came running out of the bathroom sobbing and saying OMG! OMG! OMG I CAN'T BELIEVE IT! 

    We are telling my mom this weekend when she is in town even though I am only 5 weeks because she lives out of state and I won't see her again until I would be due in the Fall. Plus it will be nice to have her support for all my questions and should anything go wrong. I will try to post a picture but I got a Valentine's onesie and put it in a heart box for chocolates and wrote a note that says "Not all valentine's are delivered on the 14th".

    We plan to tell the rest of the family at Easter when I am 12 weeks, assuming everything goes well and not any risks. We got a tshirt for my husband on Etsy that says Father in scientific elements. I may also do something cute with some easter eggs or something. 

    We will probably announce on facebook/to our friends around or after Easter... again assuming all is well. So excited but also nervous! We want this baby so badly!
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