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    @MrsDho11 I have rocky mountians too even with vag temp. It's so frustrating in WTO---to shift or not to shift...will my temps change? Lol

    @BerkeBaby sorry about your aunt.

    @Xstatic3333 and @CajunSnowWhite89 sorry for CD 1

    @JamieK1882 I agree with @MissAmeliaPond. Internet pics are super helpful although kinda gross.

    Month/cycle: 7/8

    CD: 5

    Waydtgku: everything after AF totally gone (prob tomorrow)

    R/R/CS: I had to take a few days break from
    TB after AF came last cycle. For some reason even though neither one of us said so during TWW both DH and I thought that was for sure THE cycle. I even felt like my PMS symptoms were "different". Guess I learned my lesson.

    GTKY: we are kinda snowed in here...Netflix all afternoon (after I made my treacherous journey home from work) and now vino. I love Friday!

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    Month/Cycle: month 25 cycle 8, or 9? 

    CD: 18

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, checking CM. 

    R/R/CS: I have an extremely low Sex Drive, and I am currently in my FW. While DH and I are having Sex during this time, it just seems so frustrating that it takes a lot out of me to just do it.... Of course, it might just be that I'm tired since we have been trying for two years now with not a single positive test.... 

    GTKY: In honor of Snowmageddon, if you are/were to be snowed in for a few days, what would you do to pass the time? I have books, I can read, and re-read. I also have my work laptop, therefore if all else fails, I can work - blah. :) 
    ME: 24 | HIM: 30
    Dr put me on BC pills at age 18 to regulate period. 
    <3 Got Married July 2013  <3
    TTC: Since Jan. 2014. 
    Diagnosed with PCOS Fall 2014. (Not IR)
    Fertility Acupuncture March 2015 - December 2015
    First BFP on 2/6/2016!

    (Typical Cycle length 35-48 days)

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    @Marley629 - I think you've already had a couple responses to your Q about CM, but I'll chime in too. During one cycle I took cold medicine a few times due to an actual cold, and it completely threw off my CM readings. It made it appear that I was fertile, when in fact I had already O'd. (Thought my post-O temp rise was a fever... wasn't using OPKs... sigh... not a good cycle.) However, it might not throw it off as much if you know you're taking it when you're fertile, and you take it regularly rather than randomly. TL;DR, if CM is an important cue for you, you may not want to mess with Mucinex. But if you have enough other reliable signs to know when you're fertile, and you could benefit from wetter CM, go for it! 

    @BerkeBaby - I'm so sorry for your loss.

    Month/Cycle: 3/4

    CD: 14

    WAYDTGKU: BBT, OPK, PNV, guaifenesin, the humpty dance

    R/R/CS: My OPK was allllmost positive today (Wondfo) but not quite, darn it. I usually just do one a day, but might do a second one now since it was almost as dark as the control line. 

    GTKY: I think it's safe to say that we are snowed in! We have a couple of inches, it's coming down steadily, and we don't have have 4WD, so I ain't going anywhere. Plans include Netflix and chill, homemade pizza, reading, and maybe getting together with neighbors tomorrow to either play in the snow or hang out inside by the fireplace.
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    @BerkeBaby Sorry about the loss of your Aunt. I'm glad the nurses were compassionate. And I'm glad things are going smoothly for your Grandma...

    @gardeniagirlknits I'm new to the temping world but from what I understand you only need 6 days prior to O in order to see them temp shift? I could be wrong, but I would def start!! =) good luck.

    Month/Cycle: 2/2

    CD: 7


    R/R/CS: I have an awful kink in my neck that has caused a constant headache since yesterday. I slept terrible which caused my tempt to go up a bit from the two days prior. Hope it doesn't mess my chart up too bad. And I have to work 3 days in a row starting tomorrow (12 hour shifts). Ugh.

    GTKY: In honor of Snowmageddon, if you are/were to be snowed in for a few days, what would you do to pass the time?

    I'm with all of the Netflix and reading people. I'd love to sit and read through HP again. But with my DD it would be impossible. I hate winter. I'm so sick of winter. I wish that summer was the longer season. It felt like we only got one month of summer last year!
    Baby #1: Elena 4/6/14
    Baby #2: Grayson EDD 10/22/16

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    Thank you @MissAmeliaPond & @YesOuiCan that is helpful info!
    DH: 34 | Me: 35
    DS1 9/24/13
    DX Diminished Ovarian Reserve, Factor V Leiden Mutation, Secondary Infertility
    MFI (SA #1
    Count 11mill, Motility: 18%, Morphology: 1%)
    MFI (SA #2Count 7 mill, Motility: 18%, Morphology: 1%)
    AMH .328 
    | FSH 13.2 
    Oct. 2016: Clomid + TI
    IVF: ER 3/1/17; 5 retrieved, 3 mature & fertilized
    Results: 2 PGS normal embryos
    Planned on August 2017 transfer
    Natural BFP 4/3/17,Expecting baby boy via RCS 12/7/17

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    Late night post here!

    @Zoey1019 I actually just checked out TB's paper chart and was surprised to see it basically only in the 98 and 99's, because mostly my temps run in the 97's, upper 96's for me are definitely pre-ovulatory, and then spike into the 98's for post O. I would agree w PP that they are probably normal pre-O temps for you, and might make it easier to see a definitive rise when ovulation happens.  I don't know anything about mouth-breathing, but I would think even if your temps run, "low," you should still be able to see the shift.

    @houseofsetters That is incredible - 12 fosters!  we have our little guy, and his Pyr brother before him was my first dog, so I don't have that much experience.  But we are getting our new puppy soon!!!  Do you have any tips for helping a new dog acclimate to his/her new home more smoothly?

    @Xstatic3333 Sorry about CD1.  Hope your timing works out okay with your travel plans too!  Hey, worst case scenario, you and DH have to sneak away for a few quickies - no one has to be the wiser! lol

    @Jamie1882 This is my first cycle using OPK's, so I'm not sure I'm much help, but I am going to try taking them first thing (5:30AM) and then again at 2PM, since the hormone surge could happen in a 12-hour window, so for me even though that's not a full 12 hours in between, it's at least morning and afternoon, so I should have more of a chance of seeing a change that might have happened later in the day and not totally miss it.  My pre-O temps usually drop quite a bit, but sometimes it's just kind of a steady zig-zag gradually getting lower, like in the upper 96's before the rise up again. I'm also planning this weekend to get ready for Church, and I'm singing next weekend so I need to pick up some music before hand, snow or no snow!

    @OrangeEv I got a couple great coloring books as Christmas gifts for my nieces before I even realized it was a thing this year!  lol  I gave the one niece coloured pencils and pens both, but the pens really went with her spirograph ;)  Then for myself I came across one in the grocery store that actually is of inspirational Bible verses!  Maybe corny, but I thought that would be just the thing to meditate on while I colour.  They even had the coloured pencils right there too. ;)  Now if I could just sit down to use it...

    @MissAmeliaPond If it were me, I would say that could totally be an O spike, so long as it keeps rising.  Mine don't always immediately shoot way up or above CL immediately, sometimes they move up more incrementally than that but clearly after a few days are well above CL.  It is a pain though cos then I never know for sure which exact day was the O, if it was when it first started on that upward path, or a day or two in?  So I don't know if that's any help really! <span>:P  </span>

    @CajunSnowWhite89 Sorry about CD1, but glad that DH is on board with getting to the bottom of it.  I agree with the PP depending on availability, it may make sense to book it now, and then hey, if you're KTFU by then, you just cancel! ;)

    @PrettyPalomino So sorry about your eye mishap.  That. is. frustrating.  Hope they settle down and stabilize soon for you.  <<hugs>>

    @simcal18 I used to get sooo nauseous from my vitamins i had to make a point to eat something with them.  Now my PNVs are actually much more manageable than my old vitamin routine!  I have my first PNV tab with selenium and vitamin D waiting for me in the morning next to my glass of water to remember to take right away, and then when I go down to make my tea and take my calcium chews, those can sometimes be enough of something to stave off the vitamin queasies, or I like a belvita cookie or wasa, graham cracker, english muffin, yogurt, fruit something like that earlyish.  Then I have my DHA caps waiting for me to take mid-morning with my more main breakfast/midmorning snack whatever that may be.  And my 2nd pnv tab with lunch, 3rd pnv tab with dinner or bedtime if I still see it sitting there since I dole them out ahead of time, I know if I have one left over I need to just take it and I'm good for the day.  Even though they say you don't need to take with food on mine, I just don't like to chance it anymore.  I also think spreading them out helps prevent the queasies.

    @gardeniagirlknits Just temp!  lol  I don't know because I temp my whole cycle, but I basically just see a drop throughout AF that continues downward during pre-O and then goes up.  If you start now, you should totally have enough data, and that would still be way more information than none at all from not temping, ammiright?

    @rkstro2 So sorry about starting over.  I totally know the feeling.  Two cycles ago my SS was so terrible I was CONVINCED it was all "different."  Nope.  This last time I was trying not to go BSC, but I was pretty convinced I definitely MIGHT BE pregnant.  I even bought wool diaper covers, mini crib sheets etc.  cos you know, just want to be prepared!  Nope.  But to be fair, that is essentially progesterone's JOB, to get your body ready to MAYBE BE PREGNANT.  So as hard as it is to feel all the emotions and then to feel the let down, take it as a sign that your body is working the way it should, because that freakin B progesterone totally had you convinced... so you know.  Science.  FX for you this cycle and a fresh start!

    <div><b>Month/Cycle</b>: 18 temping / 6 ntnp / 3 ttc
    </div><div><b>CD</b>: 6
    </div><div><b>WAYDTGKU</b>: BBT, Paper charting, starting OPK's, CM/CP, PNV's, DHA, Calcium, all the teas, no coffee, mucinex starting this weekend...
    </div><div><b>R/R/CS</b>:I can't.
    </div><b>GTKY</b>: We spent the morning getting the house ready and the truck ready to do out to DH's mom's place, bring her fuel for the snowblower and whatnot.  Only to turn around and drive 2 hours back home and just make it before the snow had accumulated much, like less than an inch.  Glad we made it home in time!  Now I am up way past my bedtime, eating salted peanuts and that stupid chocolate got me again!  DH has school work to study and I have to work on getting the final edits for our wedding video submitted by Jan 31.  Plus steak fajitas and ice cream.  Hopefully DH will make some of his world-famous stovetop popcorn as well.  Yumm... We got my Jeep and his skid steer pulled into the garage so we are all set to plow our way out if we get the full foot they may be predicting for us.  Then we plan to get back out to his mom's on Sunday after Church and help her dig out, too.  I wish our plans included more Netflix.
    <b></b><img title="Image:" src="" alt="">

    <p><span>Me: 32 | DH: 39

    Married: May 30, 2015

    TTC #1 since October 2015

    one adorable malti-poo fur-baby</span>
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    Thanks @BusinessWife! I had become much less BSC in cycles 5-6 but cycle 7 just had DH and I all in stitches even though we weren't even talking about it. He just thought I was prob KU and so did I. Hopefully I can guard my heart better this cycle. Glad you made it home safe in the storm.
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    @BusinessWife I think puppies are the easiest to acclimate! Our dogs are usually fresh out of a shelter and freaked/scared by everything! I'm a big fan of crating and routine for little guys! Most of the time older dogs give them a lot of wiggle room since they're so young. GL!! Puppies are so fun! And exhausting!
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    korycir said:

    GTKY: In honor of Snowmageddon, if you are/were to be snowed in for a few days, what would you do to pass the time?

    I'm with all of the Netflix and reading people. I'd love to sit and read through HP again. But with my DD it would be impossible. I hate winter. I'm so sick of winter. I wish that summer was the longer season. It felt like we only got one month of summer last year!

    I can never read when DS is awake. I try to read at least 1 chapter once he goes to bed. Even if I only read 1 chapter/night, I could have them done in less than a year.

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    @simcal18 I switched my PNV to a to the Prenatal One formula from Rainbow Light.  I take an additional DHA supplement and need to be aware of my calcium intake, but its been much better on my stomach.  Eating with it always has helped me, so I would recommend having at least toast or cereal with it in the morning.  I have also changed the time of day I take mine, because I am not one to eat a good breakfast, or remember when I'm trying to get out the door.
    Married 8/12
    MC 4/15
    BFP 10/10/16

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    lizerspitzlizerspitz member
    edited January 2016

    BerkeBaby said:
    For those of you waiting for the snow that's headed your way. Be safe!
    I love this. The wine section is definitely one I needed to stop by in my grocery store this weekend. (For people who grew up in CT, wine is sold in other places than the package store in other states, including the grocery store.) Got a bottle large enough to get me one or two glasses a night til Monday.

    Married 8/12
    MC 4/15
    BFP 10/10/16

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