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  • MamaBish said:

    Flu, diarrhea, vomiting so I have officially called into work but fun fact my in laws are coming tonight so I somehow have to manage to rally to clean a little bit and shower so I don't look like a vomit monster from hell... All the while husband is trying to tell me I should get through work no just no

    Oh hell no! Why are they even coming over if you have the flu??
    I didn't realize it until this morning as my ms has been really bad this week and it all culminated this morning joy. But it's okay they are coming for the football game and are helpful and usually we go out to eat so I don't have to worry about cooking for the whole weekend or she cooks one meal as thanks for coming so it should be okay I just feel like i need to present a little bit less of a disaster of a house
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  • @TattoosandLace could you put "Amelia" into Nymbler and see if you guys can agree on a similar name? I don't blame you for wanting to find out the sex to see if it's really an issue or not. DH and I are 100% set on a boy name but girl names are tough for us.
  • @TattoosandLace Yeah I can't name my kid after anyone who sucks or sucked IRL, so I totally get that. 

    Tinder for baby names! That sounds easier than what we did last time, which was email each other our lists of names and then rank them... I really don't want to go through that again. What's the name of the app?

    It's the one with the egg. :)

    @quartz02 I am so glad you suggested that! I didn't know it existed until right now. Thank you!
  • I feel like if you are terminally ill and already have a miracle baby you should not be trying for #2! I know bitch thing to say right? But I mean, like can kill you just by carrying a the baby type deal. My husbands ex who he was with 2 years (raising her little girl as she was in and out of the hospital) is pregnant again. She is wheelchair bound now and they don't know how much longer she has. She has brain issues that can go off an kill her at any time.Birth could be the end for her. She decided to get pregnant again. Shes leaving her first little girl and this one without a mom. And her disease is hereditary, what if she passes it onto this baby? I feel like that isn't fair to the kids. Not my business, I get it. But ugh.

    Side note I can almost swear I can feel the baby today. But gas so idk. Maybe my gas has been getting really pumped my first bite of food regardless! lol
  • @TattoosandLace I knew a mean Amelia in HS too. It totally ruined the name for me. 

    Re: hair washing- I am usually a once a weeker shampooing my hair, but this week it's still totally fine after a week so I'm going to keep on keeping on. Thanks baby!

  • I only wash my hair once a week and sometimes it's just conditioner, I use dry shampoo in between washes. 

    Me: 30, DH: 31

    Married: May 16th 2015

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  • I spent a good 10 hours over the last 3 days registering EVERYWHERE. Literally triple registered- same items on all registries. I figure I can trade in any duplicates and use the money for the bazillion cloth diapers that are $20 a pop. My biggest concern is that all of my wishes will be ignored. GLASS bottles only. CLOTH diapers only. ORGANIC products only. NO stroller. NO infant carseat. GENDER NEUTRAL everything! I think sifting through all the crap has me worked up into a tizzy. Ma'am we're going to have to ask you to back away from the baby stuff... Maybe showers are the worst and we should just buy what we want ourselves and forgo all this headache. I didn't realize we are such freaks until I put together these lists :\
  • My FFFC? I want to cunt punt (thanks for the new phrase, whoever said that!) ALL THE FUCKING STUPID PEOPLE.

    My tolerance for idiocy is down to Zero. 2nd tri bitch has officially ARRIVED!
  • Made the mistake of going on WTE and low behold a vaccination thread where the anti vaxxers came out from hiding claiming it causes autism and is terrible and killing children my fffc is if you are an antivaxers for any reason other than your child has a condition where they physically can't have it I dislike you. I especially dislike you if you are one that looks down on children with autism as if they should be feared or avoided by not protecting your children. You and your hateful views on these wonderful children are not welcome in my home or around my family!

    Please note this for the die hard crazys who use junk and false science not those who are using a delayed vaccination plan.

    I don't vaccinate my children. Or rather... I have half-assedly vaccinated my children. My oldest had a super rare autoimmune condition and can't be vaccinated or exposed to people who have had certain live vaccines. She was ALMOST completely vaccinated when she was diagnosed. But my boys obviously weren't. So they've only been partially vaccinated. Plus when there was that big outbreak, I took them both in for the whooping cough vaccine. To protect my daughter, who couldn't be vaccinated against it. But I totally don't vaccinate newborn babies. It seems weird. I like to wait for their immune system to develop a bit before doing anything to them. Of course I've had almost exclusively preemies, in the winter... so I spend months inside either at the hospital or at home... so they don't get exposed to anything in those first few months anyway.
  • @MotherOfDucks, see to me that makes perfect sense.

    My FCCC, my job. I am a government contracted employee and have no had a review or a raise in 3 years because the US government might not renew CGI's contract. Just got an email saying they want to do recommendation bonuses if we can get people to work here. I swear to god if this was my last week here I would write the most nasty email back and then say btw this is my 5 min notice. How do you get off freezing everyone and then think it's ok to bring more people on. HATE YOU CGI! I HATE YOU!.

    Me: 30, DH: 31

    Married: May 16th 2015

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  • I don't love the infant/newborn stage.
    Also, I used to want 5 kids, after going through it I would be a-ok with 2. But now DH wants 5, and he used to want 2.
  • @SparkySunshine  I'm a little bit terrified of the infant/newborn stage. I'm super comfortable with toddlers/preschoolers because that's what I teach, but new babies freak me out. Their skulls aren't even fully formed! What if I accidentally poke it?!?!
    Their bones are spongy and they can take more than you think, haha.
  • quartz02quartz02 member
    edited January 2016
    now that we're FL residents I'm so excited to take DD to Sea World. SIL just told me they have a free program for preschoolers (kids 5 and under) and I just got DD's free ticket online. They require you to bring a certified copy of the birth certificate or passport to prove your kid's age. That seems a little extreme to me, but gives me the perfect opportunity to show DD's "grumpy cat" passport photo.

    I know Sea World/Zoos are questionable for animals (did you see that poor baby giraffe that got his head stuck between the fence polls and had to be euthanized?)... but I love seeing DD light up when seeing new things. She LOVED the National Zoo in DC (free!).

    ETA: said grumpy cat photo :P

  • I simultaneously can't wait to breastfeed again and also be done with it. It's a really rewarding experience but I remember such frustration toward the end of it because my body had not been "my own" for a while. I hope to maintain a better attitude this time around and go longer than I did previously (almost 6 months).
  • @noelietrex - why no infant car seat?
  • Best thing I could come up with this week...I totally judge you for not changing your profile picture. If you plan to stick around make yourself memorable. If not my first reaction is to snark when something semi stupid is posted and it's a genaric avatar.

    And don't give me the excuse you are on mobile, I have only ever been on my phone and you can change it.
  • Alright, here's mine: I will judge the hell out of you if you think SeaWorld is doing anything in the way of animal cruelty, unless you are anti captivity. And by anti captivity I mean anti zoo, anti circus and anything else that contains animals. If your family will go to the zoo or Disney and won't go to SeaWorld, you are highly, highly misinformed. SeaWorld takes care of their animals amazingly well, and anyone who sees them as doing something wrong should instead look to Lolita at Miami Seaquarium (very sad situation).

    @quartz02 I hope you and your family has a great time at SeaWorld! It's one of my favorite places.
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