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3rd Trimester

8 tips to make labor a little easier

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Let’s be honest - we all know labor isn’t exactly a walk in the park. Still, there are plenty of ways to make the experience slightly less...laborious.

Our experts weighed in on the best ways to make the whole experience a little easier. So inhale, exhale, inhale, and take a look at our tips before the big day! Have you come across any other helpful tips to help get through labor?

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Re: 8 tips to make labor a little easier

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  • Mentally prepare yourself before labor starts! Make sure your birth support person(s) knows how you would like to be treated and be open about what you need in the moment. Dont be afraid to question things. A light snack before heading to the hospital can be great for some women. Also, dont forget that movement and different positions can help labor progress!
  • What are the steps to make labour easier? 
  • My tip to make labor easier is to literally walk walk walk till you can't any more, eases the pain and makes the baby move down faster .I speeds up my labors tremendously 
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