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  • MouseMama817MouseMama817
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    So many judgements!
    1. I'm definitely a grammar judger as well. For the love of God, you have one language. Master it. (Obviously not talking about people who speak English as a second language)
    2. People who use speaker phone in public.
    3. Older toddlers w/ pacifiers.
    4. People who live on FB. "OMG So and So said xyz on FB." "Well, they're FB friends so (insert dramatic interpretation)." Etc. Especially people who are out with their nose stuck in their phones looking at other people's lives on a website instead of living theirs right in the moment. An event like this is what made me go home and delete my account one day. 
    5. I'm also secretly judge-y about people who don't put any effort into their appearance before going out in public. I'm not talking about early morning bfast drive through runs like Melly. I'm talking like not only did they not put any effort in, but they clearly didn't bathe either. I'm not saying you have to look like a glamazon to go to the grocery store but at least wash your face and pull your hair back into a clean ponytail or something. I certainly don't have time for a shower every day but you'd never know it. 
    6. This one is kind of mean but here goes: People who've been in this country for a long time but still can't speak English. As in straight up refusing to learn after being here for 30 years (My own in-laws are in this group so while I'm not judge-y about this in a mean-spirited way, it is annoying.) 

    @klkonwi I always put socks on DD and I live in 1000 degree weather in FL. It's not even like I think she's going to be cold-- it's because I thought I'd be judged if she wasn't wearing any!

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  • ElRuby said:

    @mellymar sweats and yoga pants are not pajamas .... I am thinking more about the man wearing flannel pajama pants probably without underwear at the deli (gag)

    Well that's quite gross. Eww.

    I guess I've considered sweats and yoga pants pjs in addition to your normal PJ type clothes like flannel pants or fleece printed pants, etc. To be clear, I do not go out in flannel pants or fleece prints. I don't mind slumming it, but I'm not going to scream and advertise "I'm slumming it, everybody!!"

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  • @ElRuby there is NOTHING worse hah
  • I can't remember the last time I've seen someone in PJs in public. Then again I live in a town full of judgers so that's probably why. Pretty sure we have the classiest Walmart in the country (still not saying much...)
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  • ciennah99 said:
     It seems kind of weird to me when parents baby wear an older toddler. I've got a bad back though so even if I wanted to I couldn't baby wear that long. My LO is going to have to learn to be independent as soon as she can. Luckily I can already tell she has a feisty independent spirit anyway. She's not into being held when she can be moving around exploring. Who knows though. We all make do & adapt as we need to.
    I never had an opinion on this until yesterday. I saw a mom carrying her clearly 3 year old in what looked like a Moby wrap. It was painful and super weird to watch. Neither or them looked comfortable.
  • Probably next summer my kid will be running in the yard without socks.......
    And I'll have a heart attack but then realize I should just stop my judgey (judgy?) ways.
  • heidiiwaheidiiwa
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    Hmm, who do I secretly judge? I know I'm not better than anyone and everyone is making the best choices they can with the knowledge that they have. Therefore, although I'm glad I'm making some parenting choices that seem right to me, I know other people are operating on different information and priorities. I'm actually jealous of mommies who babywear because I've never been able to do it successfully (my LO is so freaking heavy, I can carry him for short distances in my arms, but never figured out how to make a carrier thing work--I'm also clumsy and DH was afraid I'd drop him). So that wouldn't be one. I do secretly slightly judge someone who said she sleep trained her daughter and also doesn't celebrate Christmas...either one of these I can recognize as a valid choice depending on the needs and culture of the family but somehow the two together strike me as a bit sad. I don't know enough about the family to really tell, maybe they show love for their daughter in lots of other ways, but the one time I saw the little girl she looked kind of fearful. I hope I'm wrong and she has a wonderful life though.
  • KaLikeAWindKaLikeAWind
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    @virginiaunicorn11 amen, sista.

    @heidiiwa I do know the difference between its and it's, mamas and mama's... The possessive vs the... Something. Its late and I lose my ability to word.

    But I have let my grammar freak slip because I'm too lazy to click over the icons keyboard on my phone to use the ' and my phones autocorrect doesn't fix it for me, like in the case of doesn't, won't, can't, etc.

    ETA the possessive vs the plural. That's it
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    Sammy KMommaswizzLaurenAnn0405
  • I'm sure that I'm going to get hated for this one...people who use their GRANDPARENTS for daycare. Not parents but grandparents, so the child's great grandparent.
  • klirwin82 said:
    Judged the Aug '15 thread "what did your delivery cost?"...so many ladies saying "Mine was free, I'm on Medicaid, lolololol". I wanted to reply, "It ain't free dearies, the rest of us are paying for that, lolololol". How are you going to financially support these babies? I mean, I guess you're not.
    can you share the  link? i feel like judging whilst baby naps haha
  • ^^^i had a neighbor who cut her grass with scissors and talked to her cat.
    She was nuts. So glad we moved. Any chance you live in No Va and this is the same person??
  • corndogrobotcorndogrobot
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    ElRuby said:

    ^^^i had a neighbor who cut her grass with scissors and talked to her cat.
    She was nuts. So glad we moved. Any chance you live in No Va and this is the same person??

    What's wrong with talking to your cat?
    I judge people who talk to their cats.
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