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WTAF?! Inappropriate things people say

What inappropriate things are people saying to you about your body or pregnancy?

I'll start: my secretary said she can tell I'm having a boy because I'm carrying in my hips! Who says that?


Re: WTAF?! Inappropriate things people say

  • @ChiccoBeanz because he is disgusting.
  • Pregnant people aren't supposed to look attractive, face it your huge!- my dad
    Are you sure you aren't having twins. - random lady at nordstroms
    Wow she has gotten so big, but hey it's ok bc the rest of you is skinny - my boss

    This pregnancy I have had such awful back pain it just makes me bitter! People are just so damn insensitive!!



  • "Are you sure your due date is right? Your huge!" That was when I was 20 weeks so I replied with "yes my due date is right but who's to say it's not twins" smiled and walked away. This was at my husbands family reunion so it got everyone talking and going crazy thinking I was having twins!
  • ealiska said:

    I love how in the same day one person can tell me I'm too small, and someone else can tell me it "must be twins".

    Everyone's a freaking expert!

    I don't get that either. I have that happen all the time. It used to really get to me cause one second I'd be worried I am gaining too much weight and the next second worried baby isn't growing. I'm over it now. I don't care what anyone else thinks. My doctor says everything is perfect so I think I'll trust a licensed professional over everyone's weird perceptions.
  • LMJLLMJL member
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    Yes! The "How are you feeling" question is so old. I usually give some gritty details, b/c hey, they asked, but then add that I do think I have it better off than some. After reading this though, I've decided that from now on when someone asks, I'm just going to say, "Pregnant. How bout you?"

    Also, I am by no means huge & I've gotten the twins comment a few times. Why do people think this is funny? It is so NOT funny. A-twins would scare the shit out of me. (God bless you twin mom to be out there.) B-You are implying that I look big enough to have two babies in there. How is that not offensive?!!

    But the worst so far is a woman at the dog park, I like her well enough, but I just "came out" of the baby closet & stopped hiding my bump & she now makes these "BUM! BUM! BUM!" noises as I walk into the park & acts as if the ground was shaking. Again- not funny. I'm just over 150! Gimme a break!
  • I got asked by a client at work the other day if I was having twins when I replied no her response was oh I was that big and I had twins, good for you love!! I carry my babies very well at the front!!

    When pregnant with my son I got told I look pregnant in the face, why thank you!!

    People can be so rude!!
  • I haven't gotten anything too crazy except people saying that I'm "too small" for how far along I am.

    But two interesting encounters at my local grocery store...

    1. Before I found out I was pregnant, I was picking up a pregnancy test and the cashier who was scanning me was like "ooohhhh!! That's exciting for you guys?!" Awkward.

    2. A week ago, another cashier keeps staring at my belly and is like "is there anything new with you?" Now that was kind of cute.

  • mhg54 said:
    DH called my nipples dinner plates. Thanks honey, that really puts me in the mood!

    I got pancakes.
  • My mom constantly tellin me how wide my hips and butt have gotten...
  • So tired of "how are you feeling?"

    I'm pregnant. I rarely have a full day of feeling normal when you factor in gas, heartburn, fatigue, bloating, body aches, and feeling huge. Please don't make me smile and lie one more time. You really don't want to hear my complaints.

    This! I'm not sick person. But I feel like I weigh a million pounds, my back hurts, I can't find a comfortable sleeping position, I have indigestion, and I feel like I got punched in the gut and can't catch my breath for 85% of my day.... So normal for a perggo, how bout you? Lol
  • 1. Are you sure you're not having twins?! ( at 24 weeks) this is a very common one. People think they're being funny and conversational with this one but in reality you're just calling us huge.
    2. "You and your cousin are due at the same time? *looks at my cousin, looks at me* Well, you're bigger." I replied "Well, I started out bigger so that's probably why." What else are you supposed to say to that??
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