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WTAF?! Inappropriate things people say


Re: WTAF?! Inappropriate things people say

  • My brother-in-law walked in the other day and said "what's up watermelon?" My response was "not much copper top, (he's red headed) at least my watermelon will go away, you'll look like that forever. "

    I'm asked daily if I'm ready to "pop" and when I say no a few more months I get "are you sure? Must be a big baby!" I just want to throat punch them.

    Do people not realize that pregnant woman are concerned about their weight?
  • I did the school run yesterday and saw a bunch of mums I hadn't seem for 2 months and about 6 of them all at different times told me I was massive and asked if it was twins, my partner also had a dream last night, well a nightmare as he called it saying that I doubled in size went into where he worked and everyone he worked with was laughing at me, I told him that soon it probably won't be a nightmare but will be a reality as I'm only 24 weeks but I promised him I wouldn't be going into his work

    That is awful! Don't let anyone make you feel that way
  • Last night at church choir the most annoying member said "awe, you actually look pregnant now". So I just looked fat before? And she felt the need to touch my stomach when she didn't even think I looked pregnant? Mind you, that was only three weeks ago. I definitely looked pregnant then.
  • A HS freshman today said "I can't wait til you actually look pregnant!" Hahahahaha. A classmate looked at her and said "um, she is? She already does?" I don't think she realizes that I won't be working anymore when I look how she imagines I will. Haha.
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