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    toniherdt said:

    Maddox James has arrived!
    EDD: November 17th
    Birthday: November 7th
    Is 6 pounds 7 ounces and 18.5 inches

    After having what felt like the world's easiest pregnancy I had a somewhat difficult time getting baby out. I started to have contractions November 6th around 2:30 AM. I called my on call triage nurse and she told me to go ahead and head into the hospital around 5 AM. We were only there for a few hours then they sent me home with some pain and sleeping medicine since my contractions weren't helping me to dilate. Around 5 AM on November 7th my contractions were so severe I could not just stay home any longer. We were sent to triage and then finally admitted around 9 AM. Let me just say.. The epidural was amazing! Around 9:30 PM after about an hour of pushing he was out! It wasn't so smooth though. They had to use a vacuum because his heart was declining and we had to get him out quick. He was face up and had the cord around his neck. Then they realized he was having difficulty breathing due to meconium swallow. He was sent to NICU for a chest X-ray where they saw he had a tear in his lung. He is doing so much better now but I haven't been able to see him enough to get a good picture of him. Hopefully in a few hours! I'm so in love with him!

    Quoted to add a picture because my phone wouldn't let me edit the post. I could stare at him all day!!
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