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30 Day Ab Challenge


Re: 30 Day Ab Challenge

  • Way to go!!!!! I still have to do mine. After my rotten night last night I'm really going to have to push myself to do it today. Squats starting Tuesday?
  • Yes! I'm down! Do you already have one in mind? I did this one before and it was great!!
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  • Sounds good. I think it's the same one I have. Just a different picture. Should we start a new thread? That way others can join if they want to.

    Done my abs for the day!!! So proud of myself for actually doing them! And we are DONE the 30 day ab challenge. WOOHOO!!!!!

    Now to maintain the strength I've built up!
  • Good job mama!! Woohoo! Yes, start a new thread! Or do we do Facebook? Poll? Lol
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    I think we should stick to here for the check in. That way we aren't bringing our comments to the top of the fb page every day :) I'll post on fb that we are starting this though.

    I don't know that we need a poll. If the 3 of us agree with squats then let's do it and anyone else who wants to join is more than welcome!!
  • Works for me!! :)
  • Yay squats! My thighs thank you!
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