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(Target) Overnight Diapers?

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So sorry if this has been mentioned somewhere before -

I was having an issue with my son peeing out of his diaper at night (and thus waking up) pretty much no matter what we did as far as liquids before bed. I finally decided to bump him up a size at night (he's in the weight range for 4s AND 5s) and it's been going GREAT. He wears Target brand 4s during the day, and Pampers Cruisers 5s at night. (I love the Cruisers for bedtime vs their overnight diapers, the cruisers just fit way better).

My question is this; has anyone used Target's overnight brand? I noticed them the other day and I'm curious if they work well. There are no small packages that I've been able to find so I'm a little apprehensive about buying a big package and then being stuck with a bunch of diapers that I may not like.

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Re: (Target) Overnight Diapers?

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    We have been using the overnight diapers for months now. Initially we used Huggies, but I wanted to try to save a little money and use the up&up brand. I haven't any issues with leaks. She can drink a lot of water before bed sometimes (10-12oz) and the diaper holds it all. If she does happen to wake up in the middle of the night, we change her diaper but she has no problem sleeping for 10-12hrs with the up&up overnight diaper.

    At her 15month appt she was 30.25", 27.5lbs and we've had her in size 5 overnights.
  • I didn't even know they had target overnights. I might give them a try!
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  • The Target overnights are great! We were having the leaking issue no matter what brand at night, but not since I found those and he goes A LOT at night.
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